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We arrived at 2 PM & the reservation lines were packed. Didn’t really have a choice as to which clerk we would get.

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Saved:  $$500 Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Augustus Tower Deluxe  from  Forum Tower Deluxe 

Arrived after midnight and there was a small line for check in. There were kiosks for quick check in as well as online checkin but we opted to talk to a front desk agent. There was only one agent attending to the line without any membership. I gave her $40 sandwich without saying anything and she put it aside and already said I’ll see what I can do for you without me asking. She upgraded us to the Augustus Tower overlooking the Bellagio Fountains. It seemed like normal practice and thankfully we tried!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  August Tower Luxury  from  Forum Tower Deluxe 

My wife and I checked in 1.00pm on a Monday. We were only in Vegas for a short
4-night stay. My wife was very skeptical about the twenty dollar trick, so much so we nearly had an argument in the line. I aimed for one of the two young clerks at the desk. I just smiled, handed over the sandwich, said hello politely. She immediately saw the $20 bill, started to type and click away furiously. We had small talk throughout and she ended up upgrading us to the August Towery Luxury room.

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Saved:  $390 Tipped:  $100 Upgraded to  Augustus Tower Deluxe  from  Forum Tower Deluxe 

I had a female clerk, and she lit up at the sight of the $100 sandwiched between my charge card and DL in the early afternoon in the diamond/7 stars registration. I originally had the forum tower basic room, I requested something nice in the Augustus tower, and was given the Tower Deluxe. While I was disappointed it was not a more spacious suite. It was however, a upgrade nonetheless for my week visit. Not the thousands in savings I was hoping for, but still hundreds. I would be more explicit in the future with what I expect.

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Palace Tower Deluxe  from  Forum Tower Deluxe 

We checked in around 1:30PM and there was a short line so we just went to the first available clerk. When handing her the sandwich and asking for the Palace Tower, she said “Let me see what I can do” and walked into the back. Minutes later she came back and made small talk as she was typing away. Sure enough, we got a Palace Tower room with a Strip view.

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Saved:  $$5,000 Tipped:  $100 Upgraded to  Caesars Executives Suites  from  Augustus Tower Deluxe 

Checked in around 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night. Our flight from Dallas had been delayed three hours and we had missed a dinner reservation. Needless to say, we were pretty tired – but the front desk clerk made quick to cheer us up.

Walked up to the counter and presented her with the sandwich – credit card, $100 bill and ID. Her eyes immediately lit up and she started typing away at her keyboard. She eventually said “hold on, I’m going to go speak with our inventory manager.”

She left for about 15 minutes, came back and said she needed to speak to the supervisor. After another 15 minutes she came back, broke out a book of Caesar’s rooms and showed me where we were staying – the Augustus Spa Suite on the 40th floor overlooking the north end of the strip.

1,200 square feet with two bathrooms, a walk in shower, jacuzzi tub overlooking the north end of the Strip and double vanities. Ridiculous upgrade. On Friday and Saturday this room goes for $1,200 a night.

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Saved:  $2400 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Palace Tower Premium Room 

$20 tip with passport, coming to celebrate my 30th with friends. The male clerk asked what tower was our favorite, and as we were unsure he upgraded us to the Palace Suite – 2000 sq ft! Great way to celebrate with friends as we have all traveled from Australia.
What a legend 🙂 Made our stay in Vegas.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Augustus Tower Deluxe  from  Palace Tower Premium Room 

They have auto check-in kiosks now, but the general admission line was fairly painful. Around 30 minutes on Friday evening… but was worth the wait! $20 slipped to a clerk who instantly smiled and said he will see what he will be able to do. I almost didn’t need to say anything but did mention “Any upgrades available?” Upgraded to a suite in Augustus tower. This is my 2nd time in two years getting an upgrade at Caesars Palace.

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Saved:  $1500 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Octavius Tower Deluxe  from  Unsure 

Was a little nervous doing so but I tried the trick on a 3 night comped room. When arriving, I stated that it was my birthday (which it was), we talked with a late 20’s/early 30’s gentleman about Chicago and burgers etc. Slipped him the sandwich after telling me I had a room in the Palace tower. Said he would see what he can do while he left the $20 on the counter in front of us…
Octavius Tower Suite. 61st floor. Overlooking Bellagio Fountains.

Thank you to this site. Best birthday ever.

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Rachelle G
Saved:  $$150 Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Augustus Tower Deluxe  from  Palace Tower Premium Room 

I arrived just shy of 5PM on a Tuesday to the hotel lobby. I did not get in line just yet as I was scoping the front desk clerks that were taking care of the Platinum Card line (my card level w/ Total Rewards). There was one man that looked like a manager, another man who didnt look too thrilled to be there, and a nice looking young lady (maybe my age – in her late twenties). I decided to shoot for her. Since there was no line, I waited until she was available then jumped in the Platinum Card line. She called me up next! I had two $20’s folded between my ID and credit card. This girl must have been working there for a while because she knew EXACTLY what was up when she saw the money (I made sure I feathered the two bills to be sure she knew there were two $20’s, not just one). I was staying for three nights (all comp), so I figured it would be a bit of a stretch to get the exact room I wanted without being super pushy (Augustus Tower w/ strip view); thus, I did $40 and not $20 (also to help increase my chances). She placed the money immediately to the side upon seeing it and said “based on your card level, I can’t take it just yet, so I’ll put it aside until we’ve completed your check-in and that you are completely satisfied with my service.” I didn’t even ask if she had complimentary upgrades, she had already jumped on board, wanting to do it. She offered the Junior Suite in the same Palace tower I booked, but she also said to herself within earshot “Maybe I have something in the Augustus Tower.” I got a poopy view of the parking garage on my last stay in Vegas (@Harrah’s before I found out about the sandwich trick). I let her know I was most interested in staying in the Augustus Tower, and if not too much trouble, maybe with a strip view. She managed to get me the Augustus Tower with Bellagio Fountain View! She was very pleasant for the entire transaction and I appreciated her effort in getting us the room I was shooting for. To make this even sweeter, I was given an email two days prior asking if I wanted to upgrade to that same room for $61/night (meaning pay over $180 before tax to upgrade my comp room). Best gamble I ever did in Vegas!

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Saved:  $No clue Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  August Tower Luxury  from  Palace Tower Deluxe 

We arrived at Saturday around 2pm and it was really really busy at the check in. We had to question for around 30mins.
Did not really go for a special clerk, just took the next available and behaved calm and nice.
After a short small talk I handed over the my “sandwich” with 50 bucks and asked if there is a chance for a complimentary upgrade. Got upgraded huge a corner room in the Augustus Tower with a beautiful view on the strip and the bellagio fountain. I had to wait another 2h until the room was cleaned before I could get my keys but the wait was worth it.

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