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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Renovated North Tower  from  Regular Room 

I arrived early with my wife at the LV Hilton around 9am. I was prepared that check in was 3pm, but figured I would hang around the hotel until that time. I walked up to the associate and asked if she could look me up and check me in. She pulled me up in the system, stated check in was 3pm and then asked if I would like an upgrade to the “renovated rooms” for $50 a night. I politely declined and she then asked for my CC and ID. I slipped the $20 between and as she separated the cards, she goes OH! Ummm…..Ive upgraded you to our renovated rooms for no extra charge and Ill put in a rush to have your room prepared. You should be able to check in at 11am. I thanked her and went to the Buffet and used my 2for1 coupon from the American casino guide 2007. Later than night I made $700 in black jack and I have to say THANK YOU to the FWers that post here and gave me the confidence to try this. My wife and I enjoyed our 1 year anniversary and Id like to recommend the LV Hilton to anyone looking for a good price on a hotel room. Its leaps and bounds beyond the other low cost hotels and being off the strip isn’t a drawback whatsoever.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Renovated Room North Tower Strip View  from  Regular Room 

Well, slipped the $20 between DL and CC and asked for complimentary upgrades. She said right off the bat, we have no kings avail. Which was fine, since we were stuffing 5 people in the room. She offered 2 queens in north renovated tower. I asked if there were any suites with 2 beds, i think she missed the 2 beds part, because after she went to the back room and came out she had a 1 bedroom suite lined up for me ready to go, but it only had 1 bed. Since i did not have the other 4 people with me, i couldn’t make 3 people unwillingly agree to sleep on the floor so i took the renovated room and asked for a rollaway (for free). As i came to the other 4 people and told them that we got a renovated room which is 50$ a night more, but were offered a suite with only 1 bed, they agreed to go for the suite. Fine, i went back down to the same girl, but somebody else snipped that room within those 10 mins away, and i do believe that nothing else was available. It was already almost 2am, and the girl did spend a good 15 mins looking for an alternate suite the second time around. The renovated rooms were very nice, well worth the santa anita package deal). Overall, happy with the experience, 2nd time i tried the $20 trick, and worked 2/2. Best $20 i spent in vegas (although coming at 3:30pm to TI buffet and waiting 30 mins till dinner in there in order to save $11 per person was pretty smart too)

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  High Floor /w no view  from  Classic Room 

$20 with ID & Credit card, I didn’t even start saying the complimentary upgrade thing, the bill is disappear already.
she then went inside for 30 Secs(check how much the I Tipping maybe???)come back working on the computer,then she said upgraded me to Napa Executive Suite on 28 floor and it should cost $600 more per night. as soon as I finish with the check-in I go up to the so called Napa Executive Suite as soon as I can, after I open the door of the “Napa Executive Suite”, I was like “what the f…” why the “Napa Executive Suite” look the same with the classic room??? but since I booked the room for cheap(Super Santa Anita), I did not go back and talk to her, my friends did not do the $20. they stay @ 5th and 8th floor.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  19th Floor Upgraded Room  from  Standard Room 

Used the Santa Anita Package to book my hotel. $169.00 for 4 days and 3 nights. Upon checkin, I was asked for the ID and CC. Slipped the $20.00 between the cards and started asking her about the new renovated rooms in the North Tower. She told me that to stay there it would be an additional $50.00 per night, so I declined the offer. Then she saw the $20.00 and offered to give back to me. I told her to keep it because she was very nice and friendly and that my wife was really hoping to spend our 10th year anniversary (which was true) in a nice room. She then told me ” Lets See, Hold On, it looks like I just might have something for you”. I guess giving her a compliment and allowing her to keep the money helped me get upgraded. I was put on the 19th floor, w/Plasma TV, close to the elevators and a nice front view of the Hotel and Strip.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  renovated Room in North Tower  from  King 

Was upgraded to the North Tower in a newly Remodeled room with flat screen TV. We stayed 3 nights on a weekend that was booked. We arrived on Thursday. Upgrade is usually $50 a nite more. Worth the $20

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  North Tower Renovated Room  from  Standard Room 

Well, It was my first time to vegas. I arrived around 1pm and I went to the check in counter and the lady asked me if I would like to upgrade my room ? I said was it free and she said NO, it was $60 extra per night.Then I said I don’t want it. Then she asked for my id and credit card. Knowing that she wasn’t probaly gonna give me a upgrade I still put the folded $20 between my cards and gave it to her. She looked at it and I then I asked her do you guys have any complimentary upgrades available ? Then she said let me check. Then I got upgraded to their new room in the North Tower. My room had a Plasma Flat Screen Tv, Refrigerator,Power Drapes, Nice View, and the beds were also nice. Oh yeah and the water in the room was also free. I think each water bottle was $4.00 each and I got 2 free everyday for my 6 night/ 7 day trip. Overall it was a nice hotel.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Renovated Standard  from  Standard 

Upgraded to Standard, Power Drapes, Plasma, Refrigerator, and Champagne bottle delivered to room. No View.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Renovated Room  from  Standard Room 

Arrived that around 10pm. Stood in the (general) queue and was called by a female rep. I sandwitched the $20 bill b/w the CC and the player’s club card and handed them over. I then asked if a free-upgrade was avlbl. She said that she could “upgrade” me to a standard room in the north tower(which usually costs $50/night). I asked her if she could find a suite for me. She said that they were full (which seemed to be true) and nothing was avlbl. Couldn’t score as big as some of the others on this forum, and endedup staying in a std room, but it looked new and had a flat-screen TV. I guess it wasn’t a bad deal considering the fact that it was a weekend AND i’d got a good deal on my orig reservation (santa anita package)…Anybody else tried the $20 trick at lvhilton at the same time with better results??

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  North Tower Renovated Room  from  Standard Room 

When asked for my ID and CC I had a folded $20 peaking out in between.
Due to the length of my reservation I was wondering if $20 would be enough to get it done.
The clerk immediately knew what was going on and asked what type of room I would like.
Got a high floor (27th) renovated room in the North Tower with a large flat screen, and
about as good a view as you’ll find from the Hilton. As an extra note, my reservation
had been lost and the clerk had no problem giving me the rate I had reserved. All in all,
I was quite satisfied.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  bigger room with sofa and flta screen  from  standard 

My first time to Vegas. I Tried the $20 trick. I was afraid that I was not going to get it, because, I am staying for 6 nights and thought that it would be more difficult to get. When I got there, I thought I might get lucky because the clerk was isolated by himself at the end. Slipped a 20 between card and license. Right away he said, “Oh, thank you very much sir”. I asked him if there are any complimentary upgrades. He knew exactly what to do. He said, “let me see what I can do for you.” He got me a bigger room with a sofa and flat screen TV. Well worth the $20 for 6 nights:-)))

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