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Saved:  $~$150 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrace One Bedroom  from  City Room 

Didn’t say anything, guy knew what was up and appreciated it. Went from standard 2 queen to a 1 king and pullout couch. The upgraded room was much bigger and came with a balcony.

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Saved:  $250 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrace Studio - Fountain View  from  City Room 

Checked in around 8.00 pm on tuesday night. My thrid visit @cosmo and the hall was pretty empy. The clerk called was very kind. Told him was my gfriend bday and l show my identity card of cosmopolitan and asked if any complementary upgrade was available; he made a phone call and told us ” sure we have a terrace studio fountain view available on the 18th floor” l appreciate and gave him 20 usd as tip.

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  City Room  from  City Room 

First time in Vegas. Checked in around midnight on a Thursday night. No clerk targeted. Gave the clerk $40 in between my license and credit card and said we would appreciate if there were any complimentary upgrades. She made a phone call and said no but did hand me back the cash.

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Jeremiah Jacobson
Saved:  $$0 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  City Room  from  City Room 

Went to the Cosmopolitan twice and tried the $20 trick both times. The first time the front desk guy said i left my $20 at the desk. Because he didn’t even check for available rooms for an additional fee, i took my $20 back. I went back a year later and thought i can try again. This time she called someone for them to say the hotel is overbooked. I just took my room key, thanked her and walked away. Dont waste your money on the tip trick.

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Saved:  $NONE - out $20 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrance One Bedroom - Fountain View  from  Terrance One Bedroom - Fountain View 

Arrived around 430pm for checkin on Sunday June 23, 2019. No option to pick a clerk, just had to take thee next available clerk. He seemed pleasant, young man so we went for it.
Sandwiched the $20 and asked if any complimentary upgrades or bonuses were available. Said he’d be happy to check. We had booked a Terrace one bedroom fountain view which was already a decent level room, not many categories above this and honestly this is the room type we wanted for the view, etc but figured we see how this went and what we may be able to get. He did some typing, made a phone call, the whole deal. came back that at this time there weren’t any room upgrades, but he could make sure we got a high floor, and that he’d apply a $75 credit for food/beverage to our account. This was great, a win to spend $20 on the tip for $75 in credit. All was well and we had a great stay. Upon checkout though there was no $75 credit on our account. Tried to get this rectified at checkout, but to no avail….agent and manager said simply they don’t provide complimentary upgrades, or credits. Its not something that would have been done…and as I had no paperwork confirming this I was out of luck…and of course that clerk was off the day we checked out. So a great stay ended on a very sour note. Ended up getting nothing for the $20 tip except some anger and frustration.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrace Studio - Fountain View  from  City Room 

Prior to my trip, I read this website. I arrived at 9am (before check-in). I followed the instructions, except I used a $50 in between my credit card and license. She placed the bill next to her and I asked if there were any upgrades available. She stated they were pretty booked. She then made a phone call and stated she could give me 50% off on the upgrade per night. Came out to $25 a night. She also immediately checked us in and put us in a balcony room on the 55th floor with a view of Bellagio fountain and the strip. Room was awesome.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Terrace Studio - Fountain View  from  Unsure 

My boss got mad. I actually didn’t know if I’d gotten an upgrade (never been here before) until my plus one mentioned at a work party something about our terrace with the fountain view. lol. No one else had been upgraded including the CEO who was paying for everyone.


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Catherine Liu
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  City Room  from  City Room 

Checked in on Monday at 2:30pm for 4 nights into a City view room with 2 queen beds via Allegiant Air booking. Slipped a $20 bill and asked for a complimentary upgrade to terrace studio fountain view with 2 queens. Agent called then went into the back for a bit and came out and said it would be a $45 extra per night or for free he can put us in a newly remodeled room on 50th floor with fountain view. We took the latter at no extra cost and he returned the $20 to us but I insisted he keep it since we were given remodeled room on high floor with fountain view. He was very appreciative and offered us a late checkout for 1:30 pm and he even sent us a box of chocolates. Very kind and nice clerk!

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Terrace Studio - Fountain View  from  Terrace Studio - Fountain View 

Already booked an upgraded room but figured I would try the trick to see if anything nicer was available. Checked in around 9:30 pm on a Monday. Couldn’t target a specific clerk. Only a single line of guests to alternating clerks. Clerk was pleasant but seemed somewhat indifferent. She saw the 50 I placed between my drivers licence and credit card and thanked me. I asked if any comp upgrades were available and she said only if you pay the additional room rate. Little disappointed but still ended up with a nice view of the Billagio fountains so not all bad.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Wraparound Terrace Suite  from  Wraparound Terrace Suite 

Checked in around 11am on the Monday of July 4th, visiting with a group of friends. We booked both the wraparound suite and terrace studio 2 queens. Couldn’t target a clerk. Young women checked us in she was very nice. I slipped her my cc and dl with a $50 sandwiched in between. I asked if she could give us two rooms on a high floor together. She placed my ID, CC, and bill on the side of her desk very visible. Then she said, “Let me go make a phone call in the back, I’ll be right back.” But then a few minutes and a few key stroke later she says “I love when I’m having a good day and everything works out. I have a terrace studio and wraparound suite very close together on the 51st floor and I can give you partial views of the Bellagio fountains. The terrace studio is available right now, and I can send a rush order for the wraparound suite to be available now as well.” We also had a third person staying in our wraparound. On the website it says that they charge for extra people above 2, but she just asked how many keys and suggested that we should get 3 in case anyone gets locked out! No extra charge.

Early check in, high floor, and fountain views? I couldn’t believe it. She also made it clear it’s nice when people are nice and don’t talk down to the clerks as the cosmopolitan try to be as accommodating as possible. Then once the transaction was complete she asked, “Is this for me?” While pointing to the bill and thanked me very much and says it’s much appreciated. The rooms and views were stunning. Best $50 I’ve ever spent.

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If you are visiting Las Vegas and are staying at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, we think it’s worth trying the $20 dollar sandwich trick. When checking into your Cosmopolitan room, put $20 dollars between your ID and credit card and ask the clerk if there are any complimentary upgrades available. At many of the Las Vegas hotels you can get upgrades to suites!