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255 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV89169
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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Standard Room  from  Standard Room 

This is one of those timeshare presentation required trips thus the room for the three nights are technically free (room taxes not included). This is one of Harrah’s owned properties. Upon arriving at Vegas, we had to check-in at Harrahs to get vouchers for the room. Note that this is not the place where the room is assigned, this is simply signing up to attend the required timeshare presentation. Anyways, after obtaining the vouchers, we drove to the Tuscany Suites to check-in. There was no one in the lobby, one clerk behind the check-in counters so I didn’t exactly have a choice in choosing another. It almost appeared like a one person operated hotel. Anyhoo, I presented the vouchers for the room along with the $20 in plain open sight since there was no one around. I asked for the two-bedroom suite. She looked at the money, didn’t take it, and laughed. She said “That is a $599 a night room”. Then went off saying the hotel has only 6 of those units and they’re all booked. Essentially the message I got was “You’re not gonna get it”. This is an off-strip hotel practically in the middle of nowhere (walking distance wise) and I didn’t see any other guests to even suggest the hotel was packed on a Sunday evening. Needless to say, it didn’t work and I put the $20 away. Btw, the hotel’s website advertises wireless internet. It is NOT FREE. $13/night. Also, room stank, and the floor shakes whenever someone around in the room. Lastly, pool is filthy, almost gray in color. Stay away from this place.

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