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when she came back she told me she could help me!

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Saved:  $$140 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort Queen Room  from  Resort Queen Room 

I did not target any particular clerk but I checked in on a Monday at 1 pm. My clerk was a woman in her 30s and tipped $20 via sandwich and asked for any complimentary upgrades. I was staying for one night and she told me they could not give me an upgrade because they were all booked but she did waive the dog fee of $125 for my friends dog and the parking fees for both of cars overnight ($36 total). No room upgrade but about $160 took off my hotel bill in total so I would say it was still worth it.

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Tipped:  $30 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Resort Queen Room 

Arrived at Bellagio right after Christmas, not too busy on strip but Bellagio was packed. Slipped $30 between my CC and DL and handed it to first available clerk. She took my CC and DL and put the money back on top counter near me, i knew this was a bad sign. I asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available; she looked around and said to get a fountain view it is $50 additional per night, i declined, she then said your room currently overlooks the parking lot so i upgraded you to the pool view. I didn’t care nor did i know if this was an actual upgrade. Left her a $10 tip.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort Queen Room  from  Premier Fountain View 

I stood in line and was very nervous about this tip sandwich. It was then my time to go up to the desk. An older guy clerk was waving me over and I pretended to not see him because I wanted the younger girl that seemed to be handing out upgraded left and right. The heat was on as people behind me started to groan. I pretended to drop my wallet and turned and told them to go ahead. That worked and the girl waved me up next. I made some small talk ans inquired about an upgrade. She told me that I had two nights comped and wasnt sure what I was looking for. I felt myself getting flush with embarrassment and then began to stutter. I took the 20 tip sandwich and said – would this help? She said that she would need to ask her manager. I told her to forget it as I had a long flight. She then canceled my room. I told her to forget the upgrade not the room! I was then asked to stand aside while they sorted it out. In the end it was sorted out but I had to pay for one of the comp nights. I also did not get my 20 back.

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Saved:  $$80 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Deluxe Fountain View  from  Resort King Room 

Walked up to the first available clerk, handed $20 sandwich, and asked for room w water fountain view, and scored. Rooms are slightly smaller than Caesars Augusta, but you can hear the fountain music through Tv channel 22. Was here for two nights with one night comp, so it was $20 well spent. Watched water fountain shows every night.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Premier Fountain View  from  Resort King Room 

Didn’t target anyone, just took the next clerk available. We were there quite early, maybe 09:30 and the desk was quiet.

She was very pleasant, I slipped $20 between our passports and debit card and as I handed them to her I said “Are there any complimentary upgrades available please?”, she put the money to one side and after some tapping on her keyboard she advised that she was able to move us to the 23rd floor with a full fountain view.

We were both (my wife and I) happy with this as I had only booked a resort King, presumably somewhere at the back of the hotel, and the fountain view was incredible, definitely worth 20 bucks!

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Saved:  $- Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort Tower King  from  Premier Fountain View 

I DID check in at 7pm on a Saturday. So I can see why I may have been too late to get any upgrades. Our fountain view king room was only available as a ‘smoking’ room. So we got downgraded to a no-view double queen. So that was lame. They did add a $50 dollar credit to our room

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort King Room  from  Resort King Room 

So first let me say that I received a discount on my room that averaged $79 per night along with $50 freeplay and $50 food credit…not bad as we didn’t gamble a ton on our last stay 2yrs ago at the Mirage. Wanted to try the Bellagio for our 20th and was anxious to try the $20 sandwich, which my wife was embarrassed about. I was hoping to get a younger male at the counter but was greeted by a middle aged female. I handed her my ID, Mlife Credit Card and a crisp $20 bill in the middle. The bill was quickly handed back to me as I left it on the counter. I politely asked if there were any complimentary upgrades to which she said there were no rooms that overlooked the fountains or upgrades as she said that we checked in too late (7pm). A fellow customer also tried to weasel a suite but he too was denied for the night, but I am sure there were rooms, just not for two regular customers. She said that she put us on a higher floor that overlooked the pool which was nice but not the upgrade I hoped for. She told me to try in the morning to see if I could switch rooms but by that time, we were settled in. Upon checking out, I hoped that some of our poolside tab, meals, and/or resort fees may be waived as we tried to gamble only at MGM properties an almost made it to Platinum status. I spoke with an Mlife agent who quickly reminded me that we received the best deal they could give me and gave me a small $12 discount from my Express Comps. I thought we would receive more Comps as I was able to see that our Coin In $ was around $8,000 for the 4 days. She also would not move on the Resort Fee. As we walked down to our car, I again attempted to have a fee or two waived at the front desk. The MANAGEMENT must be strict as the clerk said they cannot waive these fees, but I’m calling BS on this. (Side note…2 yrs ago, the Mirage waived 2 of our Resort Fees and we spent half of what we did this trip.)

I will not be deterred as I will try again to receive an epic upgrade at the Bellagio!!!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort Queen Room  from  Resort King Room 

Probably had everything going against me. Flight delayed so we didn’t check in until 9pm. $20 sandwich, was immediately handed it back and he told me they are fully booked with a conference.

We didn’t even get our original king room, two queens. He gave us $50 food and beverage credit to make up for it. Fine by me since he gave the $20 back.

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Saved:  $$125 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Premier Fountain View  from  Resort King Room 

We arrived around 4:30 and we weren’t able to “target” a clerk. I actually tipped $25 with the intention of tipping $5 if she st least tried. I asked about an upgrade with a view of the strip/fountain. She immediately got on the phone with her manager to let us know she was able to get us into a higher floor strip view with a “partial” fountain view. Our room in fact, can view the entire fountain/lake, but from an angle. Also, the Paris and Eiffel Tower are directly outside. Still a great room, and well worth the $25.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort King Room  from  Resort King Room 

Gave $20 to a very nice front desk woman. I reserved a king room with fountain view. I asked for a free suite. She went to talk to her boss for a few minutes. She came back and said no suites are available but she will give me a higher floor so I can see the fountain better. I took back the $20 and gave her $10 instead and thanked her for trying.

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