Green Valley Ranch

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2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy, Henderson, NV89052
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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Executive King  from  King Standard? 

Had a room booked for 4 days anyway. We decided to try a $50, since we wanted to ask for a suite for 4 days. We were very early checking in because our flight was early, so around 10:00am.

My husband simply asked the clerk to check for any complimentary upgrades to a suite, maybe a Tuscan or Geneva suite, as he handed him the $50.00 sandwiched between his id and credit card. Lots of furious typing, checking, then said he didn’t have a suite, but for us to wait a minute, he went to the back and checked on stuff I guess. He said he could upgrade us to an 800 sq ft executive room, overlooking the pool, on the 3rd floor. We said we’d take it. He asked my husband if we wanted change, and we told him no, to keep it, that was for him getting us an upgrade.

It’s hard to tell from their website the comparisons of the rooms, but this looked like it was a $325.00 dollar a night room. Our original room that we had booked was $100.00 for 2 nights, then the rate went up to $180.00 for our last two nights.The upgraded room was a huge, with a huge bathroom, and beautiful view, so I think we got a good value out of our 50 bucks.

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