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Tipped:  $100 Upgraded to  Panoramic View Room - level 53  from  Basic 

Just went for a bachelor party. We reserved four rooms for 16 guys. We decided that we would tip 100 just to be safe. We thought 20 might not have been enough for all four rooms.

Well – we easily could have tipped 20 because she was more then happy to upgrade us once she felt the cash under the credit card. She just put the CC down in front of the keyboard and started looking for upgrades immediately. The CC was on top of the cash so she didn’t even know how much was there. I guess she may have read this website and thought it was a 20. I’m sure she was surprised when she got home.

In either case – all four rooms were upgraded to the panoramic view floor 53- all on the same floor

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Gracie & Raizen Cane's Mom
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Panoramic Strip View  from  Resort 

We were booked at Wynn for three nights, two of which were comped, so felt we had a “win” even before checking in. Slipped a folded $20 between ID and credit card and asked if there were any Strip View rooms available on one of the higher floors. We were given room 6055 — wow what a view and well worth the $’s.

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Todd Bridges
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Fairway Villa  from  Resort 

Booked a Resort room through Travelocity, when I got into Wynn it was about 2PM. Looked over the lines and slicked back my hair with my hands and then licked my thumbs and combed back my eyebrows. Walked up to a guy who looked like he knew what he was doing. I had previously folded the $20 into a little origami frog. I slid it over to him with my ID. Gave him a wink and then asked if he could hook me up.
He typed about 50 keys and came back with a Villa upgrade right by the fairway. Then he gave me the keys and touched my hand. Didn’t think anything of it. Later, while I was in the Villa around 10PM I hear the doorbell ring and think it is the dinner I ordered but actually it is the desk guy and he’s dressed to the nines and looks like he’s ready to party. I said WTF and then he left. I got downgraded 15 minutes later.

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  tower suite  from  resort room 

Booked on Orbitz for about $230.Upgraded to Tower Suite pool view.Loved the property.Everything was great

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Higher room (I guess)  from  Panoramic view room 

Told the gentlemen that we were in town for Mom’s 82 birthday and I needed a nice room by elevator. He said he would give us an upgrade room with a good view (it was golf course view not strip). Our room was on the 55th floor (out of 60). I am not sure what the difference is between a panoramic view room and a regular room. I imagine it is the floor level? He mentioned he would send a birthday cake to the room if his manager approved. We never got a cake.

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Five Hundy
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Panoramic View Room  from  Resort Room 

Gave clerk $20 with license and credit card and asked if any suite upgrades were available. He offered suites at a discounted rate, which we declined but upgraded us to a panoramic view room on the 54th floor.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Top 10 floor, larger  from  Standard 

Had planned to try this with a $100, but given that I was checking in when it was really busy (~1pm) I decided to just do $20 since I figured it wouldn’t work as often. Sure enough, the guy was a pro. As I handed him the card+$$+ID I said ‘and if there’s anything you can do in terms of a room upgrade i’d really appreciate it’. Heard a quick snapping sound as the money dissapeared, and got a nice upgrade to a bigger room on one of the top floors. Well worth it.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Corner Resort Room (2 panoramic windows -- not sure if it's called the "Panoramic View" room)  from  Resort Room (1 panoramic window) 

I sought out one of the men at the front desk, handed him my credit card and ID with $20 wedged in between. He saw it, kept the ID on top of the $ and looked up one of 39 corner rooms with a fantastic view of the Strip in the Resort Tower. He gave me a wink, and I was on my way.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Basement  from  Regular 

I tried tipping the front desk clerk and they just laughed at me. I guess I need better luck next time.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Panoramic View Room  from  Standard Resort Room 

Not as successful as the MGM, but nevertheless, here we go: Check-in was fairly busy, as I was presenting my ID and Credit Card, I had the $20 bill showing just enough for him to see it. As soon as he saw the $20, he said ‘thanks’ and slipped it in his suit/jacket pocket. I asked for any complimentary upgrades and he said he would see what he can do. After a couple of minutes, he said he could upgrade me to a Tower Suite Room with a view of the strip, but the room only had one King bed. I figured if we’re staying at the Wynn, might as well enjoy the $10,000.00 beds (or so they claim) and not ask for a rollaway, so I asked if there was anything with two beds, and he said the best he can do is give me a Panoramic View Room and can try for something on a high floor. While he was checking, I asked if he could give me a Parlor Suite, he did check to see if they were available, but they all said “Checked-in” or “Not Clean” (The computer screen is partially facing you when you’re checking in, so you can clearly see what’s going on). Anyways, so he finally found a room on the 58th floor (just 2 from the top), I decided to take it since I had booked my regular room at $179 using a promo code and the Panoramic View Room was $249 that night (and the Tower Suite Room that he wanted to give us was $289 that night).

Oh! and I tipped the house keeping lady $1 before she started cleaning our room in the morning, and when I came back I had about 20 Wynn milk chocolates and 7 pairs of complimentary Wynn bath robe slippers!!!

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