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Downtown Grand (not listed so used Fremont)

I watched a ton of vodeos about the sandwich trick before we went to Vegas so of course i had to try. We arrived at the airport at 10:30 pm and my wife and I talked about this trick on the way to the hotel and made a plan. We entered the Downtown Grand Hotel and there was a female clerk helping someone and she seemed to be in a crap mood. The male clerk behind the counter was also helping someone but he appeared normal so we targeted him. While waiting my wife decided to change our plans and she wanted to give the sandwich and ask for the upgrade. Well wouldn’t you know the female clerk got finished first and called us over (not looking good). My wife had the $20 dollar sandwich ready as we approached the counter and the clerk asked us if we were checking in. OMG my wife froze up and started laughing as she was holding the all important sandwich!! Well i panicked and took the sandwich from her and gave it to the clerk. “Do you have any complimentary room upgrades” i asked. The clerk, who i am sure was thinking we were crazy, immediately located the $20 bill and put it to the side and said “let me check”. She started typing away and said ” yes we have a one bedroom suite ready for you”. “Holy crap this actually worked” i thought. We got our keys walked up and loved our room. A basic room to a suite for three nights for only $20. Thanks Downtown Grand!!!

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Randy Custer
Saved:  $$400 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Deluxe  from  Deluxe 

Upon check-in, I told the young lady my wife and I were celebrating our anniversary (which we were), and how happy we were to be there. After handing over the $20 sandwich, I asked if there was a suite available. After checking, she said yes, on the 14th floor away from Fremont Street. I thanked her and the suite was great!

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