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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Didn\'t  from  Madison Strip view 

Checking in to NY-NY around 3:30pm. After standing in line for about 20 minutes, I was ready to try the $20 tip trick. I handed the clerk the sandwich with $20 easily visible and asked if there was an upgrade available to a Spa or Marquis Suite. She typed for a few seconds and said the Spa Suite was $25 per night and the Marquis Suite was not ready yet.
I told her to forget it and she continued to check me in flipping the $20 with the cards but not touching it with her hands. She finished and handed me back my cards and money the same as I gave it to her.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Madison Avenue  from  Standard 

Flight arrived about 6:30 from Omaha, there was no wait in line. Handed the young clerk the sandwich. She smiled sheepishly and looked kind of shocked. Asked if the hotel was offering any complimentary room upgrades since my husband and I were celebrating our anniversary. She said she’d see what she could do. Upgraded us from a standard room to a Madison AVenue room with a very nice view of the mountains. Handed the $20 back to me and said it was complimentary and to have a nice anniversary! Score! 🙂

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Broadway deluxe. Corner strip view  from  Base room 

Got to nyny at around 3:00 on a Thursday. There were 4 women working check out two older two younger. I got a younger gal which I was glad. Walked up put sandwich on desk and asked are there any complimentary upgrades available for my stay. She said let me see what I can do. Presto she upgraded us and gave us a corner strip facing room. I thanked here left the 20 on the counter said that is for you and she thanked me. I will definitely try this again.

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Madison Avenue  from  Park Avenue 

Flight landed at 8:30 AM so went to check in early and was greeted by Monica. She was great and very nice. I told her that my wife and I were there to celebrate our first anniversary and I was looking for an upgrade to a suite and slipped her the $20 between my license and credit card. She noticed it and set it on the desk while she worked to look for upgrades. She told me that suites would only be available for an additional fee/day, but that she could offer me a complimentary upgrade to a Madison Avenue room, so I took it. She then returned the $20 because the upgrade was complimentary. She was very nice. Maybe $50 may have been a better play.

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Phil D
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Broadway Deluxe w/ Strip View  from  Park Avenue Deluxe 

We checked in on Sat. around 1:30 pm on Labor Day weekend so we weren’t really expecting to get an upgrade on a holiday weekend. There was a pretty good line but it went fast and we were lucky to get a young guy. I handed him the “sandwich” and he said “Oh, is this for me?”, I said yes and asked him if there were any complimentary room upgrades available. He said that he could upgrade me to the next level room with a strip view also. I thanked him and off we went to enjoy our vacation thanks to!!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Deluxe  from  Skyline 

We checked in at about 10pm on a Friday night. There were two front desk employees working, I was hoping to get the older filipino lady( I have a lot of Filipino friends and I thought I could use that as an advantage) I ended up with the younger Hispanic lady. I told her my name, she asked for my ID, and credit card, I handed it to her while holding a $20 bill in my hand. I asked if there were any COMPLIMENTARY upgrades, she smiled, and said she would see what they had available. She ended up upgrading us to a room that was three levels higher than what we reserved. It wasn’t facing the strip but, it had a special elevator that went from the lobby, to the 30th floor and above, which ended up being super convenient not having to wait with the people on the lower floors. I felt like a high roller. We had a GREAT 1st anniversary thanks to the sandwich trick!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  NA  from  Park avenue Deluxe 

Couldn’t target the young guy I wanted to talk to, got a 40-something woman from the Philippines.
I gave her my friend’s ID cause the room was in his name, then I gave her my sandwich w/ my ID & CC, saying I wanted to put the resort fee on my card.
When I handed the sandwich, I asked if there were any complimentary room upgrades available, and she said no first without looking at the computer. she said that all the spa suites were booked because of the Lady Gaga and Rush concerts that weekend. She checked on the computer, too. I even leaned over the counter and nudged my CC so that the $20 was more visible. She just ran all the info and then handed back the cards & $20 without ever acknowledging the money. Totally ignored it. FAIL

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Johnny V
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Spa Suite  from  Park Avenue 

Checked in about 4pm on Saturday, there was a very short line, maybe 2 people in front of us. I didn’t target a clerk, just figured it was worth trying with anyone. Handed the sandwich to a female clerk in her early 40’s. She moved the license and the bill fell out in front of her. She said in a surprised voice “oh, is that for me?” I said yes and asked for an upgrade, she checked the computer and offered a spa suite if we were ok with a smoking room. Well worth the $20 and made up for the crummy weather this weekend since we could more or less hit the pool in our room.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Park Ave Deluxe Strip View  from  Skyline 

This front desk clerk literally popped up from behind the counter. it was weird. Anyways, he was about 5′ 10 ish, i’d say about 35, dark hair going gray, glasses. Very nice gentleman. Anyways, we didnt have a choice on which clerk to approach as there was a line. right when i saw him, i knew i could get an upgrade out of him. I handed over the sandwich and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades. Once he noticed the cash, he smiled, handed it back and said “Welcome to Las Vegas”. He advised he would be able to accept the tip if he as able to get us the upgrade… he typed for a while in the computer, and got us a room on the 15th floor with a strip view, close to everything but in the quiet part of the hotel,( all at no additional cost). I then discretely handed him back the $20 and thanked him for his efforts and the upgrade.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  next size room up, strip view  from  park ave 

We targeted a younger woman at around 4pm and gave her the sandwich. At first she was confused. I explained I was interested in comped upgrades and we ended up with a booklet good for some free drinks, free morning paper and a upgrade to the next level room with a strip view.

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