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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Palms Place 1 Bedroom Suite with fireplace and 2 balconies  from  Palms Premium 1 bed 

I read this forum before I left for my trip last week. I booked 4 night in the Palms that I got a deal on Groupon with. The room came to $560 total included taxes and fees. I went to the available clerk at Palms and slipped him a $20 between my ID and CC. I was with my boyfriend and my best friend at the time. The guy said he had an upgrade in Palms Place which was a bit of a walk and he would take care of the upgrade fee. We said we would take and and the room was SICK! It had a full kitchen, dining room, 1 bedroom with soaking tub, 2 bathroom, 2 TVs, a fireplace and 2 balconies.. Definitely work the extra $20 I slipped him!!

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Penthouse  from  Standard room 

I am a female, so I was thinking I\’d have an easier time with the female desk agent but she was busy so my only choice was the male. I told my boyfriend my plan before we approached the desk and told him to just be pleasant and play along. While starting the checking in process, I engaged the agent in some conversation, mainly how excited we were to stay and what we were celebrating (my grad school graduation and boyfriend\’s military leave). Luckily the agent had military connections and aspirations to join, so my boyfriend quickly started chatting him up. Once he showed us the paperwork for the room we had booked, I asked if there was any chance we could see some other options. He mentioned they couldn\’t do any upgrades for free, but he\’d be happy to look. We settled on the Penthouse suite for only $75 more than our reservation cost. I tipped him $40, and he helped us with show tickets and getting free admission and a cabana complementary at the pool.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  1br condo corner suite w/ wrap around balcony  from  1br condo suite 

Checked in around 9pm Friday evening. The Palms place is a really mellow low key place and had only two people at the front. Spoke to a gentleman and asked for any upgrades. I was informed I had the biggest room you could book. Told him I was there for some birthday’s etc. and that anything he could do for us would be appreciated. Did the whole trick and he told me he couldn’t do more but would put my friend and I on a high floor, corner suite with a wrap around balcony. He would also send up champagne and beer on the house. This had to be one of the best suites I have stayed in Vegas. Had a strip view with a fireplace in the living room. As soon as we were inviting girls to come over and party their panties would immediately drop just by the seductiveness of the place. Oh good times my friends, good times indeed. Thank you Palms Place and thank you frontdesktip!

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Studio suite strip view  from  Studio suite 

We arrived at the Palms Place around midnight. Our agent was the assistant manager and looked very stern. I told him we only had a one night reservation and would like a room with a nice view of the strip. I didn’t give him the sandwich as I would only be there for a few hours and didn’t feel it was worth it. He offered me a strip view room on a high floor. He saw how tired we were and gave us drink coupons for the Rojo bar (I got two $20 glasses of Veuve Clicquot, a nice pour to boot) and spa passes. The view from the room looked out at the new City Center and was spectacular. I’ll do the sandwich next time and hopefully get a 1-bedroom suite.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  One Bedroom Suite  from  Standard Suite 

This was my first time trying the $20 trick in Vegas. What a surprise! It works. The room is super nice and has a great view. We would definitely go back again.

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  1 bedroom  from  studio 

I checked around 6pm, went up to my room dropped off my baggage and left the hotel with my boyfriend for some shopping on the strip. I had slipped my friend the key to the room at 9pm so she could get into the room for my boyfriends surprise birthday party later on that night. But when she tried to open the door to our room, the battery to the key lock on the door was dead. I had to spoil the surprise and straighten things out with the front desk. They gave me keys to a new room but I couldnt get into my orginal room to get my things because the door hadnt been fixed yet, I get to the new room and someone elses luggage was already in the room! I go back down to the front desk, at this point I have roughly 15 people from the intended surprise party following me around the hotel. Now it at midnight, after waiting to speak to a manager for over twenty minutes, I finally get the upgrade to the 1 bedroom. It was hell, my boyfriends surprise party was ruined, but the 1 bedroom really almost seemed worth it.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  one bedroom suite  from  single suite 

$20 between id credit card and asked if there were any upgrades, she took the twenty out and put it under the counter…boom upgrade complete

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  1 bedroom  from  Studio 

Arrived to the hotel and asked if any complimentary upgrades were available. I handed the desk agent my ID and drivers license with a $20 bill. She said there were and upgraded me to a 1-bedroom suite with a view of the strip. She even offered the $20 back, but I gladly asked her to keep it. Got up to my room and was blown away by the view and the size of the room. Hundreds of dollars worth of room upgrades for $20.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  NONE  from  Upgraded room, $179 / night 

Went up to the female clerk, not busy at all, and asked if she had any complimentary room upgrades as I gave her the credit card and license sandwich. She left the sandwich on the table without seeing the $20 and said well we have this room at this much more. I opened the sandwich and she saw it, but made NO mention of it. Told her I was very big there and that I hold a conference of 1500 ppl and I wanted a free room- no luck. Will never happen there. Ppl own the condos and its not fair to give one owner the income and not the other. Nexttttr

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