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Already know the ol’ the $20 sandwich trick? Then it’s time to hear how our users got along! Here’s a roundup of the best stories as voted by our users.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Palace Tower Premium Room  from  Forum Tower Deluxe 
We arrived at Caesars at ~11:30 am. There was a line of 20 people waiting to check in. The Caesars hosts kept offering online checkin - but I wanted to try the sand which. Waited 10 minutes on line. There were 3 older women, one young guy, and a young woman. We got the you woman. She asked For I’d and cc, I handed her both with a $20 in between. She took the 20 and set it to the side. I told her we were celebrating our 20th anniversary, and asked if she could check if a complimentary upgrade was available. She said she’d be happy to check. She upgraded us to a palace tower room on 17th floor, pool view. She also waived the $30 early checkin fee. Not sure how much was the $20, and how much was the anniversary - but we had booked the cheapest forum room available - and the room was really nice. I check online and the difference in price from the room we booked to the room we got was over $200 for the length of our stay. Well worth the $20. And honestly - even if we didn’t get it I felt like I was already gambling just with the attempt. Felt like the Vegas I see in the movies. Awesome...
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Gold Club Luxury  from  Carson Tower 
Checked in about 4pm and went to first available clerk. Was booked into the Carson tower (the farthest tower from the casino floor) at the special WSOP poker rate for 21 days so I was skeptical as to whether the sandwich trick would work but I tried it. I asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available and after a few seconds of typing on his keyboard he asked which tower I would prefer. I asked for the "Gold" tower, whose elevators open directly onto the casino floor. He booked me into a Gold Club Luxury room whose upgrades over a Carson Tower room included a Keurig coffee maker, wrap around sofa, double bathroom sink/vanity, free fruit & newspaper each morning, free bottled water, and mini-fridge. The value of the newspaper alone for 21 days was $42. An upgrade from the Carson tower to a regular Gold Tower room is worth about $30/day and the upgrade to a Gold Tower Luxury room another $30-$40/day. Overall I would estimate my upgrade was easily worth $1200. Not bad for a twenty dollar bill.
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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Rialto Suit  from  Luxury Suite 
First time from the UK. Booked the standard room. Got into a long queue and couldn't particularly target anyone. A middle aged lady called us over and I put $50 in the passport and handed it to her when she asked. She asked me if I required change and I said no thank you but I was wondering if there were any complimentary upgrades. She smiled and started looking at the computer. I also added, also is there anything that can be done with the resort fees. She said she will see what she can do. She asked me what suite I was hoping for and I said one with a hot tub. She said she couldn't get me one of those (to be fair it's really expensive) but offered me a high floor in the Palazzo with a strip view. I accepted this, it was the 43rd floor with stunning views of the strip and mountains. She also offered us water to take to our room, late check out for 1pm and wiped 4 days of resort fees. Looking online I easily saved $800-1000 based on what we got. $50 well spent.
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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Piazza Suite  from  Unsure 
Did the trick and asked for any complementary upgrades. He slid to see what the bill was and said he can look. We had a standard room at the Venetian, and he upgraded us to the Palazzo 40th floor strip view, $50 dollar beverage credit for signature cocktails at the Dorsey. He came back and broke the $50 in $2, $20's and $10. I said it was for you as a tip and he said he couldn't take it because he is unable to waive the resort fee. I gave him $20 bucks as a tip just for the upgraded room. So it does work, it just matters their mood on the resort fee I guess.
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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Jubilee Room Strip View  from  Jubilee Room 
Worked, went from the room she booked to the room she wanted. Got an amazing strip view with a king bed instead of the queen without a view. Saving us 80 bucks a night.
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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  PH Resort Vistas  from  Hollywood Hip Room 
This is our second time staying at PH and the tip worked both times! Last year we booked a standard room (weren’t TR members yet) and were able to get a Resort Vista with $20 tip. This year, we had 3 comped nights and were able to upgrade from the Hip Room to Resort Vista with $50 tip. We chose to do $50 this time since the nights were comped. LOVE Planet Hollywood!
Tipped:  $30 Upgraded to  Resort King Room  from  Unsure 
My boyfriend and I got to the hotel around 11am on Friday. There was a long line of people checking in, so we didn't get to choose who to do the sandwich trick to. When our time came, we were assigned to a gentlemen in his late 20's maybe. We were super friendly when we greeted him and handed him our $30 along with my credit card and ID. He immediately took the $30 and placed it on the counter and said, "unfortunately I cannot accept this until after I have helped you, and if you are satisfied then I will gladly accept if you are still willing." We said it was fine and continued being extra nice to him and telling him that my boyfriend and I just turned 21 this year and wanted to experience Vegas. He said he would try as much as he can but cannot guarantee because of how busy the weekend we went was. We got the run of the house room, so basically it is whatever is available at time of check in. He said that he got us a resort king room on the 25 level, but instead of it having a bad view, he gave us a room that had a great view of the strip. It was not centered in front of the strip, but you can still see the fountains and everything from our view. He also said it was ready and that we were able to check in early. Only downside was that it was an accessible room so there was no bathtub, which is what I was looking for, but for the view, I was satisfied.
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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Luxury Suite  from  Luxury Suite 
Checked in around 3PM and was quite busy. I was unable to select a clerk so got directed to one. I put $50 between my Amex and passport, she saw the $50 and pushed it up towards the desk. I ask if there are any piazza suite upgrades, she said none are available complimentary but at a reduced rate, which I declined. She then put me on the 33rd floor with a strip and mountain view. I also asked if she could come the retire fee which she happily did. So $50 saved me the $40 per day view upgrade and €309 in resort fees.
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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Luxury Suite  from  Luxury Suite 
I checked in at around 2pm and did not target a particular clerk. I asked if any complimentary upgrades were available. I had the $50 in my hand with my CC and DL but didn’t offer it to him until after he said “let me check”. I slid him the $50 and said “I would really appreciate anything he could do for me”. He said he could give me a higher floor with a better view that is normally $55 dollars more per night and I said sure, sounds good to me. It was a company trip and I had 3 colleagues check in at the same time without doing the trick and they got rooms on floors 6, 8, and 14 facing away from the strip. I ended up on 34 facing the TI with a great view.
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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Premium Fountain View  from  Hollywood Hip Room 
We arrived about 11:30 a.m., so there was only one clerk. I decided I would try $40 just to make it worth the clerk's effort. I handed over the sandwich and said, "I was wondering if there was a comped upgrade available." She said, "Let me see what we have for you." My heart sank because I thought she was just going to give me my reserved room. She said she was giving me a high floor with a view and a nicer room. The room was on the 20th floor in the south tower overlooking the Bellagio fountains. It was all I could have asked for. I don't know that I have ever spent a better $40. Our stay was for 6 nights. Our flight home didn't leave until 11 p.m. They comped us another night in the same upgraded room. I would recommend Planet Hollywood to anyone. Also, I, too, was nervous about asking for the comped upgrade (especially since 5 of my 6 nights were already comped), but the clerk didn't even wince. It seemed to me that she was comfortable with the request even if she had been unable to fulfill it. So, if anyone is thinking of asking, I encourage you to ASK. If it is denied, it will probably be done politely and you will not be forced to feel embarrassed.
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Studio Fountain View Suite  from  Studio Suite 
Showed up to the front desk an hour early and just waited for whatever clerk was available. She was very kind and I paid close attention to what she did with the situation. The bill was between the two cards. I noticed she separated the bill to her left and my ID/Credit Card on the screen of her computer. My guess was she did that in case she could not upgrade me at least she could return the bill I actually didn’t talk about any upgrades, at this point I feel all clerks kind of get the hint. Our clerk then asked if I was looking for a bigger room or a view. We chose the view and was upgraded in my opinion to one of the best upgrades for the $20 offered. I was also very kind and talkative with her just to make everything smooth.
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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Bay Suite  from  Deluxe Room 
We had booked 2 Run of the House rooms, but at check-in asked if there were any complimentary room upgrades available, as we were celebrating our daughter & her friend’s college graduations. The desk clerk gave us a regular Resort Queen for the adults and a Bay Suite for the 2 college graduates (adjoining rooms) with not a very great view, but at least the one rooms was larger. He would have given us a bigger suite, but it wasn’t ready at the time & he said there were no other suites available at the moment. If we could have waited, we could have had that one, but we had been traveling all day & wanted to get into our rooms and relax. So we did get one of our rooms upgraded. There was a huge line at check-in.
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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Madison Avenue Room  from  Unsure 
Check in was really busy but went up to the available clerk to check in. Sandwiched the 20 between id and credit card and politely asked. The clerk didn’t say anything so just thought he was being subtle with it being busy. Then I was told I was getting a Maddison Avenue room in the Chrysler building part of the hotel. Room did have views of the mountains/ red rock canyon in the distance
Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Premium Fountain View  from  Hollywood Hip Room 
We arrived at around 11 a.m. after getting off our flight. There was a decent queue of customers checking out so we really weren't able to target any specific clerk. We were directed forward to a youngish woman in her 30's, with two $20's sandwiched between the license and credit card. All we asked for is that our flight was early and we were hoping to check in early, if at all possible. Once she saw the money she immediately said, "let me see what I can do for you!" and proceeded to start typing away on the computer. Not only did she waive the early check in fee, but she upgraded us to a premium fountain view room that was considerably larger than the rest of the people in our group's rooms after they had checked in. Overall, a very painless process that led to some fantastic views and a more enjoyable stay!
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Piazza Suite  from  Luxury Suite 
I checked in on a busy Friday right around 3pm and didn't get to target a clerk in particular, but wound up with a guy in his 20s. He asked if I needed any change when he saw my 20 and I said no. After speaking with a manager he offered me up a free upgrade to a Piazza suite. I asked for a late check out and he said he could only do one for 12pm b/c the suites were completely booked for Saturday. As an alternative, I could've taken a standard room with a 6pm checkout but I took the bigger room. The room was huge with a view of the strip.
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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Grand Queen Room  from  West Wing King Room 
Booked a surprise 40th bday trip thru expedia for my boyfriend this year-his bday falls just a couple days before Valentines day so everything was pretty full with regards to rooms and bookings. I booked for Feb. for 4 nights-Thurs thru Sun. We checked in at 6:30 pm on Thursday. We did not target a particular clerk-just went to the next one available-which was a younger lady clerk. We began chatting and I handed her the $40 sandwich. She took the $40 out and set it on the edge of the raised counter-closest to her-never saying a word about it. At this point I was thinking that the whole thing was a fail. I then asked if our room had a strip view? I explained that I had requested this but saw that we had a run of the house king. She asked if we would be ok with a queen? If so she would be able to give us a comp upgrade to a much better room? We said sure-sounds great! She handed us our keys & off we went. It wasn't until we were on our way to the elevators that I realized she had upgraded us to a grand queen room on the 28th floor with a beautiful strip view. She never did say a word about that $ that was just sitting there, so neither did we. When we left the desk for our room, we just left it (it was very close to her on the counter) and I'm sure she swiped it up. Im thinking there may have been a couple reasons she did that with the $. One: she was testing us to make sure that the $ wasn't accidentally placed there between the cards somehow. Setting it there like that gave us the chance to grab it back if it was done by accident. Two: I think the clerks there are allowed to take tips (for excellent customer service of course) but not bribes/tips while in the act of booking the room. I think it was a combo of two reasons above that she did it this way but either way-this sandwich worked. We went from a West Wing (ahhh the horror) King on the 10th floor to a Grand Queen on the 28th floor in the tower w/a beautiful strip view. Keep in mind too that this was Valentines weekend. Valentine's falls on a Wednesday this year so everybody was taking their trips this Weekend during our stay. With that in mind-$40 bucks still got us a decent upgrade-worth Atleast $220 had we booked the grand queen. I can only imagine if we checked in for a Sun-Thurs trip, on a non holiday and tried $100 sandwich-which is EXACTLY what I will do next time. I was so nervous to try this-I had never done this before and I gotta tell ya-this was empowering and I won't ever check in without doing this in the future. Thanks for all the other shared stories on here guys! They really helped me get up the nerve to try it & so glad I did. *Also- I purposely wasn't super descriptive of the front desk clerk that assisted us. They can get fired for this sort of thing from my understanding but what I will say is that this particular clerk (or Atleast her description type) has been mentioned thruout reviews on here for mgm grand.
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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Casino Tower  from  Manor-Motor Lodge 
Random clerk when it was my turn. About 7pm on Saturday (it was very busy - long line). I didn't say a thing, just handed her the sandwich. She touched the bill, but never looked at it - left it under my ID on her desk, checked us in, and then took the bill and told me she upgraded the room.
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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  High Roller View Deluxe  from  Deluxe 
Checked in around 10 pm and used the $20 sandwich and told the clerk anything that she can do to make my wife’s birthday special would be appreciated. We got upgraded from deluxe an older tower to the newly renovated tower with high roller view.
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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  One Bedroom Corner Suite  from  Deluxe Room 
Attended for a bachelor party (we made sure to mention this). We checked in at the normal check-in time around 2pm. My girlfriend and I approached a young lady at the front desk and slipped the $20 in between the debit card and ID. My girlfriend didn't even see me do it ( I was very sly). We made casual conversation, and then quietly asked if there was any complimentary upgrades, she smiled and said that there was a one bedroom corner suite available. YES! That was exactly what we wanted. The room was gorgeous! Can't wait to stay again.
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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Indigo Tower Suite  from  Indigo Room 
When I arrived at Bally's at around 6pm, the front desk was extremely busy with a long line of people waiting to check in. I dropped my bags with the bellhop desk and went out to dinner. I came back to the front desk around 10pm. There was no one in line and I picked a guy behind the desk who looked like he was around 35-40 years old. I folded a $50 bill and placed it between my credit card and drivers license. He asked if I was there to check in, I said yes and he asked for ID. I handed him the "Vegas sandwich" and he set it down on the counter next to his keyboard. I asked, "Would you mind looking into any available upgrades to my room?" He replied, "Sure... let me see what we have available. How about a suite?" To which I agreed that would work out just fine. He picked up my ID and credit card, handed them back to me and put the $50 in his pocket. We thanked each other and I was on my way. Room was nice, big, it had a living room, dining area, wet bar, bedroom, two bathrooms, a dance studio (which seemed odd) and a really nice view of the Vegas strip. The only thing that would have been a better upgrade, is to get that type of room in the newer Jubilee Tower. But I wasn't complaining.
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