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2880 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV89109
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Circus Circus Hotel Las Vegas

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Tipped:  $30 Upgraded to  Casino Tower Large  from  Unsure 

A really friendly lady attended to us, and we started up a chat while I was fishing for my cards… and the bills! On top of our $25, she also picked up that it was my birthday weekend. We had booked a Run of House room, and she told us that we were originally in the Manor Lodge, but the room she put us in turned out to be a large Casino Tower King room!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Casino Tower  from  Manor-Motor Lodge 

Random clerk when it was my turn. About 7pm on Saturday (it was very busy – long line). I didn’t say a thing, just handed her the sandwich. She touched the bill, but never looked at it – left it under my ID on her desk, checked us in, and then took the bill and told me she upgraded the room.

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