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Saved:  $$40 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Studio Fountain View Suite  from  Studio Suite 

Folded a 20 in half with it sticking out between my cards. Person acted professional and didn’t acknowledge it then asked if there was a fountain view available. Said he had a feeling I wanted that and gave it to me.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Studio Fountain View Suite  from  Studio Suite 

I checked in Late Saturday night before the Superbowl. The line up was very short. I was greeted by a young lady. I gave her my passport, Credit card and $20.00. I asked if there were any complementary upgrades to a corner suite or a panoramic suite ? She said “let me see what I can do for you” After 2 mins she told me that the best that she can do for me is to give me the same size room but with a view of the bellagio fountains view on the 51st floor. I said sure. The view was great and well worth the $20.00

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ryan c lee
Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  One Bedroom Penthouse Fountain View Suite  from  City Corner Fountain View Suite 

Male clerk gave 50 and asked if he had any upgrades. He said hell look and at the end just said we have a really nice room for you. One bedroom penthouse on the 54th floor with fountain view! Keep in mind this was mid january tues to friday so relatively slow time.

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Jeremy Lewis
Saved:  $Not sure of difference in room rate. Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Studio Fountain View Suite  from  Studio Suite 

I was checking in on a Saturday afternoon, I am Gold with MGM so i was in that check in line. I put the $20 between ID and AMEX and asked for complementary upgrades. Being it was Saturday and they were very busy he could only get me to a higher floor, but asked me to come back the next day and he would try again. I did on Sunday around 6pm after I was done working a convention and they were able to get me into a Fountain View room on a very high floor. Was very pleased.

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Saved:  $Hundreds? Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Executive Corner Suite  from  Studio Parlor Suite 

Mlife gold card check-in line at about 11:30a with $20 tip. I asked for a larger suite, ideally with a fountain view. She at first said she could only give one or the other. Then she said she had the exec corner suite with a partial view of the fountain. Room was 21002. Great room facing the strip and overlooking the cosmo pool. This was our first visit to vdara. I see what others were saying about looking into others’ rooms. Daytime is fine, but had to close some of the blinds at night. We could see some of the fountain from the bedroom and the bathroom. I always try to check in around 11a to access the better suites. At Bellagio they make you pay for the upgrade. The tip just incentivized them to fight with the marketing team over the best suites. No such issues at vdara. Obviously, the less crowded, the better shot you have.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Studio Parlor Suite  from  Studio Parlor Suite 

Checked in around 11pm on Tuesday, 12/3 – admittedly, their system was down, so check-in was manual. But tried the $20 sandwich, asking if they had any comp upgrades they could take a look at for me – the very pleasant lady said they couldn’t do anything on their computers about upgrades, but she’d check anyway. I’m not sure if she did, as it didn’t come up again, but she suggested I come back the next day once the system was back up to ask again.

Went back early afternoon on 12/4, and was told no comp upgrades, only discounts on select suites. Disappointing, especially since I’m MGM MLife Gold / Hyatt Globalist status, but the staff was nice and the room was very pleasant and comfortable (though had a very unappealing view on the 9th floor of a parking garage.)

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Saved:  $$300+ Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Executive Corner Suite  from  Studio Parlor Suite 

Tipped $50 on the first day at check in, she asked what we wanted and just said something with 2 bathrooms so she upgraded us to the Vdara Suite, still well worth the 50, then 3 days late after the weekend was over I tried my luck again with a $20, she was able to upgrade from a Vdara Suite to an Executive Corner Suite, very easy and very well worth it.

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Saved:  $$150 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Studio Fountain View Suite  from  Studio Suite 

Showed up to the front desk an hour early and just waited for whatever clerk was available.
She was very kind and I paid close attention to what she did with the situation. The bill was between the two cards.
I noticed she separated the bill to her left and my ID/Credit Card on the screen of her computer.
My guess was she did that in case she could not upgrade me at least she could return the bill

I actually didn’t talk about any upgrades, at this point I feel all clerks kind of get the hint.
Our clerk then asked if I was looking for a bigger room or a view.
We chose the view and was upgraded in my opinion to one of the best upgrades for the $20 offered.

I was also very kind and talkative with her just to make everything smooth.

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Executive Corner Suite  from  Studio Suite 

I actually booked my room through Hotwire so I wasn’t too sure if they would provide an upgrade but I tried with the $40 tip sandwiched between my credit card and DL – it worked! We went from the base level room (i.e. Studio Suite) to the Executive Corner Suite which had a really nice tub with separate glass shower. Additionally, it had a living room, sliding doors that separated the bedroom, a kitchen, and another half bath. We loved Vdara, it’s easy to get everywhere – it’s next door to Aria.

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