Las Vegas IV Therapy

Copious amounts of booze is one of the many vices available in Las Vegas. Between complimentary drinks in the casino to bottle service in the clubs, it’s easy to have a bit too much to drink. Extreme heat over 110 degrees during the summer makes visitors in Las Vegas weaker and dehydrated quicker. This makes it more difficult for drinkers to remain sober.

Hangover cures a dime a dozen. Sometimes a hair of the dog Bloody Mary will do the trick. Maybe a greasy burger for lunch will help. During the weekend in Las Vegas, many will combine food and booze and brunch might help move the body beyond its weak intoxicated stage.

While rest and relaxation might be the best hangover cure, not everyone visiting Las Vegas has time for that. About five years ago, IV hydration therapy was introduced to the world. This technique provides hydration and vitamins to help cure weakness from dehydration, headaches, nausea, and other hangover symptoms.

The controversial IV therapy services provide solutions that aren’t approved by the FDA. However, re-hydration services do work for many people. The best way to recover is not to drink too much. That’s not always possible when visiting Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, you can find IV hydration therapy at retail locations. There are also services that will come right to your hotel room. The mobile option is useful for a couple of reasons. Sometimes a hangover is so severe that you might not be in the condition to deal with the massive amount of people milling through the casinos.

If walking down to the casino floor is too much to handle then hopping in a taxi or rideshare to visit a retail location outside of the casino-resort is probably out of the question too. As you’d imagine, Las Vegas has plenty of retail and mobile options if you think IV hydration therapy is right for you.

**We are not doctors so probably should discuss with a professional before trying IV hydration therapy.**

Mobile IV therapy services in Las Vegas

Mobile IV therapy will come to your Las Vegas hotel room and give you a boost to help get your day started. This can be a great option for a few reasons.

First, sometimes the hangover is too much that leaving a hotel room isn’t possible. Second, not every hotel offers IV therapy even if you can leave the room. Lastly, the convenience of mobile IV therapy is more important than the cost.

Mobile IV therapy in Las Vegas is sometimes more expensive than visiting a retail location. In general, that’s not the case. However, a more expensive price can be offset by the cost to get to an IV therapy location. Paying a taxi or rideshare to take you two and from a location might just negate the savings the retail outlet may offer.

Each company offers different “cures.” Since the efficacy of IV therapy isn’t totally proven we’ll use quotes around the word to be safe. Here are a few options if you’re considering Mobile IV therapy in Las Vegas:

Hangover Heaven:  This was one of the first mobile IV therapy companies in Las Vegas. They offer a variety of hangover “cures.” The base price is $100 for them to visit. Therapies cost an additional $199, $259, or $329 per person. They offer group discounts and you can reserve times in advance if you expect to party too much.

IV Rescue: This might be the mobile IV therapy company for you if you love Las Vegas dayclubs. The concept was born from a former employee at Wet Republic at MGM Grand. They’re partners with a number of Las Vegas dayclubs. The dry heat in Las Vegas can help accelerate dehydration and this company might be the first that comes to mind. They offer a 45-minute “cure” for $149 and $259. Pregame therapy costs $199.

Push IV: They offer mobile IV therapy 24 hours a day. Push IV has one of the least expensive options for mobile IV therapy in Las Vegas. The Hydration IV cost is $100. There’s no additional fee for travel to your location. In addition to hangover “cures”, they offer IV therapy for colds, fitness, and stress. All-inclusive prices range from $100 to $325 for “The Works”

Regenerate Me: This is a unique company that offers 24/7 mobile therapy and has retail locations on the Vegas Strip (The Linq) and Summerlin (near Red Rock). Additionally, Regenerate Me offers vitamin B12 shots as well as IV therapy. Prices range from $100 for simple hydration therapy to $260 for a replenishment IV. They even offer an IV to help should you get sick from food poisoning.

Reset IV: In addition to hangover “cures”, they offer pregame hydration to take before going out. Hangovers are caused by dehydration and this therapy is intended to help keep you hydrated through the end of the night. They also offer IV therapy if you have a cold, flu or other illness. All-inclusive prices for IV therapy range from $149 for a hangover therapy to $319 for flu therapy.

Retail Las Vegas IV Therapy

There are a number of IV therapy companies in Las Vegas casinos and around town. Here are a few if you feel the need for therapy and don’t mind leaving your room. The prices may be less expensive than mobile counterparts since there’s no travel involved.

Revive: They have locations around the world and three in Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan, MGM Grand, and The Venetian/The Palazzo. Booster shots start at $29 and IV infusions start at $99.

Regenerate Me – They have a retail location at The Linq and another off the Vegas Strip in Summerlin. Prices range from $100 for simple hydration therapy to $260 for a replenishment IV. They charge the same for in-person therapy as well as mobile therapy. They accept Caesars Rewards players club points as payment at The Linq location.

Infuze Wellness Center: They’re one of the more popular retail locations in Las Vegas. The wellness center offers more than just IV therapy. Guests can pay for massages, boosters, and even facials. The cost for IV therapy starts at $99 and goes up to $249. The main reason to visit the wellness center at the Westgate Las Vegas (next to Las Vegas Convention Center) is probably to receive the therapy plus other wellness offerings.

Las Vegas IV Therapy FAQ

Here is some more information about IV therapy in Las Vegas

Why use IV therapy?

Many use IV therapy to quickly rehydrate and replenish vitamins that may have been lost. The example given most often is that even the minimum rehydration should be similar to drinking copious amounts of Gatorade very quickly.

Who provides IV therapy in Las Vegas?

There are numerous retail and mobile IV therapy companies. We mention a few mobile and retail IV therapy options above. Yelp is also a good resource if you’re looking for reviews and information on different companies.

Where can I find Las Vegas IV therapy?

There are retail IV therapy locations inside and outside of casinos all around Las Vegas. Many IV therapy companies will come to your hotel room to implement the “cure” for a hangover.

How much does IV therapy cost?

IV therapy in Las Vegas costs depends on the service but can start at $99 for a basic IV infusion and go up to $329.

Is an appointment necessary?

No. You do not have to make an appointment for IV therapy in Las Vegas. However, if you’re visiting during a weekend or holiday you might want to make a plan in advance since there will be more people in Las Vegas.

How long does IV therapy take?

The drip will last about 30-45 minutes. The entire process should take no more than an hour.

Who administers IV therapy?

All companies have different staffing that includes nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, and physician assistants. Verify that the company has an administrator that meets your personal needs before making an appointment.

How does IV therapy work?

IV hydration therapy is said to work because of a combination of vitamins, minerals, and fluids that replenish what was lost when becoming dehydrated.

Are there side effects of IV therapy?

It’s possible to have injection site side effects. These problems can include (but are not limited to) bruising, swelling, vein inflammation, or pain at the site of IV insertion. Alert the person inserting the IV ASAP if you notice anything that seems strange.

Is there a minimum age to receive IV therapy in Las Vegas?

Companies differ but the minimum age is usually 18 years old. Check with the individual company before making plans.