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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Spa Suite  from  Carson Tower 

I checked in at 2:30 AM on a Sunday night. When I got to the front, before I even had a chance to ask for an upgrade, the clerk said they were all booked and they would be upgrading me to a 1500 sq ft Spa suite from a regular room. Stayed in it for two nights. Best upgrade ever!

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John S
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  n/a  from  Carson tower double 

My brother and I were out for a two-day getaway. Checked in early (about noon), it was fairly busy. Check-in person was a 30-something lady, gave her the sandwich and she returned my $20 immediately saying that the Carson tower was sold out and there were no upgrades available. There was an older woman nearby who looked like a supervisor, so perhaps she wasn’t willing to look in one of the other towers because of that.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to    from  Carson 

Check in late at nite. Asked for complimentary upgrade, was told none available.

Was this an epic upgrade?
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Carson Tower  from  Carson Tower 

Tried at the front desk on a Saturday night, no wait in line, but the clerk immediately handed back my twenty without much comment, other than I can’t accept this.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Rush Tower Jr. Suite  from  Gold Tower Standard 

Young Asian women she was the 1st clerk available. It was around 4pm. I put the 20 between my ID and Credit Card said if there were any free upgrades to a larger room it would be apreciated. She saw the 20 and kind of hesitated(I think her superviser was standing behind her) and said ah in a kink of suprised manner. She then started typing and showed me a Rush Tower Standard Room. I told her that it didn’t have to be in the Rush Tower(this was what I was afraid of because my object was to get a larger room(suite) not a fancier room to the same size. She then went back to typing and said she had a Jr. Suite in the Rush Tower. I said that would be fine and thanked her for her efforts. Let me tell you that room was anything but Jr. . It was huge the Bathroom area alone was bigger than most hotels standard rooms. The Bathroom contained a seperate room for the comode. Two sinks and two lighted mirrors on opposite sides of the room, a rain shower that could have held 4 people , a seperate bathtub and a large walk in closet. The living area had two 40-46 inch flat screen TVs and a large L shaped Couch. All and all it was well worth the 20

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Gold Club Room  from  Standard Deluxe 

Got in around 3 pm on a sat. long lines waited about 20min to check in! So had to go to the first available agent (male mid -late 20’s) handed him my I.D. and card with a sandwiched $20 and asked if the was any complimentary upgrades and he said let me check and he started typing for a minute or so and said sorry he doesn’t see any do to such a busy weekend (UFC, Huge star trek convention, B Boy champ.)! He handed me back the $20 so i proceeded to tell him that it was me and my girlfriends time to vegas together and i wanted to dazzle her! So he said let me check again and he pulls up some paper wok for me to sign about the room and he said “I got a gold card room for you and your girlfriend!” So i gave him a hand shake with a palmed $20 for the sly transfer! As i started to walk away he stopped me and said “Oh, maybe this can help you out as well!” and brought up a huge coupon booklet!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Rush Tower Room  from  Carson Tower Room 

Went to check in on a Monday afternoon (around 2pm), went up with my $20 sandwich in a hope of upgrading from my base Carson Tower King room to a Rush Tower King room… no go. The hotel was unfortunately completely booked up – and I pretty much confirmed this ahead of time with their hotel website… but you never know with late cancellations. Kudos to the desk person for checking for me at least!

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Bill Bennett
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  2 room suite  from  Standard Rush Tower 

This was the first time I tried the “$20 trick”. I came in about 11AM on a Sunday. I went to the Nugget’s new Rush Tower check-in desk and it was pretty quiet. I told the clerk I had a reservation and he confirmed that I had a 1 king non-smoking room. When I handed him my credit card and drivers license, I sandwiched a $20 between them and said, “Do you happen to have any complementary room upgrades available?” The $20 came out when he separated the license and CC. He snatched it up pretty quick and said “let me take a look”. After a few minutes of poking around on his computer, he said he had a junior suite in the new Rush Tower or if I wanted to move to the Gold Tower, he had a 2 room suite. I took the larger 2 room suite and it was awesome! 2 bathrooms (TV in one, jetted bath in the other). Fantastic results on my first try!

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Corner king in Gold Tower  from  King bed in the new Rush tower 

Booked a room over the phone with the hotel about 3-4 weeks in advance. Told the reservation gal we were coming for our anniversary. Called a day before we arrived to “confirm” our reservation and that we would be arriving late evening. Upon arrival, to the new Rush tower, there was one gal checking in before us, and we only had to wait for a few minutes. It was almost midnight on a Sat night, the front desk clerk was male 24-30 ish, (only one clerk at the desk) and I handed him DL and CC, said good evening. He was busy typing and then he picked up the phone and dialed, spoke for a few minutes, hung up, typed some more, picked up the phone again, spoke to somebody, typed more. Couldn’t hear what he was saying due to background noise, he looked up and said he would be upgrading our room! We went from the Rush tower to the Gold tower. Room on the16th floor…had to use the room key to access the floor…felt really special!
I didn’t have to say anything to him for the upgrade. I wonder if it was because I mentioned it was our anniversary or because I made the reservation with the hotel.
Will definetly try that method again!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Rush Tower Standard King  from  Carson Tower Rack-Rate 

Came into Vegas kinda late on a Tuesday evening (around 9pm) and must have looked pretty tired.

Just went to the front desk and thought I would just give it a shot, expecting nothing. The clerk was a young beatiful African American girl and I slipped in a Twenty between my passport and my CC and carefully asked whether, by any chance, any complementary upgrades would be available.

She ran a couple of inquiries on her computer and said: “well, let’s see what we can do”. Four minutes later she handed me a Rush Tour Keycard instead of the Carson Tower rack-rate – and gave me back my 20$. I was so awe-struck that I totally forgot to tip the poor girl (I did so the next morning).

Great stay at a very nostalgic casino on Fremmont St.

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