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the schnoz
Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  island tower 20th floor  from  garden room 

checked in about 9:15pm on a sunday. handed the clerk the sandwich with the 20 and asked if they had any complimentary upgrades. she promply handed me back the 20 with no words exchanged, but i went from a garden room (3rd to 5th floors, lower quality) to the 20th floor (21 floor tower) overlooking the other 3 casinos on that corner and facing north. i spent nothing for upgrade almost to the top room. will try again another day but cant complain.

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Atlantic City
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Havanna Tower  from  Standard 

Checked in and had $20 bill in my hand and asked if any comp. upgrades were available. Gave me the upgrade with a nice view.

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Vegas Junkie
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Island Tower corner room  from  Cheapie $25 Garden Room 

Can’t complain. Reserved the Garden Room which would have been floors 1-3. But we got a 16th floor corner unit in the Island Tower instead. Absolutely no check-in line. Definitely a no frills room, but it was clean and quiet, very roomy, and a cheap place to sleep.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Mini Suite  from  Standard room 

Checked in Super bowl weekend at the tropicana. gentleman was very nice. He put the 20 infront of the keyboard and we had a general conversation about the UFC fight that was coming up. I asked for an upgrade and I was put in a Mini Suite with a strip view. Decent for the Tropicana and worth the $20!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  2-room, 1.5 bath suite with 2 balconies  from  Standard room - 2 double beds 

Stuck the $20 between my credit card and driver’s license as I checked in and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades. Pretty sure the woman checking me in said, “we’ve got another one” to a fellow co-worker, and went to work finding something. Eventually she told me “you’re SO lucky,” and gave me my keycards. I didn’t ask what the upgrade was – just went to my room and found it to be a suite (DEFINITELY not what I reserved or paid for). I’ll never not try the tip trick again!

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Paradise Tower, good view.  from  Not Specified 

Since the room was a comp and we had won a bit of money earlier, the BF and I slipped 2 twenties to the front desk clerk. The clerk was very friendly and effusive about the room, which was only on the 7th floor, but was reasonably large and had a very good view. This was my first try with the trick and I was hoping for something a little more impressive, but anything would have looked bad after staying at the Wynn the night before, and I have a feeling that we would have wound up in a much worse room on a busy weekend.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Paradise Parlor Suite  from  Standard Comped Paradise Tower 

Upgraded from a standard comped room to a Paradise Parlor Suite on a busy weekend. All for a $20 tip!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower Suite with Jacuzzi  from  Garden Room 

This was my first time doing this… after just learning about the tip trick, from this website and others, i gave it a shot. IT WORKED! I was so nervous from being rejected and until I got there, it seemed less likely it would work. My girlfriend and I got there a 4pm (an hour after starting check in time), and the line was so long. We waited and waited… when i finally got to the desk a male clerk told us he was helping whoever was next. He asked for my card and I gave him the I.D., C.C. and $20…but i didnt say anything (from being so nervous) and he quickly took it and said, “let me see what I can do for you…”. With a couple clicks he then said, “you’re gonna like this…” when we got there it was on the 19th floor and it was a jacuzzi suit…i was so happy..haha

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Superior Paradise Tower Room  from  Standard Tower Room 

It did work, and we got a good room with a view of the MGM and the strip. Would definately try this again. We slipped a 50 cause we were there for 2 weeks (wedding stuff) and thought that the others slipped a 20 for a few nights only. Thanks for the tip………

Happy holidaying/ vacationing

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  front tower deluxe room  from  cheapest 

I have done the 20 dollar trick 3 times at the Trop. It always works. I get an upgrade from the cheapest rooms from the back buildings to an expensive room in the front tower

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