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The Doctor
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Newly renovated Room  from  Standard 

Checked in around 1 pm on Thurs. Had the $20 Between CC & DL. asked about Comp Upgrade , He told me nothing available , That The room would be ready after 3 pm , to pick up keys at that time . I came back 1/2 Hour Later and Asked the lady if My room was ready , she saw The $20 In My Hand . She said that That room was not ready yet ,and She had one that I would be happy with. I gave her the Twenty . and she thanked me . Never Give Up !!!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Room /w View  from  Standard Room 

Arrived later than expected (thanks Jetblue for losing my luggage!). The room was originally comped for 2 of the 4 nights on their standard “Classic” room, and the clerk Charles who checked me in asked for my ID and CC. Chatted with him a bit, then pulled a twenty out of my wallet and kept it in my hand as he was typing in my room reservation info. I told him that I was having my wedding ceremony AND reception in the Paris casino (no lie). Charles was gracious, tried searching for a upgrade but since there was a huge teacher’s convention in town, most rooms were already booked and offered a suite for $120 a night. I declined, and asked if he had anything complimentary available while holding onto my $20 bill in my fingers. He eventually found a better room with strip view and renovated (plasma tv, red leather headboards and tan micro-fiber couch). Think it was successful, so I handed the $20 over to him. At first, he said that he couldn’t take it, because he wasn’t able to get a suite for me, but i insisted that he keep it, figuring that it would be good karma and luck! Didn’t quite help at the craps tables, but He mentioned that I could try tomorrow to see if any rooms opened up, but I didn’t really bother since the room was nice already (view of the pool, Eiffel tower and Bellagio fountains). Good luck!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Calais suite  from  standard comped room 

So very easy! Went up to the Platinum line, explained it was my birthday two days before (true) and asked for a nice room. She said that I would be happy with this room, and I was. Great view of the pool and the Bellagio fountains, and a nice (though somewhat quirky….for example, dining table, but no desk) suite.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Standard Room  from  Standard Room 

$20 b/w dl and cc. I asked for any complementary upgrades & the clerk told me that for an additional $45 a night i could get a bellagio lake view room. I said no thanks, took my $20 back and enjoyed my 4 nights in my standard room. The End.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Renovated room, fountain view, near elevators, 28th floor  from  Classic Room comped 

Check in at 11:00 am, had the $20 between cc and dl, before I could ask for a upgrade she said she upgraded me to a newly renovated room that was ready and if that was ok, I told her yes and was on my way.

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E. Carter
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  34th floor P suite  from  standard luxury 

We arrived really late around midnight. Waited in line to check in for over 30 minutes. We were on a comp room through total rewards and I told the clerk we were really tired and would like a nice room. She spotted the tip and went to the back to talk with her manager. She came out and said we had gotten the best room she had seen all night. Ended up in a huge suite on the 34th floor. Double door entry with two baths. Not a strip view but very nice! Really liked the hotel usually stay at Caesars but this was a nice change.

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Mary Keener
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  P Room with Great View  from  Regular Room 

We checked in on a Saturday at noon with an Asian woman in her 30s at the airport. We sandwiched the 20 between the credit card and ID, and she started typing away. She said she would call to see if the room was available, then she put the phone right down and said she would give it to us anyways. We had reserved a regular room through Travelocity, and we got a great P suite with a view of the fountains and the strip from 2 windows. We will now try this trick each time we check in at hotels! Well worth the $20.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  deluxe room with views of pool, bellagio, Eiffel Tower  from  regular room 

Love the excitements both from myself and the check in clerk. He is a very friendly blond young gentleman. I checked in very late on 5/28 @ 12am. handed him a folded $20 with my cc & id. I first asked for a newly remodeled room on high floor and he said they were all taken. but could give me a complimentary upgrade for a strip room originally requires $60/night. it was on 20th floor. The room itself was old, needed to be remodeled soon. but with the views, i have no complaint. i still think it was a success and made my LV trip more fun.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Calais Suite on 34th Floor facing Bellagios  from  Regular w/Strip View 

HUGE success! I hated my regular room in Paris so much so I decided to complain downstair and actually I ended up chatting with this really charming girl. I was asking for a P room but all they have left was the ones facing the parking lot, so she kept typing and typing and went inside, she said she’s going to do me a HUGE favor, so she upgraded me to the Calais suite. I tipped her $20 afterwards. The room is alot bigger than the regular room but is still in the desperate need for renovation. Still can’t complain how $20 works like a magic!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Remodeled Room  from  Regular Luxury Room 

First time trying this so was a bit anxious. Did the same as everyone else placing the $20 between my ID and CC. Clerk handled it like a pro as if it were commonplace. Proceeded to ask if there were any complimentary upgrades available. He said he found a really nice suite on 26th floor with a view and was clicking for a few minutes but then came back and said that he couldn’t get it to upgrade in the system without charging my account. Tried 3 times with the same result. I know it seems fishy but I really think he was honestly trying but couldn’t comp the upgrade.

I’m pretty sure he felt bad so he gave me the $20 back and said that he could upgrade me to a newly remodeled room on the 31st floor (I didn’t even know Paris had these but I guess they are on floors 26-33). The room was quite nice, everything was sparkling new, great furniture and plasma TV. Size was the same as normal though. Too bad it didn’t work out exactly like I wanted but I believe he tried his best, really nice guy and we enjoyed the room we had for no extra $$$.

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