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We arrived at 2 PM & the reservation lines were packed. Didn’t really have a choice as to which clerk we would get.

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Saved:  $$312 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Caesars Executives Suites  from  Forum Tower Deluxe 

Arrived at hotel at 10pm. Took about an hour to get through line to clerk. Clerk was very professional. Upon immediate ask for CC, I ask if there was any complementary upgrades with a $20 sandwich. She said she would check. Went behind the wall check in wall and came back with a YES. Went from $119 night room to a $275 night room.

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Saved:  $Over $600.00 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Augustus Tower Deluxe  from  Caesars Classic Suite 

Stood in line for what felt like forever. Got up to the counter and had my $20 sandwiched between my credit and license. The man took my cards and the $20 popped out and he said for me and I said yes and he said let me see what I can do for you. I am going to upgrade your room to a suite in the Augustus Tower/waive early check in/waive resort fees. All I did was slip him the $20 have chit chat and presto whamo upgraded to a super nice ro with no fees. I walked out of the line like a champ!!

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Palace Tower Deluxe  from  Forum Tower Deluxe 

Long lines of course for check in. We got in line at approximately 1330 and the line moved pretty fast and we arrived to a young male clerk. He wasn’t who I was targeting but I was gonna at least try it to see if the sandwich trick would work for me. He asked for my photo ID and I handed him my drivers license and credit card with $40 bucks sandwiched in. I asked for a complimentary upgrade since we were celebrating our wedding anniversary. He put the $40 aside and began typing away. We were upgraded to the Palace Tower. Very nice room, good view and a jacuzzi. Well worth the $40 bucks!!

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Saved:  $$100 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Augustus Tower Deluxe  from  Octavius Tower Deluxe 

Got comp for 5 nights. Walked up to first available agent, presented w $20 sandwich, asked for renovated room w fountain view, and got a room in Augusta tower. In terms of towers, Augusta is probably best, then Palace tower, then Octavius, and then Forum last. The room was very decent size, fairly well kept, and the fountain view was great. It was $20 well spent for 5 nights, no resort fees either!

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Saved:  $a lot lol Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Palace Tower Premium Room  from  Unsure 

My room was comped already, but we arrived from NYC super early and she waived early check in and resort fees and minibar purchases. She was VERY nice and seemed to enjoy helping us save money.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Octavius Tower Deluxe 

I was debating whether or not to request upgrade. We already had a comped room in Octavius tower, but thought why not try? I didn’t hand the lady the $20 but kept it visible and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available to celebrate our anniversary. She stepped away for a minute and when she cane back she said she got us a mini suite in the Palace Tower. It was over 750 sf. With 2 bathrooms and view of pool. Was not disappointed!

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Saved:  $Not sure... Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Augustus Tower Deluxe  from  Augustus Tower Deluxe 

Wife wanted to do automated checkin on her phone but I wanted to try the tip. So showed up and waited in line, had a very nice lady ask us for the ID and credit card. I didn’t put the $20 in between, but said I’d like to give her a tip and set the $20 on the counter. I then also said if there was any comps that would be great and if no that’s fine too.

She was kind of surprised, but said she’d see. It took a while while she typed and the. She had to grab a manager. She ended up telling us she waved the $40 early checkin fee and upgraded our room since someone else couldn’t checkin until later. Had a great room overlooking the fountains, and the $40 early checkin was a real benefit. I thanked her and said she made our day. She said happy early Christmas. Overall it was a great experience and I enjoyed connecting with her, it’s kind of awkward but I liked just telling her it was a tip up front and no strings attached. What happens happens.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Palace Tower Premium Room  from  Palace Tower Deluxe 

She was nice; early 30’s I suppose. Made a $50 sandwich and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. My room was already comped for 5 nights, but I thought I would try anyway. She said she would look and ended up giving us a palace tower premium room. Much better room. Since I go when I get a comped room I’m going to try $100 next time and see if I can get a suite upgrade.

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Saved:  $700 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Octavius Tower Deluxe  from  Palace Tower Deluxe 

Upgraded to a pool view suite , got a late checkout at 5 pm as well

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Saved:  $200 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Palace Tower Premium Room  from  Forum Tower Deluxe 

We arrived at Caesars at ~11:30 am. There was a line of 20 people waiting to check in. The Caesars hosts kept offering online checkin – but I wanted to try the sand which. Waited 10 minutes on line. There were 3 older women, one young guy, and a young woman. We got the you woman. She asked
For I’d and cc, I handed her both with a $20 in between. She took the 20 and set it to the side. I told her we were celebrating our 20th anniversary, and asked if she could check if
a complimentary upgrade was available. She said she’d be happy to check. She upgraded us to a palace tower room on 17th floor, pool view. She also waived the $30 early checkin fee. Not sure how much was the $20, and how much was the anniversary – but we had booked the cheapest forum room available – and the room was really nice. I check online and the difference in price from the room we booked to the room we got was over $200 for the length of our stay. Well worth the $20. And honestly – even if we didn’t get it I felt like I was already gambling just with the attempt. Felt like the Vegas I see in the movies. Awesome…

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