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Dayton Armstrong
Saved:  $85 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  World Superior High Floor  from  Story Superior 

Walked in at 3:30pm for check in on a Sunday for 4 nights. Line had 6+ people in front of me. Had my ID and Card with $20 slipped in the middle. Walked up she asked for my card and ID. I gave it to her and asked “I was wondering if y’all had any complementary upgrades available” and she responded “I’m sure I can get something for you” she went to work on her computer for like 3 minutes and we asked what shows to see just being friendly. She said we were booked for the story tower on the 6th floor and she upgraded us to the world tower on the 18th floor. Bit more spacious for $20 was worth it.

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Saved:  $200 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Lux Deluxe High Floor  from  Story SLS Suite 

Checked in by putting the twenty in between my id and credit card. The male host said thank you and said I have a complimentary upgrade if I would like to upgrade. I said yes even though I didn’t even ask for it.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  World Superior High Floor  from  World Superior High Floor 

I picked the female clerk because there were these 2 guests giving her a hard time and did not tip her after insulting her and demanding their resort fees get refunded. I walked over when it was my turn and did the 20 dollar trick. I apologized for their rude behavior and wished well. She then booked me in the room I paid for without a upgrade or removing any resort fees. The 20 dollar trick did not work for me. I got the room that I paid for.

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Saved:  $$600+ Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Story Signature Suite  from  Story Superior 

We didn’t recon.
We just walked up to the check-in line (moderate traffic),
got the the next available clerk,
gave the ‘sandwich’,
and said, “Are there any
complimentary upgrades available?

The Clerk typed for a while then said, ” we have a Story King Signature. Will that work for you”?

I said, “Yes. Sure”.

The Clerk said, “We also have a complimentary Mini-Bar for you”.

Beer, Red Bull, Pepsi, a bottle of SLS Whiskey(pint), a bottle SLS vodka (750ml), and bottles of Water( Oh and snacks).
The next morning I called down to get our diet drinks (Pepsi/red bull) swapped out for non-diet.
I tipped the guy $20 and he restocked all the beer, all the red bull and all the Pepsi. Oh, and he gave us new bottles of whiskey and vodka even though our first bottles were mostly full!

We are going again this April (2018) and will try the ‘sandwich’ again with updates to follow……

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Saved:  $$15 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Story Superior  from  Lux Deluxe 

It was a Wed evening. I walked up to the next available clerk, handed him the $20 sandwich, and asked if any upgrades were available. He offered us the same style room with a view of the strip or deluxe room with no view, so we took the deluxe! He even reduced our total rate about $15 dollars!

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Tipped:  $100 Upgraded to  Story SLS Suite  from  World Superior 

Checked in around 4pm. Went to a Male clerk about 30yrs old. Asked for any complimentary upgrades. Had some small talk. Laughed a little. Upgraded us to a Grand Tower Lux suite. Room was awesome. We arrived on a Thursday and left on Monday. 4 nights in a luxury suite for $100. Cant beat that!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Story Signature Suite  from  Unsure 

About 2pm on a Monday, a $20 tip was accepted for an upgrade for three nights. The rooms were booked through a timeshare deal so would have been the most basic rooms without the tip. Technically a suite bit a bit of a weird layout in the story tower. Also a corner room on the 12 th floor

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Lux Deluxe Corner High Floor  from  World Superior 

Just went to the next free male clerk (no queue) at around 6pm and did the trick. We didn’t have to say anything, the clerk immediately replied “appreciate that sir, let me see what I can do for you”.

After that we got upgraded from the World Superior to Lux Deluxe Corner High Floor. I asked whether late checkout (11am -> 3pm) would be available as our flight departed late. It was added free of charge.

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