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Encore Player’s Club

Encore just announced the addition of Encore Players Club to the casino floor. The new 5,000 square foot area at Encore will redefine their casino floor. This is new idea for Wynn and Encore, but it’s not a new idea for Las Vegas. Casino floors have been slowly evolving into a more social environment for years. Just think back to when you first saw a party pit years ago. The change has been more noticeable today since spaces are being created specifically for millennial customers.

Millennials are all the rage for marketers nowadays. Marketers have always valued this age group regardless of the name. 20 years ago it was Generation X and 20 years before that it was Baby Boomers. Once we get over the name millennials we can focus on the changes in the casino that are geared towards younger casino customers.

Last year the Linq Hotel and Casino opened  where The Quad and Imperial Palace once stood. The entire property is geared towards a millennial customer. When you visit and stay at the property you’ll see design elements that aren’t quite traditional. Encore Player’s Club is just a small space at the luxury casino and is specifically geared towards a younger customer.

Encore Player’s Club opens on December 19th and will occupy space across from Surrender Nightclub, Andrea’s restaurant and VDKA bar. The “Club” will be more like a lounge that also offers traditional gaming, interactive and social games and mobile sports betting.

The Club will feature luxurious lounge seating with tables for up to eight people and high-top tables for four. All of these tables will be equipped with Suzo Happ InteractivePro tables that you’ve seen at The Mirage, MGM Grand and other MGM Resorts hotels. Traditional gaming will include roulette, craps, blackjack and slot machines.

The lounge will have a specialty cocktail program to compliment the DJ dropping the beats. CEO and chairman of Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn, has donated a white-lacquer Blatt Billiards table from his Manhattan penthouse. Amidst all of the cool new toys, there will also be a shuffleboard table.

The Club/Lounge should be a great place to watch and wager on sports. The Encore Player’s Club will have 23 large 56″ HD televisions to watch the games. There will be a mobile sports wagering element where you can bet on the games. When there are NFL football, college conference basketball game days and other special sporting events, a special menu from Wazuzu will be available.

The term “millennial casino” seems a little daunting for anyone from an older generation but it really shouldn’t. Despite the marketing buzzword, this seems like a fun place to hang out, gamble and watch the games.

Image: Wynn Social