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Tipped:  $100 Upgraded to  no upgrade  from  standard deluxe 

she just slid the money right back to me.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Corner  from  Deluxe Resort King  

We arrived extremely early, around 9:30 am, and didn’t expect to check in. Knowing we could keep our luggage at the hotel and tour around until the afternoon seemed like the best option. When we arrived at the Wynn, there was no one at the reception desk, checking in or out, but a number of staff members, so we thought we would at least let them know we were there in case our room was ready. We were lucky to be helped by a very nice man in his late 20’s. He was quite professional but after joking around a bit, he quickly loosened up. When he asked for ID I had the $20 waiting between my passport and VISA. I asked for a complimentary upgrade to a nicer room, which he said he could not do complimentary, but he may try to get us on a higher floor. We continued to joke with him as he searched for a room, and he said that the best he could do, for an immediate check in, was a smoking room, which we did not want. We told him that it was absolutely no problem to leave our luggage and come back at 4:00 when another room was ready. He returned our passport and Visa, and kept the $20. At this point I thought, fine, lesson learned. The $20 had gotten me no where.
We received a call stating our room was ready around 1:00, but were nowhere near the hotel, so we thought we would return later.
At 4:00 we returned to find that the morning shift was gone, and there were a number of young ladies behind the counter. When we mentioned that we were told that our room was indeed ready and that we had already talked to a gentleman that morning, she searched for our room. She told us that we had our corner room overlooking the golfcourse ready, and gave us our key.
The $20.00 got us upgraded from a resort room to a corner room.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  tower end unit  from  Standard 

Check-in on a Monday and targeted a 30’s female. Told the clerk we were on our 3rd anniversary and first time away from the 8 month old. Handed her a $20 sandwich and asked for an comp upgrades. She looked and gave us a corner room 16th floor facing the golf course + Encore. She returned the $20.
I ended up giving it back to her in a Wynn envelope when I left. SHE EARNED IT!!
The room and the entire Wynn hotel is #1 and worth every penny paid.

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Eric M.
Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  N/A  from  King 

Went to a young man who I thought would take the bait. After reading MANY of the reviews on this site I decided to step it up to $50 AND keep the money on the counter (in case he couldn’t do anything).

Stepped up, checked in, and asked if any Suites were available. He went in the back room to check (I was thinking “SCORE!”) and came out saying “Yes we do have suites available…”

I was like “Great” and then he proceed to say it was an extra $100/night.

“Is there anything you can do about that?” I asked (nudging and looking at my $50 on the counter). I know he saw the thing but he said he couldn’t. He couldn’t even hook me up w/ a Tower King.

He ended up writing the wrong room # on my card and I came back down to another person and didn’t feel like trying it again.

MORAL OF THE STORY: If you want something more than just a nice view, keep the money on the counter because once the money is out of your hands, you give up control. Plus, you don’t want to give it to a “newbie” or someone who just started working there… all for nothing.

Did get a view of the strip on a mid-floor. Regular Wynn rooms are really nice so I wasn’t too disappointed in not getting a suite =].

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  PAID for an upgrade  from  basic resort room 

We checked in around noon. Since the clerks were all so close together, i decided to try a girl at the far left end of the check in desk with no one on one side of her. I figured I may have better luck if there were not as many people around and I liked her expressions

Unfortunately, the folks in front of me were taking a while so the girl next to her called me over. Since our stay was for three nights I sandwiched a $100 between my card/D.L. I did not say anything when i handed her the sandwich, and before I had the chance to say something she immediately placed the bill to the side of the keyboard and said that “we do not do that”. She proceeded to check me in and “offered” me the same deal that previous posters have been offered…the “panoramic view” on the 58th floor for $25 a night. I knew that the “Panoramic View” is no different than the resort rooms on lower levels, but took it since one of the rooms was available immediately. Since our friends were with us, they also paid for the”upgrade” and the clerk was so nice=(, and put them across the hall from us upon our request.

I was very disappointed that the clerk i got was not willing to offer up ANYTHING for 100 bucks. Guess we’ll go to the Venetian next time!

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John K
Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  No upgrade  from  Standard Resort Room 

We checked in at a little after 1pm knowing the hotel was nowhere near fully booked. I didn’t bother even trying the $20 trick, because it has been well documented lately that the Wynn has instructed all clerks to try and sell upgrades. Sure enough, I had hardly said hello when the clerk started offering me “bargain” upgrades.

Once I politely refused the paid upgrades, I was informed there were no standard resort rooms ready yet. What a bunch of bullcrap! I was informed I would have to wait until 3pm to check in, and I was on the 9th floor. I made a bit of a fuss to a guy in a suit who was directing people to the check-in lines, and ultimately wound up with a nice strip view on the 28th floor. Still a standard room, so no upgrade as far as I’m concerned.

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Deluxe Panoramic King  from  Deluxe Resort 

Presented the sandwich at check in (mid-morning) and asked if any complimentary upgrades were available. Was momentarily taken aback when the clerk upon seeing the $20 said “is this for me?” I said “uh, yes, for whatever you can do for us.” She said “no, no, we’re not allowed to take money…but let me see if I can get you an upgrade.” She upgraded us to a panoramic view room on a high floor, for free. Very nice, and my friend was very impressed with me for knowing to ask. 🙂

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to    from  resort  

did the $20 trick , smiled at the young lady who took the $20and put it on the keyboard, while she looked on the system. I ended up on the 36 floor.
So was that an upgrade, looking on here it looks like it was.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  39th floor Resort Room  from  Resort Room 

I stayed at the Wynn for my Birthday/Memorial Day Weekend through a deal on Hotwire. I checked in around 5pm, did the trick and asked if they have any complimentary birthday upgrades. He put my 20 back on the counter and said “Let’s leave it here for now” (this was the first time I’ve tried this trick and am still not sure if putting the 20 back on the counter is a definite No Upgrade) and said that Panoramic Room costs an extra $25 a night but he can get me in a room on the 39th floor (one floor below the Panoramic Rooms) with a view of the golf course. I took it and let him keep the $20 that he put back on the counter.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Panoramic View  from  Resort King 

I didn’t choose a clerk, I just was in line and got a nice one by chance. I had a $20 with my ID and credit card. I asked “are there any upgrades available”? And he put my $20 aside, took my ID and credit card and said I’ll see what I can do. Then he typed in some info and then went into the back room. He came back out and told me he can get me a panoramic view on the 58th floor. He gave me my cards back and gave me room keys. The $20 was still on the counter, neither of us touched it. I said thank you and left it there. 🙂

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