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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  newly remodeled north tower  from  cheepest 

Folded 20 as suggested and got a great room upgrade to one of the newly remodeled rooms.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  North Tower Suite  from  Standard Room 

It was on a wednesday night @ 9:00p.m. I was skeptical whether it will work since it was my first time but when i approached the lady and she asked for my id and cc..i sandwiched the $20 in between and asked for a complimentary upgrade. She quickly looked @ the computer and said “Well you have a 400 ft standard room right now….how about i upgrade you to a 650 ft North tower suite @ the 27th floor. I was like “HELL YES” (in my mind of course)…

I don’t remember her name but i remember she was in her mid 20’s and shes from Costa Rica in her name tag.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Lanai Suite  from  Cheapest - standard 

Came in at 12AM, slipped the $50 between CC/DL, and the clerk said you want a suite? I said yes, but I asked specifically for their North Tower 2 bedroom suite. She said she’d have to try to get that one for me, and slipped away for 5-7 mins in the back, only to come back to tell me she couldn’t do that one. After some pushing and more trying I ended up with a Lanai Suite with an OK strip view. First time saying at LV Hilton, and it’s not bad for the price I had it at; the hotel was pretty much smoke free, Craps table was decent, but all-in-all the people I went with had FUN. Well worth the tip although it was more than the standard $20, and I didn’t get the room I wanted…still got a decent suite!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  newly remodeled business class  from  standard 

Arrived at the Hilton around 11:00a.m. with a friend . We both had booked our rooms with the same travel agency. I knew it was early and the rooms may not be ready. There was no one in line and we were motioned to by a woman clerk. I explained that we were traveling together and would like our rooms on the same floor and if possible an upgrade. When asked for I.D. and credit card we both presented the sandwich ($40.00 total). She acknowledeged the tip and went to work. She said had two newly remodeled rooms on the 14th floor, North Tower overlooking the Las Vegas Country Club. While not exactly next door we were only three rooms away from each other. Both of our rooms were identical. I think we may have been the first occupants as everything was brand new and fresh, plus a great view. These rooms were fantastic and no doubt the tip really worked! One other point…if you choose not to have daily maid service the Hilton will now give you a $10.00 daily credit which can be used anywhere in the hotel that day. It’s a nice option.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  No upgrade  from  Standard North Tower 

Got in about midnight after a late flight. This room was booked through a casino host as I was able to get my first two nights comped through player reward points.

Tried, but the hotel was booked solid. I figured he was probably BSing me, and continued to try to schmooze him, but then a couple of guys came in and I overheard their conversation with the clerk next to me, where they were told that the Hilton was completely full that night; they got turned away outright. Obviously no room existed to upgrade me to.

I didn’t lose my $20 over this, he was nice and I just pocketed the money, but in any case this ended in failure.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Standard-Superior Room, Strip view, high floor  from  Standard-Classic Room 

Checked in around 3 PM on a very busy Presidents’ Day weekend, so I wasn’t expecting a huge upgrade, just a modest one. Handed the clerk the sandwich and asked for a complimentary upgrade. She looked very hard for a few minutes and came up with a Superior room on a high floor with a strip view. These rooms are generally $25/night more expensive than the standard, so it is a modest upgrade but still a good value. I’ve had a 100% success rate at the LV Hilton (at least 5 times, see my other reviews) with this trick, so feel free to try it here.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  North Tower - King  from  standard room - vegas.com 

Arrived at hotel after a 4 hour drive from Bakersfield at around 4pm on President’s Day / Valentine’s day weekend. The line to check-in was HUGE. But I saw there was a seperate line for Hilton HHonors members so jumped in there and there was only 2 people in front of me. Was pulled from the line to a back VIP room to check in there. Was unsure if I would have any luck since this was a back room for what appeared to be large groups or something, not a general public check-in area. It was a posh room with coffee and beverage bar, bottled waters, etc. The check in stations were desk level and you actually could sit comfortably across from your clerk. I already had the $20 ready between my ID and CC and handed to the clerk letting her know I was hoping they had some complimentary upgrades available. She saw the tip and seemed genuinely surprised at it, thanking me sincerely (I got the distinct impression this maybe this didn’t happen in this room that often or at least to her, maybe she was new). So she started looking and offered me to make myself comfortable with a beverage. She finished up and gave me a bunch of coupons for the in hotel restaurants. She thanked me again and gave me my keys. I got up to the room and it was nice but wasn’t what I would consider a suite. We were put into the North tower with a fantastic King bed. Room had a safe, a fridge and a well appointed bathroom.

We had friends joining us later that night. They checked in and they asked to be put next to us but the clerk said that we would have had to pay extra for the north tower. So they were put somewhere else. We all booked off the same site and paid the same ($70/night I think) but once I saw there room I knew we had received a decent upgrade. Their room had no fridge, 2 double-beds and the bathroom was not nearly as nice.

It worked for us!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Standard-Superior Room, Strip view, high floor  from  Standard-Classic Room 

Checked in about 3 PM on a very slow Sunday. Only 1 clerk working. I smiled, handed her the sandwich and asked for any complimentary upgrades. She seemed very happy and upgraded me to a nice superior room on a high floor. I’ve gotten better rooms before, but many of the suites were being used by companies for the big CES convention later in the week and I was staying several days. Still, I’ve never failed to get an upgrade at the LV Hilton.

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Tipped:  $10 Upgraded to  Deluxe  from  Standard 

Checked in about 4 pm and approached the clerk and asked her about possible upgrades and showed the $20.00 sandwich. She said the hotel was full and had no upgrades. As a matter of fact she said all they had were rooms with double beds and smoking rooms. I pocketed the twenty and she typed away. I then asked her how bad the smoking rooms smelled of cigarettes. She said never mind, I found you another room and this one is a room with a refrigerator and a deluxe room. I would have gotten the room without a tip but I gave her $10.00 anyway and thanked her.

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Mac Steinway
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Grand Room, North Tower  from  Standard Room, per players club offer 

Booked a 3-night stay for Fri/Sat/Sun at $33/night based on players club offer received in the mail. This in itself is quite the bargain at the LVH. Was delayed and as such arrived extremely late on Fri night/Sat morning, approx. 3 AM. Front desk was quiet so rather than do the sandwich, I merely asked the clerk if I could get a complimentary suite upgrade if I were to provide a $20 tip. He advised that they were sold out for the weekend and offered an oversized Grand Room. He apologized for not being able to do better and I had the impression I would have landed a suite if one were available. The Grand Room is certainly larger than the standard room. The clerk claimed the room to be 600 square feet but that may be a bit optimistic. It was in the North Tower, near the “Scenic Elevator” at the far end of the hall, which made trips to and from the parking garage a relatively short distance. The room featured a 37″ HD television, couch with coffee table and (2) end tables, refrigerator, very nice bathroom with tile floor, oversized tub and curved rod. Nice view of the mountains. A tremendous value for a 3-day weekend.

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