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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrace One Bedroom  from  City Room 

I arrived around 12PM on a Monday. I did not target a clerk because they had us form a line and you had to go to the next available clerk. I walked up to the desk and said “I’m a little early, I was wondering if I could still check in?” She said sure. I handed her a $20 sandwich and said “I was curious if there are any upgrades available?”. She put the $20 off to the side and said she needed to call someone. She called and then got off the phone and said she could upgrade us to a terrace one bedroom for free! 🙂

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrance One Bedroom - Fountain View  from  City Room 

We checked in at around 7:00pm on Wednesday. There was a bit of wait and it was a female clerk that checked us in. She asked us if we had stayed with them before. It was our first time visiting Las Vegas and of course it was our first time staying at Cosmo. We were only staying for one night. We didn’t ask for anything. We just handed over $20 with the ID and credit card and the lady said she would check what she could do for us. She called somebody and said she was able to update us to a one bedroom King with fountain view. The view was awesome and the room was the best! The best stay during our whole trip! I would definitely stay at Cosmo again next time!

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Saved:  $250 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrace Studio - Fountain View  from  City Room 

Checked in around 8.00 pm on tuesday night. My thrid visit @cosmo and the hall was pretty empy. The clerk called was very kind. Told him was my gfriend bday and l show my identity card of cosmopolitan and asked if any complementary upgrade was available; he made a phone call and told us ” sure we have a terrace studio fountain view available on the 18th floor” l appreciate and gave him 20 usd as tip.

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Saved:  $$80 per night Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Terrace One Bedroom  from  Terrace Studio 

It was busy so I was not able to target a particular attendant. The Raiders were playing their first home game on Monday so Vegas was pretty active. It was my birthday weekend. I checked in late around 10:00 PM. I did a $50 sandwich. I booked a Terrace Studio for 4 nights and asked if a Wraparound Suite was available. I also asked for food and beverage credit. I was advised that neither were available. The attendant offered me a Terrace One Bedroom which saved me $80 a night. He also threw in a $50 food and beverage credit and told me happy birthday. I’ll do it again next time I stay at The Cosmopolitan.

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Saved:  $About 1400 for both rooms considering original third party rates vs Cosmo rates of the upgraded rooms Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Terrace Studio 

I had two terrace studios (no fountain view),, booked for Sunday April 2nd til Thursday April 6th. Didn’t target anyone in particular at the check in, got a short Asian guy, gave him a 50 dollar sandwich (two rooms and plus, it’s the Cosmo). He put the 50 on the counter where everyone could see it and said he’d leave that there while he checked what he could do. Didn’t take him over a minute to offer a complimentary upgrade to a Terrace One Bedroom (no fountain view), However, for my room I wanted a fountain view, and he offered me a Terrace Suite,, for 85 extra a night. Took it. He also offered a wraparound terrace fountain view,, for 140 extra a night (total, not on top of the other 85), but that seemed a bit too much, plus I was only looking for the view not so much the space or other ammenities. Overall, very happy with both the complimentary and paid upgrades for both rooms. The complimentary upgrade didn’t have too much of a price difference (at least if you booked direct with Cosmopolitan), but the suite should’ve been at least 200 extra a night. Also, we had booked the original terrace studios through a third party at a very discounted rate, at least a 30% discount from what I can see. The sandwich works at the Cosmo!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrance One Bedroom - Fountain View  from  Terrace Studio 

Didn’t target any clerk. Check in on 12/24 Christmas Eve. Arrived at about 8pm. There was a huge line in front of the reception desk. Even thought the web site mark everything sold out, we still gave a try. Hading over a 20 dollars sandwich, we asked whether there was a complimentary upgrade available. She was very polite and offer us an upgrade immediately.
Great experience here at Cosmopolitan.

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Saved:  $~$150 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrace One Bedroom  from  City Room 

Didn’t say anything, guy knew what was up and appreciated it. Went from standard 2 queen to a 1 king and pullout couch. The upgraded room was much bigger and came with a balcony.

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Jeremiah Jacobson
Saved:  $$0 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  City Room  from  City Room 

Went to the Cosmopolitan twice and tried the $20 trick both times. The first time the front desk guy said i left my $20 at the desk. Because he didn’t even check for available rooms for an additional fee, i took my $20 back. I went back a year later and thought i can try again. This time she called someone for them to say the hotel is overbooked. I just took my room key, thanked her and walked away. Dont waste your money on the tip trick.

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Matt Sparx
Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Terrace One Bedroom  from  City Room 

Did not target a clerk as there was a line. Checked in around 4:45 and slid the attendant a $50 to see if we could get an upgrade. This was going to be my first gamble of the trip and I lost. Not only did the attendant keep the $50, I ended up paying $38/night for a terrace one bedroom for our three night stay.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrace One Bedroom  from  Terrace One Bedroom 

Did not Target, about 3pm on Saturday, $20 in the middle which she set to the side. She offered to upgrade my room for the standard price. Asked if she could still keep the 20, I said sure. She said she give us a room with a better view, which I’m sure was subjective. Bummed but will try again.

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If you are visiting Las Vegas and are staying at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, we think it’s worth trying the $20 dollar sandwich trick. When checking into your Cosmopolitan room, put $20 dollars between your ID and credit card and ask the clerk if there are any complimentary upgrades available. At many of the Las Vegas hotels you can get upgrades to suites!