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Cynthia T.
Saved:  $$200 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Strip View King  from  Standard Tower Room 

I was so exhausted from my flight I just wanted a nice room to lay down in, I said what the heck, I put my $20 under my DL because my first night I was doing cash deposit. The girl at the front was kinda young and seemed real nice so I’m glad I got her, it was around 5 pm when I checked in, I explained to her I had 2 reservations because my husband was coming the following day and if it was possible to stay in the same room so I wouldn’t have to unpack she said yes that’s fine you will have room blah blah on the 5th floor, I passed her my $20 with my DL and nonchalantly asked her btw do you have any complimentary upgrades? She said let me see here and started typing away, she said I can give you the street view King on the 15th floor I said I’ll take it :). She then said I’ll give you free late check out at 4 so it gives time for your husband to check in to the same room at that time, the whole point of that is because the other 2 nights we were using his debit for the deposit. The following day he was running late and I was freaking out thinking we might loose the room if I had to check out, went down there and explained he was running late and wouldn’t make it till 6, they said don’t worry we’ll just check you out and in and just have him bring his debit card when he comes, when he finally came they returned my $100 deposit and we put his debit card on file, I wasn’t charged a resort fee. After we checked out on the second reservation I was charged a resort fee again they were all waived :). So happy with this tip I will definetly do it again every time so worth it!

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