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Mac Steinway
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Alexandria Tower Mini Suite  from  Standard 

Arrived around 3.45 PM to a line that moved quickly as there were several clerks working. Requested a balcony room in Alexandria Tower. Was told all balcony rooms were gone. I had not done the sandwich because I can usually get a balcony room just by asking nicely. So I said to the clerk, “If I were to give you a really nice tip, like twenty dollars, could you get me a suite or something really nice?” The clerk said yes, if I could come back in 30 minutes. I agreed, and the clerk gave me a $10 food credit coupon so I could go get a snack and wait. I came back and got the keys to a mini-suite in the Alexandria. This is a room ending in 24 at the south corner with a great strip view. Btw, the big one bedroom suite on each floor is the room ending in 44 at the north corner. The mini-suite was the size of one-and-a-half regular rooms but no separate bedroom, just one big roomy room. It had a tile entry area, dressing area, recessed wet bar, refrigerator, couch, glass coffee table on wheels, and of course an awesome balcony with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors. The bed was a new pillow top mattress with upgraded luxury bedding, like you would find at a Westin, Sheraton, or Hyatt. The elevators in the Alex are terrible but otherwise its 1966-era vegas luxury. My corner mini-suite with balcony was on floor 23, almost at the top. It was like a high rise apartment for a few days. totally worth the $10 net tip.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Small Suite  from  Standard - Non-Smoking 

I booked a standard non-smoking room for 5 nights at a rate from $24-65 depending on the day. Passed the clerk $20 who joked that I was causing trouble right from the start. She mentioned that there were Deluxe rooms available, but went off to inquire on a suite. Came back a minute later and we got a suite in the Alexandria Tower over halfway up overlooking the pool. Everyone at the Sahara was very friendly. Would stay there again.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tangiers tower 24th floor room  from  Cheap $27 room 

Clerk left the $20 exposed on the counter, and didn’t take it until after I reinforced that it was for her, after everything was completed. Got a $10 food credit coupon, and an upgrade to a worn 24th floor room in the Tangiers tower with a view of the north strip construction. I have no basis for comparison, but I expect they have worse rooms.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Corner room on the 24th w/ a view to the strip  from  Standard, Cheap, Travelocity Special 
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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Suite  from  Premium Non Smoking 

Booked a premium king (they use to call it a deluxe) for 6 nights. Had already received a price brake over the phone but tried the 20 anyway. Told the nice young girl at the desk it was my 45th and asked if she could find us a nice room. She smiled, took the 20 and went right to work. We were give a suite on the top floor for our week stay and show tickets. Granted this is not the Wynn but a great stay none the less!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Standard  from  Standard 

She said there were no complimentary upgrades and returned my 20. Got a room with a nice view, though.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  junior suite  from  standard 

My friend and I booked separate rooms, but went to the clerk at the same time. I placed two $20s between my license and credit card and asked if each of us could get a complimentary upgrade. She went into the back (apparently to ask permission), but came back out and asked if we’d like balconies or not. We said yes. When I checked out, I asked a different clerk to look up my room number and asked if it was a “standard room” (what we had booked), but she said no, it’s a junior suite. Nice trick!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Balcony of Alexandria 20th Floor  from  Basic, Cheapest, Bottom of the Barrel 

The Front Desk Clerk didn’t catch on at first, and wouldn’t even look at the money! They initially stated they were only allowed to upgrade to the next level up. I thought we weren’t going to get it, then I guess they caught on, and we were given our complimentary “Suite with a balcony”. They didn’t look up the whole time, but once the deal went through, they actually took the $20 and held it up and asked if it was for them. I indicated yes, and all was good. NOTE: Remember a Suite in the Sahara (especially in the Alexandria Tower) is not going to be like the Bellagio…so don’t get your panties all tied up in a knot when things are showing some wear. The balcony is great for looking down across Vegas, enjoying a drink, and having a great Cigar you bought from Don Yeyo down Sahara Street (shameless plug, but these guys are great! donyeyo). Good Luck!

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Mac Steinway
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Alexandria Tower room w/ Balcony  from  Standard 

Checked in late evening on a Thursday for a 4-night stay. Did the sandwich. Clerk immediately gace the $20 back and said nothing like that available. However, rather than a standard room (in the Tunis Tower), asked for and received a standard (what they call “deluxe”) room in the Alexandria Tower. An Alexandria Tower (or Tangiers Tower) room would have been $10 extra a night if requested at time of reservation. We got one of the limited number of Alexandria Tower rooms with a balcony. It is an old tower and it feels like it. However, this was like a 17th floor high rise apartment, with floor to ceiling sliding glass window that runs the length of the balcony and a view down the strip. Had the slider all the way open at night for indoor/outdoor living. The balcony had brick walls on either side and the building is set far back enough from the street that we had extraordinary privacy which allowed for a very sexy time out on that balcony. oooh la la. no suite but we had a sweet time.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Deluxe with strip view  from  Standard 

I’m so glad I stumbled across this site.

I waited in a long line on a Friday evening. Most of the staff was female so I was happy when I was able to check in with the male about 30ish (great looking, too 🙂 ).

I slipped the 20 between my license and CC just like you guys instructed me. I left the 20 sticking out a bit. I asked for a complimentary upgrade. He looked at the $20 and then at me and said, “We’re sold out-We don’t have any suites.” He hid the $20 under my license completely out of sight. He typed on the computer fiercly. After much typing, he told me he was able to get me a deluxe room. The room was great! It was the first from the elevator in the Tangliers Tower on the 9th floor (a little low but not complaining) with a strip view. I could tell he would have for certain give me a suite if he had one.

Also, I was supposed to pay a daily energy fee or something when I checked out but had no bill what-so-ever when I check out so I’m guessing he fixed that too. I’m not sure if it was ALL the 20 or if the DDs helped 😉

I will try this every time. Thanks much to everyone for thier advice!!!

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