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Saved:  $Allegedly $600+ Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Terrance One Bedroom - Fountain View  from  Terrace Studio - Fountain View 

This was the first time I was doing the whole “ask for complementary upgrade” thing, and seeing that it was Valentine’s Day weekend. I wasn’t expecting much. But to my surprise after I placed the $50 on the table she called the back a couple times but said they couldn’t do a one bedroom and I understood. But after another longer call she offered me an “Angled Suite with a Fountain View” with a minor upgrade fee of $35 per night so “she wouldn’t get in trouble”. She said that for Valentine’s day weekend that room was retailing for $600+ even though they don’t advertise it. It had two bathrooms and a Japanese Soaking tub with a fountain view, which was really why I wanted the one bedroom. It was probably one of the nicest stays and views I’ve ever had so event tipping $50 and spending $35 extra per night was well worth it!

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Saved:  $$80 per night Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Terrace One Bedroom  from  Terrace Studio 

It was busy so I was not able to target a particular attendant. The Raiders were playing their first home game on Monday so Vegas was pretty active. It was my birthday weekend. I checked in late around 10:00 PM. I did a $50 sandwich. I booked a Terrace Studio for 4 nights and asked if a Wraparound Suite was available. I also asked for food and beverage credit. I was advised that neither were available. The attendant offered me a Terrace One Bedroom which saved me $80 a night. He also threw in a $50 food and beverage credit and told me happy birthday. I’ll do it again next time I stay at The Cosmopolitan.

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Saved:  $$50 per night. Total of $100 for the weekend. Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrace Studio - Fountain View  from  Terrace Studio 

Showed up at about 8am on a Saturday. Only 3 clerks working and a lot of disgruntled guests checking out. Was called by the desk clerk, 30ish male, and gave him the sandwich and asked for a view upgrade because of it being my wife and I’s anniversary. Clerk upgraded us before he even noticed the $20! Then I couldn’t take it back. Got a beautiful studio overlooking the fountains and strip! And got to check into our room at 8am!! The $20 tip was well deserved by the clerk because of so many unnecessarily rude and grumpy guests and his automatic good attitude toward us.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Wraparound Terrace Suite  from  Terrace Studio 

Handed the $20 “sandwich” to the check in lady and asked if there were any complementary upgrades available. She made a call and said we can give you a wraparound terrace suite. We happily accepted! Check in was around 11 pm on a Friday and there was no one else checking in when we there.

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Alice K.
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  City Room  from  City Room 

They just gave us a higher up room with a better view of the fountains. The staff was really nice. She knew right away with the $20

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrance One Bedroom - Fountain View  from  Terrace Studio 

Didn’t target any clerk. Check in on 12/24 Christmas Eve. Arrived at about 8pm. There was a huge line in front of the reception desk. Even thought the web site mark everything sold out, we still gave a try. Hading over a 20 dollars sandwich, we asked whether there was a complimentary upgrade available. She was very polite and offer us an upgrade immediately.
Great experience here at Cosmopolitan.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrance One Bedroom - Fountain View  from  Terrance One Bedroom - Fountain View 

Checked in around 12:30 PM on Monday, and there was no queue . Couldn’t target a specific clerk, so we got a young and sweet lady. I went forward asking if it would be possible to get a complimentary upgrade, and she mentioned that the room we have is already quite nice, but she’ll still check for us. After checking, she told us that unfortunately there weren’t any complimentary rooms available, but we could spend $85 per night to get a terrace suite fountain view upgrade. We didn’t find that really appealing, so we stayed with our one bed room without paying the tip. However, the room we got was on the 58th floor at the Chelsea tower and had a stunning view of both the Bellagio fountains and Eiffel Tower! By the way, a couple next to us seemed to have got an upgrade with $50. Super awkward when our clerk told us that there weren’t any complimentary upgrades while the other clerk next to her was putting his $50 tip in his pocket.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrace One Bedroom  from  Terrace One Bedroom 

No upgrade available, despite attempt to tip with $20 trick and having communicated with concierge pre-booking about three requests, none of which were available for check in. Concierge service gave us free buffet tickets for our trouble, which was nice. All in all $20trick does not work here.

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Saved:  $Negative $50 Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  City Room  from  City Room 

Marriott Titanium Elite member (top tier status) and used the Autograph Lounge for check in. Was hoping for a 2 bedroom suite or a fountain terrace at the very least. Tried a $50 sandwich and the agent was super awkward about it. Kinda just ignored it at first, then I asked if any upgrades were available. She made a call and gave me an offer to upgrade to a fountain room for $45 a night or a 2 bed suite for $150/night. Pass. Kept the money as well. Horrible service throughout the stay as well, and later asked a manager for an upgrade due to elite status, they basically told me to pound sand. Very disappointing as the hotel was at low occupancy and rates were very low anyways.

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Richard Birchall
Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Terrace Studio - Fountain View  from  City Room 

The Cosmopolitan does not allow you to pick a check in clerk, you go with whomever is available. We had a very nice lady when we checked in around 10:30pm. I put 40 dollars in my passport and asked if any upgrades were available. She immediately separated the money and got on the phone.

Unfortunately, no room upgrades were available, however she did move us from a city view to fountain view. I say no upgrades because this is what the clerk told us. She also gave us a $50 room credit.

It was worth the attempt as the lady was kind, courteous and willing to give us a room credit.

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If you are visiting Las Vegas and are staying at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, we think it’s worth trying the $20 dollar sandwich trick. When checking into your Cosmopolitan room, put $20 dollars between your ID and credit card and ask the clerk if there are any complimentary upgrades available. At many of the Las Vegas hotels you can get upgrades to suites!