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Saved:  $470 Tipped:  $100 Upgraded to  Luxury Suite  from  Luxury Suite 

Just finished a stay at the Venetian celebrating my son’s 21st birthday. I booked 2 low-end suites and decided to try $100 to upgrade both. I didn’t target a specific clerk as I thought a c-note should do the trick with whoever. We arrived at approximately noon and hoped for an early check in since check in begins at 3:00. We made small talk with a female clerk (20 something) then I handed her the sandwich and asked her to check for upgrades. She asked me if I was looking for something special and selection would be limited since the hotel was sold out. I mentioned things like a larger suite, a suite higher up with a strip view, coupons, passes, waive resort fees…whatever she could come up with to make this trip special. We ended up in the same type suite with a partial strip view but she waived the resort fees for both suites meaning I was coming out +170 dollars for that and $50 a night for both suites for a strip view. I was really hoping for a couple larger suites but still feel I made out on the deal. Fourth time trying this and the third time it worked.

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Saved:  $$300 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Piazza Suite  from  Piazza Suite 

I was directed from the line to a young lady who was working the desk and she asked for my ID and CC. I handed her what she asked for, with a $20 folded on top in plain sight. She grabbed it and started typing. I proceeded to inform her that we have one extra person with us, going to be staying in the room, and that I hoped she could accommodate us. Me and my father booked the room but my mom later decided to tag along on our trip. She told me that it’s no problem and she set us up with a premium view suite with a fold out couch bed. She then asked if we were planning to use the gym or the wifi and I said only the wifi. She then informed us that the resort fee would be comped, and she told me to pull out my phone. She assisted me with comp wifi login and never mentioned the “extra person fee” of $50 per day. She gave us three room keys and off we went. Savings of ~$100 per day and we were staying for three days. The room is very nice and the wifi is fast AF.

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Saved:  $Minimum $3K Tipped:  $100 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Luxury Suite 

Came to celebrate New Year with the family.
Reserved regular suite. Did not target anyone special, since it was a huge line, around 1:00 pm December 30, when the clerk called approached and gave $100 between my ID and cc card. Asked if there is any complimentary upgrades available. Upgraded to the suite with the huge terrace (hospitality suite), 2 bathrooms, leaving room, separate bedroom.
Worth every penny.

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Chris S
Saved:  $240 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Piazza Suite  from  Piazza Suite 

I was half awake when checking in and forgot to ask for anything or offer the sandwich. When I checked out I asked if they could waive resort fees and he said they were locked to the reservation. I showed my room keys with a 20 between them and he said “let me see what I can do.” He waived $240 in resort fees and the damage from the waters and m&ms. I also asked for a 1pm checkout but didn’t leave til 3.

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Saved:  $800 Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Piazza Suite  from  Luxury Suite 

WE didnt target a specific clerk we didnt arrive til just after midnight so it was fairly quiet.

We had a female clerk who seemed friendly and chatted.

We followed our usual rules and asked her what kind of room we had, she said a luxury suite (standard) this is when my husband flashed the $50 and asked her if they had any upgrades.

She said she would check and went into the back. It did take her a while to find us a room and she really was trying to get us something better she even went to ask her manager.

She eventually came back to say they had found us a piazza suite which was 1400sqft compared to the luxury which was only 650. She showed us on the tablet the pictures and i knew this was a nice room. We got a strip view looking towards the wynn and down at the pools. I asked if she could do anything about the resort fees and she said she couldnt.

I was happy with what we got it would of cost us a hell of a lot more to pay for that suite upfront.

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Saved:  $432.00 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Rialto Suit  from  Luxury Suite 

Checked it at 3pm on Sunday using IHG Rewards Member counter. There were only 2 agents at the desk so we just went to whomever was free.
Slipped $20 between ID and Credit Card. She asked if we wanted change and we said no. She asked if we were here celebrating anything special. We told her we’re here for our 10th wedding anniversary and just asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available.
We were offered a Rialto Suite Venezia Tower Strip with mountain View for no additional charge or a 1400 square foot suite for an additional $100 a night on top of our original reservation. We opted for the Rialto as we did not forsee ourselves in our room much. It was perfect!

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Saved:  $$340 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Luxury Suite  from  Luxury Suite 

I didn’t get to pick a clerk as all were busy so it was just the first one that became available. It was a Monday evening around 8pm. When the clerk asked for the credit card and Id I handed both over with the 20 sandwiched in and politely asked and was told he would check. He couldn’t upgrade our room style but put us on a higher floor with views of the strip and mountains. He waived the charge for this and waived the resort fees

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Steven Pendleton
Saved:  $$340 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Luxury Suite  from  Luxury Suite 

Check in on Monday evening and was fairly busy so couldn’t pick a clerk. I placed $20 between ID and credit card and asked for politely if there were any complimentary upgrades available. The clerk put the $20 to one side and asked a few questions about how far we travelled and if it was our first time in Vegas then said yes he can upgrade us. The clerk put us on a higher floor with views of the strip and mountain range in the distance. The clerk waived the resort fee charges and the charge for the upgraded room with view

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Saved:  $~150 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Piazza Suite  from  Luxury Suite 

I checked in on a busy Friday right around 3pm and didn’t get to target a clerk in particular, but wound up with a guy in his 20s. He asked if I needed any change when he saw my 20 and I said no. After speaking with a manager he offered me up a free upgrade to a Piazza suite. I asked for a late check out and he said he could only do one for 12pm b/c the suites were completely booked for Saturday. As an alternative, I could’ve taken a standard room with a 6pm checkout but I took the bigger room. The room was huge with a view of the strip.

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Saved:  $$1400.00 Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

We had booked through a third party vendor (Alaska Airlines) with flights and hotels together. Our preference had been to book the Venetian but we found better rates at the Palazzo and booked there.

I had found this website and was intrigued. This was our second time to Las Vegas and I had tried for an upgrade at the Aria (using a $20.00) without success and they kept the $20.00.

We arrived late on a Saturday and checked in around 9:30. I had folded a $50.00 under the Credit Card and went in with a “whatever happens, happens attitude”.

When asked for our Credit Card I handed both over and politely asked if there were any upgrades available. The clerk seemed appreciative and stated that we had booked during a perfect time for an upgrade.

We were asked if we were celebrating any special occasion; Birthday, Anniversary? This seemed to be important to the desk clerk. My wife stated that we had recently celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary (which we had 7 months earlier). The clerk then left and went to the back.

After approximately 5 minutes he returned and was pleased to offer us an upgrade from the suite we had booked, to much larger suite at the Venetian (our initial preference)

We were told that our original suite was approximately 650 square feet and that our upgraded suite was 1550! We were also advised that the upgrade fee for the room was $350.00 per night and that this fee was waived. Considering that we were staying four nights, the $50.00 investment was our best play the whole trip.

The suite (35309) was awesome. Full living area with a separate wet bar, additional half bath, three flat screen televisions, huge living room, powder room and massive master bath with dual shower, sunken tube, his and her vanities and private water closet.

Very pleased with the outcome and will try this again in the future.

After reading most of the recent blogs I would not try anything less than a $50.00 for a higher end property, I don’t think $20>00 would have done it for us but that is just my opinion.

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