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Saved:  $$400 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Premium Fountain View  from  Hollywood Hip Room 

We stayed at PH April 18th-22nd. It was a really super nice front desk lady I just made some small talk with her explaining it was my mom and I’s first time in Vegas. I handed her my license and card with the $20 dollar bill in between and politely asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. Considering it was a comped room I booked anyway I was kind of weary it would even work. Without hesitation she said absolutely, typed on the computer and showed us exactly what our upgrade was which was a premium Bellagio fountain room. All I have to say is she made my first time experiencing Vegas amazing and really made me and my mom very happy and we will definitely be returning. All I have to say is the views were amazing. Stayed on one of the high floors.

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Luis Velazquez
Saved:  $1000-1500 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  PH Panorama Suite  from  Hollywood Hip Room 

flew in late and got to the hotel around 12:30am Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. there was a long line to check in. the kiosks looked tempting but decided to wait. finally its our turn the clerk asks for id and I give her the sandwich which I had ready in my shirt pocket. takes the $20 and puts it to the side then i asked if there were any rooms with a king bed as the room i reserved didn’t give me a choice and gave me 2 queens. she looked and then asked ” you want a king bed right?” I said yes if available.
then she tells us i got you a really nice suite. my wife and i thanked here but didn’t know what an awesome suite we got until we entered the double door suite with an awesome panoramic view of the strip and the bellagio fountain!

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Luis Tejeda
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Premium Fountain View  from  Hollywood Hip Room 

It was easy! I walked to the counter and I gave the clerk the $20 dollar sandwich. He immediately asked what are you looking for? It’s good to know what you are looking for whether it’s a better view or a suite, we got upgraded to a bigger room and it had an amazing view

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Saved:  $1000 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  PH Boulevard Suite  from  Hollywood Hip Room Strip View 

I was just called next, however, my clerk was the only one on the other side of the large pillar that is at the front desk, so she was a bit away from the others.
We got to the hotel around 10pm and checked in by 1005pm. When I got to the counter, i just made friendly small talk leading up to the check-in process. Once she asked for the ID I handed her the ‘$20 sandwich” and just asked nicely if there were any available upgrades. She checked a few moments on the computer, went to go confer with her manager, and came back and was gladly able to get us a SWEET upgrade.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Premium Fountain View  from  Hollywood Hip Room 

There was a line of people and two attendents, I prayed to get the guy on the right and we got him. Gave him the sandwich and asked if there was any complimentary upgrades available. He smiled nodded and said:” I’ll help you out.” And he did.

Thank you very much!!

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Saved:  $Thousands Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  PH Panorama Suite  from  Hollywood Hip Room 

It wasn’t busy when I checked in. Tipped $20 openly, not between credit card and license. I asked if it was possible to get room upgrade. Nothing more specific. She asked if I would like a suite. I said sure. I went from regular remodeled room to ULTRA PANORMA CORNER SUITE OVERLOOKING THE EIFEL TOWER AND THE BELLAGIO FOUNTAINS – over. 1000 sq foot room with sweeping views on high floor. Moreover, the 5 nights had already been Comped for no Apparent reason as I’ve never stayed there before! Best $20 ever spent!!!! Even window from bathtub could see fountains.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Premium Fountain View  from  Hollywood Hip Room 

Booked a comped Hollywood Hip room through Caesars rewards for a weekend in late February during my birthday. Since I spent virtually nothing to book the room, I was a bit worried that $20 wouldn’t be enough, but it was worth a shot. Not sure if it was because it was my birthday, using the sandwich trick or maybe both, but I got upgraded to a fountain view room that was double the size of my original room. $20 well spent.
P.S. If they ask if you would rather have a fountain view or a strip view, always go for the fountain view, because it also has a good view of the strip.

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Saved:  $Up to $12 Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

Not my best experience, but it was still a nice(ish) hotel.

I checked in on 2/5/19 at about 10 p.m. for a 3 night stay, and decided to go with $50 instead of $20, I used the regular line other successful guests posted on here. The young lady placed it to the side and began typing so comically fast I was sure she wasn’t typing words. She noted that I booked a king and she was going to go in the back to see if there were any upgrades. She came back and showed me my room on the map and I was on my way. She did note they were almost full in the hotel and she did her best, and thanked me. I’m not quite sure how they would have been booked because it was pretty dead the entire time I was here. There were some Lunar New Year stragglers but not as many guests as I’ve seen this hotel hold.

The room I walked into was 2 queens instead of a king. The view wasn’t great because most of it was the Hilton next door and the roof of the Mall/parking below. The room was sparsely decorated with a small side table and a lamp that looked like eggs. The laminate on the dresser had begun to lift which ended up catching my pant leg and snapping off later in the trip. The carpet on my floor was also buckled in several areas which wasn’t a problem when I first arrived, but became one when I was tired and dragging my feet a bit more than normal.

All in all, while I was aware that a sizable upgrade is often a leap, I found myself disappointed with the upgrade. I checked online and saw that a 2 queen upgrade was $4 per night extra. Such is life though, while I personally wouldn’t have accepted a $50 tip for a $12 upgrade, perhaps she wasn’t aware of the trick. She was still nice enough to warrant a tip so I wasn’t too broken up over it.

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Saved:  $700 Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  PH Resort Vistas  from  Hollywood Hip Room 

This is our second time staying at PH and the tip worked both times! Last year we booked a standard room (weren’t TR members yet) and were able to get a Resort Vista with $20 tip. This year, we had 3 comped nights and were able to upgrade from the Hip Room to Resort Vista with $50 tip. We chose to do $50 this time since the nights were comped. LOVE Planet Hollywood!

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Saved:  $+100 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Premium Fountain View  from  Hollywood Hip Room 

Check-in at 1pm
Tips+ in my passport and ask if he had upgrades with fountain view
Positive answer
35th floor and that’s the view 😘😘

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Planet Hollywood Details

Planet Hollywood is a Las Vegas resort and casino that was founded in 1991 by Bryan Kestner, a former actor, producer and businessman. Kestner was the founder of the Hard Rock Café, which turned out to be highly successful. He believed his Planet Hollywood venture would be equally so. The company was pretty profitable initially, but things went downhill in the 20th century. Planet Hollywood had to change hands before things started to improve.

The casino has received support from numerous celebrities. It faced a history of financial problems due to poor management and was eventually sold to Caesars Entertainment in 2010. Under new management, it has become one of the most popular casinos in The Entertainment Capital of the World.

Well Known Celebrities Support Planet Hollywood Brand

Planet Hollywood is one of the best known casinos in the world. One of the reasons it is so famous is that a large number of celebrities have endorsed it over the years. A-list celebrities that support the casino include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Demi Demore and Sylvester Salone. The casino gave many of these actors free Esops in exchange for their patronage, which helped boost the brand.

However, the value of the publicity they provided declined as they got older and their performance in the box offices started to decline. According to the Economic Times, the casino’s revenues declined after they gold older, which contributed to the problems that led to the casino filing for bankruptcy twice.

After Caesar took over the ailing establishment, it has found new ways to leverage celebrities to boost its reputation. In a rather controversial move, Planet Hollywood recently hosted a showdown between GOP presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. Planet Hollywood has also recently provided accommodations to Pitbull, Janet Jackson and other leading celebrities, which is helping improve its brand.

Britney Spears has recently spent $100,000 to make a career comeback, which includes a two-year residency at Planet Hollywood. She will be making dozens of performances at the resort, which is expected to help create traction for both parties.

Customer Reviews of Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood is one of the highest rated casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. It is recommended by 86% of Expedia members that have visited it.

There are a number of reasons that Planet Hollywood is so strongly recommended. It is well-known for having attentive staff and providing fun activities, both for people that want to gamble or enjoy the resort. Many people have said that it is especially good for single people, since there aren’t many kids around. However, one of the biggest reasons that many people enjoy their stay at Planet Hollywood is that it is right in the center of the Strip, which makes it easy to enjoy their stay in Las Vegas.