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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Studio Suite Strip View  from  Studio Suite City View 

Got to the Trump around 5pm on Friday. Got in the check in line with 1 person in front of us, no one behind us and 3 agents at the check in desk. Got the 1st available agent which was a mid-thirties gal with a british accent. Said hello, gave her the sandwich, asked for any complimentary upgrades. She instantly said she would definitely check for us. Type, type type, only upgrades were the 1 bedroom suites for extra $25/night as they were fully booked for the weekend and couldn’t offer us the 1 bedroom complimentary (for the record, it was packed and EVERYWHERE in Vegas was more expensive that weekend for some reason). Declined, asked if they had anything complimentary. More typing, while initiating some small talk as to why we were visiting and told her it was my wifes birthday and also the 1st weekend getaway after having our 1st child. Was told congrats, etc… and was then told that she could upgrade us to a Strip View on the 58th floor complimentary. Took it and ran. Was a nice view and a nice room.
Going back in November on Thanksgiving weekend for my birthday, will try it again, hopefully this time I can get a 1 bedroom upgrade as the rates this time were much cheaper than before. Both times were booked via the Trump site with a Travelzoo promo code.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to    from  Queen Standard 

It was early in the day around 10am. I gave her the sandwich, but she said rooms weren’t available for us to check-in, so she (very obviously) folded it and put it back on the counter for me to take. I came back at 1pm to check in and it was packed. I waited in line for the same girl, and she said, “oh we have something special for you.” I was pleasantly surprised and slipped her the sandwich again. She gave the $20 back to me. I got up to the room to find that we were not upgraded, but a chocolate with a note addressed to me was there thanking me for being a Trump Rewards member. Big Freakin’ Whoop!!!

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  1 bedroom corner suite  from  1 bedroom suite city view 

We booked a 1 bedroom suite with city view. We arrived late, so there weren’t many people.
The clerk asked for the credit card and ID and I gave him the sandwich. I did the trick with 50$, hoping for a two bedroom suite. I asked if there were any room upgrades available. He said he would check. The two bedroom suite would be 350$ ,ore a night – so that was not possible.. He put us into a one bedroom corner suite (what was nice because of the windows).
He didn’t took the 50$ – our upgrade was free!

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Jan DiAngelo
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Strip View Suite  from  Regular city view room 

We checked in around 12 noon, basically had to wait in line so didn’t get to choose who helped us. We were greeted by a nice younger female, slipped her the $20 and asked for a free upgrade, she said she would give us an upgrade for both rooms but didn’t want the money, gave it back. Our regular rooms were booked on Hotwire for $80 and she upgraded us to mini suites on the 40th floor. The hotel and experience was awesome.

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Shawn T.
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  one bedroom suite  from  studio suite 

I arrived at the trump around 3:00 on friday. I waited in line and was greeted by a male who was in his late 20s. I put the 20 between my credit card and my id and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. he told me that this weekend was sold out but he was still able to give me an upgrade. I’ve tried this trick in years past and noticed that only men have provided upgrades. Every time I tried this trick with a female clerk, they never hook it up and just take the 20 with no courtesy. the best advice I can give is to find a male clerk because they know what’s up and they wont try to swindle you.

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rebecca meehan
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  standard excellent view 51st floor  from  standard no view low floor 

Checked in after 13 straight hours of travel from Maine. The clerk was a pretty black woman, mid 20’s , I think her name was Melody. She was the only one there and we were the only ones in line. I tucked the bill between my credit card and license and asked for an upgrade but might have messed up on words as I was nervous and felt a little ridiculous, not to mention major jet lag. Anyway, she said she would check, typed away for a minute and said that she could upgrade us to a 1 bedroom for $50 a night or a view for an extra $25 a night. I said thank you anyway but we just didn’t have the money. I then mentioned it was my 40th birthday and our 10 year anniversary (both true) and just made small talk which was no small feat given my mental exhaustion at the time. She kept typing so I figured it didn’t work. She then smiled and asked if I had a problem with heights. I said no and she upgraded me to the 51st floor, strip view. I couldn’t believe it! The whole time the $20 was sitting on the counter between us. She asked if I needed change for the $20. Of course I said no and she seemed really happy. Came around the counter, gave directions, just super nice. I’d like to mention that Trump was tremendous from beginning to end. The room , view, staff, everything was perfect. It even smells great. I am pretty sure I have never stayed at a nicer hotel, and we have traveled A LOT. This is a first class hotel all the way, deserves the 5 stars. This worked and I would suggest it to anyone. I did feel rather stupid at first, looking backwoods, rumpled, exhausted, and part stuttering but they were so nice there that it really helped. You have nothing to lose and if I could so this, believe me, anyone can.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  1 room suite strip view  from  Studio city view 

I was skeptical the $20 sandwhich would work but my wife found this website and we decided to give it a try. We arrived late Sunday night around 11pm and had to wait a little while to check in since there was a group having some kind of a problem with their room. After waiting for about 10 min or so a lady came out from the back room to check us in. I gave her my name and then when she asked for ID and a credit card I gave her the sandwich and also told her it was our anniversary (which was true) and I was wondering if there were any upgrades available. She smiled when she saw the $20 and said she would check. We made small talk for a little bit and then she informed me that she had upgraded us from a studio city view to a 1 room suite strip view. I was amazed it worked and my wife was very excited. The room was amazing and definitely worth the sandwich. I can’t wait to try it again next time.

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Higher Floor (48th), Center Strip View  from  Standard 

Arrived on a Thursday around 2 pm and the lobby was pretty empty. The young lady at the front desk saw my wife and I approaching (w/o any bags…opted for bell service at the valet) and told us that she could help us. Told her we were checking in and when she asked for my credit card and ID I did the sandwich trick and asked specifically if there were “any complimentary upgrades available for a 1 bedroom?” She told us she would take a look. There was not but said we could upgrade to a 1 bedroom for an additional $50 per night (it was a fight weekend so it makes sense that the upgrade cost would be so high). I told her thank you, but we were not interested in spending an extra $50 each night. She handed me the $20 back and said she was sorry but immediately she looked back in the computer and said “we can offer you a complimentary upgrade to a room on a higher floor with a strip view if that would be ok?” Of course we accepted. For the remainder of the check-in the clerk was going the extra mile: offering us water, asking us about our visit (my wife’s bday), and offering to show us to our room. I think that when she realized we were willing to tip, she became much more accommodating. In the end I tipped her $5 after she walked us to the elevator and I think we got a DEAL on the room for an extra fiver!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  One Bedroom Strip View  from  Studio City View 

Checked in around 3:30pm so there was a full line with 4 clerks working the desk. Was already worried it would be too busy to pull this off. I was quickly greeted by a young woman clerk who I had some small talk with about being here for my buddies birthday. I gave her the $20 sandwich asking “are there any complimentary upgrades?” just like this website said to do. She lit up like a pinball machine, telling me “I’ll see what I can do”. She couldn’t stop smiling and laughing the rest of the check-in, I thought in my head “JACKPOT!” When we finally got to the room, it was a one bedroom suite with a strip view on the 21st floor. Big win!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  1-bedroom suite, strip view  from  Studio, city view 

Arrived about 830 Thursday. No line for check in. Went to the closest person, a very nice young Asian woman.

Me: “Hi, checking in for
Her: “Ok, I’ll need a drivers license and credit card”
Me: Hands over the sandwich. “wondering if there are any upgrades available?”
Her: “I can check.” -then sees $20- “did you need change?”
Me: “no, that’s for you for finding us a nice room.”
Her: “thank you.” -starts typing- “are you celebrating anything this weekend?”
Me: “yes, our wedding anniversary”
Her: “well that’s definitely worth an upgrade”

Had booked a studio facing away from the strip. She gave us a 1 br suite with strip view (29th floor). The suite was huge and awesome.

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