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Saved:  $$100 dollars per night but staying for 5 nights!!! Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Superior One Bedroom Suite  from  Superior Room 

I was in the line and got a lovey girl but as she was next to another receptionist with a customer I had to ask quietly “Is there any chance of a complementary upgrade?”
Certainly sir, I’ll do that now for you.
And what a beautiful suite!
I feel like a millionaire

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Candace Sullivan
Saved:  $Alot Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  One Bedroom Corner Suite  from  Deluxe Room 

I was a little afraid to try this but we slipped a $50 in between our cards and without another word the money was gone and our room doubled in size.

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Saved:  $$763.00 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  One Bedroom Corner Suite  from  Deluxe Room 

We arrived Saturday at around 1:00 PM. The line was rather short. I walked up when it was my turn and was asked my name and then for ID & credit card. I handed over the ID, credit card & $20.00 on top (I forgot to sandwich it.) He immediately said that he would be able to get us a nice room. We only asked for something with a good view. As he was looking we chatted a bit. He asked if we were celebrating anything (my birthday the following week). He asked how long we had been married (28 years). And voila! He pulls out a book with sketches of the rooms and shows us the One bedroom corner suite. I was waiting for an upcharge to be attempted, but there wasn’t! Same price as our deluxe room. He gave us the room number and key and then we started talking about restaurants and he gave us some very helpful, specific advice for our dietary issues. My husband was so appreciative he tipped him again ($20.00)…..THEN! He asked if noise was a concern and if we didn’t mind waiting a bit for a different one bedroom corner suite as he could switch it to a quieter area if we could wait. We preferred the quieter room and didn’t mind waiting (we were super early for check in due to our flight time). We were going to go walk the strip, but first we stopped at the bar for a drink and our room was ready before we even finished the drinks. Our room was awesome! We never heard our neighbors (or even saw them – maybe we didn’t have any neighbors). We could hear some sirens and the the train during the day, but no annoyances at night as we run a sound machine when sleeping.

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Saved:  $$40 a night Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Deluxe Room  from  Superior Room 

Was called to the desk by a guy during evening check in on a Sunday. Slow week. Gave him the sandwich. Asked if there were any complimentary upgrades because we were here for a special event. My birthday. And we’re hoping for a strip view. He said he’ll see what he can do. Got us the strip view on a high floor but no suite still very nice and worth the $20 easily.

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Rachel Y
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Superior One Bedroom Suite  from  Superior Room 

We arrived around noon time, and there were a lot of people checking in. When it was my turn, I just went up to the clerk. She asked me for my ID, and I gave her the sandwich without saying anything. She totally understood the hint, and said ” I will see what I can do”. She upgraded us to a nice one bedroom suite with strip view on a pretty high floor. It was so worth it!

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Saved:  $$500 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  One Bedroom Corner Suite  from  Superior Room 

We waited in line and got a young eastern european lady. She was lovely we made small talk and she asked for our ID & Credit card. In that we slipped in a 20. We asked her if she had any upgrades available. She said she would take a look. She told us she had a one bedroom corner suite on the 33rd floor. It was lovely. We had onyl booked the bog standard room and through priceline. We got a one bedroom suite, full kitchen, 2 bathrooms, jacuzzin tub and floor to ceiling windows, full living room with sofa etc.

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Saved:  $Unknown Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  One Bedroom Corner Suite  from  Deluxe Room 

Got a front desk lady by chance. She just came out from the back and flagged us over. It was around 1pm, on a Sunday. She asked for ID and a credit card. I sandwiched a $50 bill in between and handed to her. Before saying my line, she smoothly asked me if I would be looking to upgrade. I responded with, “if that is possible, then yes please.” She gave us a one bedroom corner suite on a high floor with a great view. We loved it! I wonder what could’ve gotten us into the one bedroom penthouse…?

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  One Bedroom Corner Suite  from  Deluxe Room 

Attended for a bachelor party (we made sure to mention this). We checked in at the normal check-in time around 2pm. My girlfriend and I approached a young lady at the front desk and slipped the $20 in between the debit card and ID. My girlfriend didn’t even see me do it ( I was very sly). We made casual conversation, and then quietly asked if there was any complimentary upgrades, she smiled and said that there was a one bedroom corner suite available. YES! That was exactly what we wanted. The room was gorgeous! Can’t wait to stay again.

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Gary W
Saved:  $$500 Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Superior One Bedroom Suite  from  Superior Room 

Got to the check-in desk at about 11:00 AM. Took the first available clerk after standing in line about 10 minutes. I handed her the sandwich and told her I was there for a convention but my wife came with me for pleasure and asked if any complimentary upgrades were available because I wanted something special for my wife.

She checked and came back with an offer of a “junior suite”. I don’t think that room type actually exists at the Trump.

She could tell I wasn’t thrilled with that offer and checked again. She then said she would upgrade us to the “honeymoon suite” if we could wait until 3:00 PM to check in. I took that deal. Again, I think she made up “honeymoon suite” but what we got was a superior one bedroom suite. It was worth every penny of the $50 and then some. My wife absolutely loved the room. We are going to try this again next week.

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Saved:  $$1000 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Penthouse One Bedroom Suite Strip View  from  Deluxe One Bedroom Suite 

Checked in just after 3PM. A nice woman was my clerk. When she asked for the credit card and ID, I gave her the sandwich and asked if she had any complimentary upgrades available. She said certainly, typed away for a minute, and said “I’ll be right back”. She went to the back room, and when she came back the explained we had an “option”. She then went on to explain all the perks of our 1500sq ft one bedroom penthouse, which she would happily offer as a complementary upgrade. Started off my brother-in-law’s bachelor party on a huge plus!

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