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I’m a Bconnected member at the Orleans and always get comp rooms. The first time I got a comp, the room sucked, their normal rooms are not very nice, tube TV’s, several have bad views, smoke smell. I inquired about an upgrade and was told 100/night. Decided not to since I wasn’t going to be spending that much time in the room. The first slot machine I played hit for $2300.00 so I immediately went to the front desk and upgraded. The suites at the Orleans are VERY nice, almost like being in a different hotel. The next time I returned since I knew the suites were so nice, I decided to try the sandwich. Waited in line and noticed one pretty young lady who was particularly nice and seemed happy, faked a phone call to let folks in front of me go to another clerk, did a 40 sandwich, complimented her attitude, innocently flirted then told her I was tired, there for business and needed a quiet room and floor, she lit up and gave me the upgrade. Weekday about 12:30 pm

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