New Ways To Gamble In Las Vegas Right Now

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Over the years Las Vegas casinos may have looked different but they’ve often been filled with the same games. Casinos had rows of slot machines over here and rows of table games over there. Las Vegas casinos have been redesigned a lot over the years. The flow through casino games has changed a lot recently. You no longer walk through a maze of games that look the same.

Casino operators today are using some gaming area space today to test out games that either appeal to a new generation of gamblers or reinvigorate an existing generation of gamblers. Konami is currently testing a mechanical horse racing game at MGM Grand and The Venetian called Fortune Cup. Gamblit recently introduced gambling games that are closer to social video games than traditional video slot machines at Planet Hollywood. Times are changing.

Fortune Cup

This mechanical horse racing game should look familiar to some gamblers. After all, the Sigma Derby mechanical horse racing game has been in Las Vegas casinos since the mid-1980’s. Fortune Cup celebrates the mechanical features but modernizes the horse racing game with an announcer, video screens, more betting options, and a smoother ride for the horses.

Fortune Cup is easy to play and possibly more fun than Sigma Derby with a larger track and more ways to enjoy each race. The game is currently being tested at MGM Grand near Whiskey Down and The Venetian near Dorsey. Don’t worry Sigma Derby fans, you can still find the game at MGM Grand while Fortune Cup is under review.


Gamblit is a relatively new casino game manufacturer. Their latest video gambling machine recently debuted at Planet Hollywood. Each unit offers six skill-based games that are played for money. Into The Dead and Catapult King are popular mobile games now available in casino form. The casino version offers money instead of playing for points and to advance. There are four unique proprietary games including social style word (Lucky Words) and puzzle (Match 3volution) games among others.

The Tristation are different than all other games you’ve ever seen in a casino. They offer a different experience for the mobile player who also likes to gamble. Some casino customers don’t want to play the same games their parents and grandparents play. The TriStation games will expand to Caesars Palace, The Linq, and Paris Las Vegas in 2018.

The Future Of Gambling

Casinos have changed a lot over the years. They’re no longer just rows of games. Casinos are looking for the right mix of games for all of their customers. Older casinos with older customers may have their casino laid out more traditionally than others.

Casinos like The Linq are looking for a younger customer and are trying unique and casino layouts to appeal to a new generation of gamblers. There’s a delicate balance for casino operators looking to attract both new gamblers while keeping existing customers happy. This mix isn’t a “one size fits all” and should be unique for each casino operator. Keep an eye out for new games and new places to gamble on your next visit to Las Vegas. Both might surprise you.