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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Upgraded Room  from  Regular Room 

From a standard to a VERY NICE Sweet 26th floor with a great view of the strip. Young lady vERY nice and helpful. COuld not have asked for better service from this point on.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Venezia Bella  from  Venetian Bella 

Put the $20 under my credit card, the clerk glanced at it quickly checked his computer said an upgrade was available. Same type of room but in the Venezia tower (claimed it was $45 more a night.) Had a view of the pool area. Once I agreed the $20 quickly went into his pocket.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Luxury vista room on the 33rd floor, strip view  from  Priceline-standard 

When the clerk asked for my ID and credit card I handed them over with a folded $20 bill and asked him to upgrade our room if possible. We were put in a room with a king bed on the 33rd floor over looking the strip. Great view, king bed. I paid $140 on Priceline. I feel like if I would have just smiled and asked for an upgrade with out the $20 tip I would have received the same upgrade.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Rialto Suite on high floor with strip view  from  Basic Rialto Suite 

I went to check in at about 12pm, gave my ID with the $20 and my credit card in plain site. She gace me a room with a really low floor, probably a view of a wall. I asked if anything else was available, she said that was it at the moment. I then tapped the credit card with the $20 which she then noticed and said “let me check”. She then finds a 29th floor room with a view of the strip which was nice.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Deluxe Room /w Strip View  from  Deluxe Room 

$20 under card, she scooped it down to her counter, said she could give us a great room on high floor with a strip view. Room was great, but think we could have got it just by asking/being nice. But it was an official “upgrade” – so it counts. I think the rooms are the best on strip.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Piazza Suite  from  Rialto Suite with view 

Booked a Rialto Suite with view about a week prior to arrival. When I got there, a guy in the late 20s/early 30s helped me. He asked for my name, and confirmed what I booked. At that time, I handed my card over to him (he didn’t ask for it yet) with the $20 folded under it, but slightly sticking out so it’s visible. He took the card, noticed the $20, and then smiled at me. He set my card down next to the keyboard, and asked if I needed any additional service (woohoo!). I told him that it was my boss’s first visit to vegas, and it would be nice if I can give him a good impression if he stayed in a very nice room.

So then he said “I’ll see what I can do”. After some crazy typing, he told me that if I can wait an hour, there will be a Piazza Suite available, and he can give me that. However, it only had 1 king sized bed. I actually went with a group of 6 people, and we needed at least the 2 queen beds in the Rialto Suite that I booked, so I (reluctantly) told him that I’ll stick with the Rialto.

So then he asked if there is anything else he can help me with, then I told him that we will probably need internet access. He said that’s not a problem. I also asked for some extra keys. He smiled and typed away. Then it’s the usual directions and comments, and we were on our way.

I opened the booklet that I got, he gave me 4 keys. There was also a $30 dollar dining credit notice for Tao Asian Bistro (a $30 dollar meal deduction if we dine at Tao and charge it to the room), a $20 dollar gaming credit notice (redeemable at the cashier), and high-speed internet access (which I always need).

When I was doing video-checkout the next morning, I wasn’t charged for the internet access. I didn’t use the dining credits.

Overall that was great. $20 got me a much bigger room (1400 sq. ft vs the 1100 sq. ft that I booked). Even though I had to turn it down, I received other bonuses that were awesome.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Standard Suite  from  Standard Suite 

Asked her if there was anything better she can upgrade us to, and she said strip view for a extra XXX per night, i declined and asked if there was anything she could do for a tip? she said no.

(thinking back on it now seems i didn’t do it slick enough)

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Suite /w Strip View  from  Regular Room 

Got a $129 rate using a code provided on FW for a two nights’ stay, during check in handed a 20$ bill folded between licence and credit card. Asked if there were any “complementary upgrades” available. She pocketed the $20, and asked if I would prefer a room with a strip view. Ended up on the 20th floor. Very nice view, especially at night.

Well worth the money.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Strip View  from  Regular Room 

Bid through Priceline w/ two nights’ stay, during check in handed a 20$ bill folded between licence and credit card. Asked for a room w/ strip view and the clerk asked if I needed any change w/ that $20 and I said no. He quickly put the bill in his pocket and quickly found what we asked. Also got some coupons ($25 slot credit, 2 for one spa pass etc.)

Well worth the money.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to    from  Regular Suite 

About Priceline and the Venetian. I tried the $20 upgrade trick when checking in. I was politely told that I had reserved via Priceline and it WAS NOT UPGRADABLE unless I paid another $50 a night. I politely said no and the clerk politely returned my $20 with my room key. I got a room on the same level as the pool with a view of some bushes, the building lights and a wall. Only paid $109 for the beautiful room which is really like a suite so I wasn’t unhappy but NO VIEW whatsoever. If your first trip to Vegas get a room with a view and don’t use Priceline.

I leave for London and Paris Friday night. Reserved both hotels through Priceline. I’ll let yo know what kind of room I get at the London Hilton Metropole and Mercure Paris Tour Eiffel Suffren hotels.

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