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when she came back she told me she could help me!

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Saved:  $$0 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort King Room  from  Resort King Room 

I was checking in on a Thursday, and staying until Sunday on the last weekend of September. I’ve never tried anything like this before, so I’m not sure if I did it right or if I missed something. But needless to say I was a little nervous when I tried it. When I got to the front desk, I handed the clerk my ID and card with a $20 bill folded in the middle. While handing it to him, I asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. He took my cards saw the $20, and gave it back to me and replied something along the lines of “you’ll be taken care of.” However the room I got was A regular King room, on the 8th floor, on the back of the hotel facing away from the strip. This was my first time at the bellagio but I’m pretty sure that was just the standard king room that I booked.

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Cyprus Suite  from  Standard Room 

My wife and I were nervous to give this a shot. We decided in advance to spend a random weekend in Las Vegas and we stayed at a cheap hotel the night before in order to be a little more spendy the second night at the Bellagio.

We arrived at about 1:00 PM when the lobby wasn’t very busy. We targeted a young man, maybe 26 or 27, who wasn’t close to any of the other clerks. I slipped $40 in between my credit card and ID, and handed it over as I asked if any complimentary upgrades were available. Right away the clerk knew what was going on and told us to hold on a moment. He got on the phone twice and let us know that we would be set up for the Cyprus Suite.

We were beyond amazed with the room we got. We had two bathrooms, one for me and one for her, the most comfy bed I have ever experienced, an amazing view of the Paris Hotel and the Bellagio Fountains, a sweet living room, two TVs, it was amazing. Bear in mind that this was my wife and my first time at a five star hotel so that might have something to do with it.

We are convinced that dropping the $40 tip gave us a room that would have been between $500 and $600 a night.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort Queen Room  from  Resort Queen Room 

We checked in late, close to midnight on a Friday. There was a short lineup to check in and we went to the first available clerk. He was nice enough, and I handed him the sandwich, asking if there were any upgrades available. He removed the $20 from the sandwich and left it on the counter in plain view, on top of the credit card machine. He quickly checked on his computer and said no upgrades were available. He was very nice and professional, and when it came time to pay, I took the $20 and handed it to him, saying it was for him, which he accepted. I figured it was worth the gamble and I lost, so it should go to him in the end. Of note though, the next day we complained about the A/C in our room and got an upgrade to a higher floor with a nice view (our original room had a horrible view).

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Ed Williams
Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Resort King Room  from  Resort King Room 

1. I targeted a younger woman, 25-35, with an outgoing personality. I watched the check-in folks for about ten minutes before I made my move.
2. Time of day was around 12:30 pm.
3. I told her I was an old country boy from Juliette, Georgia who was trying to impress his wife. Told ’em I’d always stayed at lesser properties at the strip, but my wife had always wanted the Bellagio. Then I said the only thing that would make it even better would be a room with a nice view of the fountains. The clerk told me she’d go talk to her boss, when she came back she told me she could help me!

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Kurt Theil
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort Queen Room  from  Resort Queen Room 

Stayed at Bellagio Nov 17-20. Checked in at 1pm on a Friday, with check-in being not too busy. Went to the first available clerk with the $20 sandwich. Asked if there were any complimentary upgrades, clerk looks at $20 and quickly replies “no”. Got the $20 back with no upgrade. While in line saw another clerk pocket a $20, so I think I just got bad luck re: the clerk I dealt with.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Bellagio Suite  from  Resort King Room 

Checkin at 7pm on a Wednesday night for 1 night stay.

Very friendly older male agent. Handed sandwich and was upgraded from a “run of the house” king room to a Bellagio Suite on the 32nd floor. (no fountain view but hey beggers can’t be choosers!)

Very nice room and massive with 2.5 baths, a separate living room and great high views of the backside of LV city.

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Saved:  $400 Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Penthouse Premier Fountain View Suite  from  Deluxe Fountain View 

We checked in on Colombus Day weekend 2017 and stayed from Saturday – Monday. The queue was huge but we wanted to try this trick so decided it was worth the wait. We got a middle aged, female clerk and had the sandwich ready to go. When she asked for my cards, I handed them over and said “I was hoping to ask about potential upgrades?”.
She immediately stashed the fifty under her desk and said “let me see what I can do”.
After a couple of minutes she advised that there weren’t many options as we had already booked quite a nice room. She explained that a penthouse suite would be available for 2 nights but we had to wait for the current occupant to check out. She couldn’t do it for free but gave us a reduced price. I can’t remember the total cost but I know we save around $400.
I don’t have pictures to upload but I did put a video on YouTube of us getting the upgrade and giving a tour of the room which you can see by searching my name – Toomey To You

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Terri Kaluza
Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Deluxe Fountain View  from  Resort Queen Room 

We checked in around 12:30pm on Friday, the lobby was not too busy. After reading the stories we almost didn’t try but then decided what the heck. We took the first available clerk. She was very friendly and as I handed her my $50 sandwich I mentioned that we were in Vegas celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary and asked if there are any complimentary upgrades available.She casually let the 50 slip onto the counter and said she’s see what she could do. She then went to the back for a couple of minutes. When she came back she said she got approval for a beautiful room….and it was with a great view of the strip and fountains.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Premier Fountain View  from  Resort King Room 

Didn’t target anyone, just took the next clerk available. We were there quite early, maybe 09:30 and the desk was quiet.

She was very pleasant, I slipped $20 between our passports and debit card and as I handed them to her I said “Are there any complimentary upgrades available please?”, she put the money to one side and after some tapping on her keyboard she advised that she was able to move us to the 23rd floor with a full fountain view.

We were both (my wife and I) happy with this as I had only booked a resort King, presumably somewhere at the back of the hotel, and the fountain view was incredible, definitely worth 20 bucks!

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Standard resort room with Pool view  from  The Standard resort room 

I just got back from Vegas.. Me and friends stayed at Bellagio for 4 nights. It was our first time to Vegas so first experience at Bellagio. We had a special celebration that`s why we thought of trying Bellagio thinking the hotel will be a A+ to our trip. But no.. kind of disappointed. It all started at the check-in. It was a Sunday afternoon. We targerted a guy but the an older lady directed us to this line with this lady. To make the story short, we tipped the front desk lady (maybe 25-35 years old, long curly, brown hair) with a bill of 50$ and asked for a bigger room. But they were full booked (that`s what she said.. I cant know for a fact.. anyway).. So I asked for nice view. She took the money and said it gonna be hard be let me try. After 30 seconds, she said she found us a room with a Fountain room or Pool view I don’t remember. I just remember she said she found us something. I was gonna ask her to break my bill of 50$ as I find that 50$ to upgrade to a nice view it`s kinda expensive… But she didn’t seem to ask me if I need to break the bill or anything.. So I was shy to ask. We went to our assigned room. Disappointment 1 – the room was a standard room with the view of a disappointing deserted parking! O_o
So we went downstairs to look for her again to know what`s going on… The lady we got was not there.. So we spoke with the lady that replaced her and explained the situation to her. Lucky that lady was able to find us something (pool view) or else I would have complained to the manager or something as we felt cheated from the first lady. She took our money but didn’t actually upgrade us! Shame on her! Then, the hotel was so big, we got lost to get to our new assigned room. We asked an employee. That person redirected us to a longggg route to get our tower. Anyway. For the money we paid, we find that our room is not worth it. We had other friends that came at the same time for this celebration but stayed at Aria and Caesar… we visited their room and we regretted to pay so much for Bellagio when they paid less and the room was nicer and bigger. Who would know.. The 2 most important persons of this trip stayed supposedly at the most beautiful hotel but got disappointed. We didnt say “Woaw” for Bellagio. We did for Caesar, Venetian, Mandalay Bay etc for different things.
Other than that, we tried the buffet at Ballagio. It was good. We tried the pool. It was nice but the pools at other hotels were as nice or nicer. The best thing maybe about this hotel is the location!
We liked the Casino at Bellagio though.
So to finish this, we love Vegas and will definitively come back BUT, our whole group of 10 people agreed that we will not stay at Bellagio. 🙁

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