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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  4pm check, out high floor, and strip view  from  Studio by priceline's name your own price 

When I arrive about 6pm, there were many poeple to check in, so that I didn’t get any choice. I went to young women and gave my sandwich with $20. when she noticed there was something between my cc and id. I reserved three rooms by priceline name your own price, and each room price was $20 cheaper than regular price so that I didn’t expect one bedroom upgrade of all three rooms. I asked to her we want all three rooms are same floor and next each other and late check out. I got our rooms in 55th floor with strip view with 4pm check out. When I saw room price in expedia before use priceline, there were several grade. The cheapest one was city view with regular check out, next one was city view with 4pm check out, and the next one was strip view with regular check out and then last one was strip view with 4pm check out. I was really satisfied with sandwich trick. This was my first time trial, I saved several hundreds dollars. Thank you,

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  None  from  Basic room 

My friend checked in the night before and the had the sandwich work great, but when my wife and I checked in the next night no dice. The female clerk had her manager luring behind her and she kept offering an upgrade at the rack rate. I declined and just took our room

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  One Bedroom 52nd Floor  from  Priceline Studio City View 

Checked in early around 11:00 am, line of people checking out and in meant no choice of agent. When we got to the front of the line a manager (based on wardrobe not confirmed) decided to open the last checkin desk to help. As soon as I was called over thought it was a lost cause but gave it a try anyways. She asked for my license and credit card and handed the sandwich over with a $20. As soon as she recieved she pulled the $20 out and was ready to return when silently stuck my hand out and said that I was wondering if there were any free upgrades. She immediately understood and said she will check. Made small talk about why we were visiting. and within a few minutes she said there was a one bedroom suite available if I’d like. Funny thing is that I may have looked away for no more than a second but I swear I have no idea when she pocketed the $20.

Went from base pre-paid priceline room booked for less than $100 on a weekend stay and was able to get upgraded… LOVE the $20 sandwich. This was my first time trying but definetly not the last

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Premium Corner One Bedroom Suite Strip View  from  Studio Suite City View 

So me and my gf went to celebrate her sisters 21st birthday along with her bf, I had read about this website and was like I had to try the sandwich. We get to the Trump and there’s about 3 clerks waiting, they all looked like they would take the tip, but we wanted to white guy by the corner table, but got called by a Asian towards the front. So me and the birthday girls bf get to him and tell him that we’re checking in, so the clerk asks for my Credit Card & Drivers License, i hand him both cards with a $50 bill folded in the middle. Before he gets a chance to look at it, i ask him “Are you guys offering any complimentary room upgrades?” He looks down, see’s the 50 and goes “Oh Thank You let me see what i can do” While he typed away, i created small talk, 5 minutes later we went from 2 regular city view rooms to 2 Corner One Bedroom Strip View suites. I was just excited that the Sandwich worked! Just remember, tipping is the way to go in Vegas if you cant do that, you’ll be stuck with some crappy service. Can’t wait to go to Vegas again to try the Sandwich again!!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  strip view 34th floor  from  city view  

We checked in around noon. There were only two clerks on duty so I didn’t have much of a choice. I gave the clerk the sandwich. I told her I wanted a nice corner room on a high floor with a strip view. She set the 20 behind the counter. She spent at least 5 minutes in the computer looking for a room. She apologized that she wasn’t able to give us a higher floor or upgrade us to a one bedroom suite but she said they had changed their upgrade policy. She said we had been assigned to a city view (with train noise) on a lower floor. She got us a corner room with a strip view and the 34th floor. The room was great. I definitely think the $20 did the trick. Well worth while. I highly recommend the Trump if you don’t care about a casino.

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Stanley A.
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  59th floor strip view  from  non-strip view suite 

We went to the next clerk on duty. Used the sandwich. Told him that we had read about train noise in the back of the hotel and wanted to know if we could get a complimentary upgrade. The $20 was pocketed and we were given a choice of one or two strip rooms. We were also offered an upgrade at half off ($50 per night) to a 1BR suite which we declined.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  1 Bedroom Panoramic Suite, 53rd Floor  from  Studio Suite 

We arrived at 2:00am, so only one desk attendant was on call. After extending the tip with my ID, I simply asked if any complementary upgrades were available. The lovely employee typed as we chatted about the construction projects near Hoover Dam, and did not miss a beat. A few minutes later, we had an amazing one bedroom suite on the 53rd floor. I have never stayed in such luxurious style, and I will be headed back next year!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  One Bedroom Suite  from  City View Suite 

My first time doing this, was a little nervous. Slipped the $20 between my credit card and my passport. The agent saw it immediately and looked up at me and said “thank you.” I then asked him if he had any complimentary upgrades. He said he would take a look for me. A few clicks on his keyboard and he told me he would upgrade me to the one bedroom suite. Best $20 I’ve ever spent!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  High Foor 1 bedroom strip view  from  City View Suite 

For a 5 star hotel, I was apprehensive about doing this so I actually just asked for an upgrade w/o giving the “sandwich”. Didn’t want to offend. She typed away and didn’t say much about what I was getting. When we got to our room…oh wow… it was a huge 1 bedroom suite with 2 full baths with a beautiful view of the strip. I felt bad and went back down to thank her and gave her a $20 tip. I didn’t want to leave the room and wished I had booked there for my entire 4 nite stay instead of just 1 nite!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  1 bedroom strip view  from  1 bedroom city view 

me and my friend arrived at the trump at on a sunday evening . we’d heard about the tip upgrades on this site and said we’d give it a go.
we originally planned on putting the 20d in with my passport and credit card to hand over when we checked in. once we got there and saw how classy the place was we started to loose our nerve . i wouldnt normally be the type of person to ask for any thing extra or anything like that so it wasnt easy for me to do! we would have been so embarrassed if they looked at us in disguist at trying to bribe them lol!
any way we agreed we coundnt suffer the humiliation if they said no and handed back the tip, and we knew we would just start laughing as soon as we got to the desk and make a show of ourselves!!
so instead we went up to a female behind the counter , she seemed friendly , asked for my credit card and passport. as i handed them over i put 20d on the counter in front of her and asked did she have “any complementary room upgrades” .she looked and said “let me check” . it didnt seem a big a deal as we had thought. she said she’d have a strip view instead of a city view and we said yea that would be great !
she didnt take the 20 so i handed it to her when she directed us to the elevater and she said “oh thank you very much”
oh and as for the 20dollar a day resort few she said we could pay that when we were checking out , which would have added up to 120 as we were staying 6 nights. when we went to check out there was no mention of the resort fee charge so we asked coz i didnt want them puttint it on my credit card , we wanted to pay it cash, the receptionist (a different girl) said the charge seem to have been removed!! we were delighted , i dunno if the girl i gave the tip to removed it for us or wat happened but its definately worth a try!! id do it again but just leave the tip onthe counter instead of in the passport just in case!!

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