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Joshua Palmer
Saved:  $$100+ Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Strip View Room  from  Resort Room 

I have done the $20 trick 5 times in vegas, this was a good upgrade.
Stayed at the Mirage in August 2019 and checked in on a Thursday at 5:00. Not super busy at check in but was 3rd in line so i got the first available clerk. Had the $20 between ID and CC and as soon as the young female clerk saw it she new the game. I had booked just a regular resort king room. The cheapest i could find. I asked if a tower king was available and it was not as they were all booked. She apologized and asked me to wait a few minutes so she could try a few other things. She came back and said that she can get me on a high level floor (we were on 16) with a strip/volcano view and she waved all the resort fees without me asking. The Strip view is an upgrade on the hotel site which i am indifferent on. I wanted Tower Rooms for the private elevator and up graded amenities. However, I was very happy with the waiving of the resort fees which are $40 a night. For 3 nights I saved $120 for the $20 tip. That is $100 cash win right from the start and then what ever they value the Strip View at which is no big deal to me. Very Happy with the deal.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Deluxe tower suite  from  Deluxe 

After reading on frontdesktip, I knew I wanted a young male clerk to check us into our rooms. My whole party was skeptical and thought I was blowing $50, but it was my 30th birthday and I figured it was worth the gamble! I sandwiched the money in between my ID and CC with the corners sticking out. I asked for any available upgrades as we made small talk. Told him we were there to celebrate my birthday and a few minutes later….BAM! Upgraded to a hella nice suite. The other people in my party didn’t try to tip and wound up getting rooms with crapola rooms with views of the A/C, which didn’t really matter because they wound up all spending their time in party central with us up on one of the top floors! It was an amazing time and set the tone for the whole trip. Can’t wait to go back in the winter of 2013 and try it again at a different resort.

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Saved:  $between 600 and a thousand Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Penthouse (1 Bedroom) Suite  from  Resort Room 

Went in with the intention of giving $50. I followed the routine and gave him the $50 and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades.
This was a Monday afternoon check-in for a five night stay. Two of the nights were already comped through mlife to begin with and the other 3 were at a very reduced rate.
The man returned from the back room and said “Unfortunately there were no ‘complimentary’ upgrades, however he could provide me with a one-bedroom suite for the bare minimum of $25 a night. I jumped at the chance, it was a total of $125 to go from a standard resort room to a one bedroom suite on one of the top couple of floors. By my estimation I saved between 600-1000 dollars depending on how you want to look at it.

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Saved:  $$230+ Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort Tower  from  Resort Room 

Got to the hotel around 2pm, there was no one inline and got directed to a male agent in his 50’s. Slipped a $20 between my card and drivers license. When he saw it, he placed in on the counter and said thank you. After looking through the computer and writing a few codes down, he went and talked to his manager (for what I assumed was an authorization). When he came back he said he was able to upgrade me to a room on a private floor with an elevator for those two floors only. I asked if it was a strip view and he said he could only get on of my two rooms with a strip view and they would be on separate floors. I declined, so instead he offered a late check out and I accepted since my friends were staying later on Sunday to watch the football games. After chatting I told him I was celebrating my birthday and he then waived the resort fees. Saved $50 for the late checkout fee and $180 on the resort fees plus and upgraded room.

Was this an epic upgrade?
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Strip View Room  from  Resort Room 

When I arrived the line was short so didn’t target the clerk, however was lucky to get called to the line of the friendly one (other two looked more official, possibly managers or supervisors?) Originally had a $50 sandwich but chickened out at the last minute, and slid over my ID and credit card, with the money in my hand (not sure if he saw it or not) mentioned it was my first time in Vegas and asked if he could do anything special and he said he’d have a look. Originally offered me a Stay Well spa room but I guess I looked unimpressed as he pretended to make a phone call and told me there was a King Room on the 24th floor with the private elevator available. Amazing! Put the $50 back in my pocket and gave him a $20 instead

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Miriam Doe
Saved:  $None Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Strip View Room 

Did not target a clerk. Check-in at 4pm. Female clerk looked, asked manager, said they were full. Tuesday 12/15/2015, checking out Friday which is the very low season.
We have stayed at the Mirage several times during this time of year for our anniversary. Usually they send up a bottle of champagne. This time they did not. We have not stayed at the mirage since.

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Tommy Traveler
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Resort Tower 

I dealt with a young female clerk. It was around 6pm, not too busy. I offered $20 with credit card and ID. I asked for help with any upgrades that would impress my wife. The desk agent politely left the cash on the counter and said she would consider a tip at the end of check-in if I found her service was worth it. This seemed very formal. I get the sense the front desk management is well aware of the $20 trick and told the agents how to handle it.
After a lot of discussion behind the desk (out of sight) the agent told me I could have a better view of the volcano and I’d be on the ‘club’ floor with private elevator. My original reservation was already on the 24/25 floor (that’s what Resort Tower is, which I booked). It seemed to me I *possibly* got a volcano view for $20. Or I got the same room that I would have been in regardless of the tip. Hard to tell.
I answered ‘unsure’ to upgrade question because this result could go either way.

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Higher floor with view  from  Standard 

Checked in for my third time at the Mirage, previous 2 worked getting me an upgrade, so I expected once again.. Gave the famous $20 sandwich and nicely asked if any complimentary upgrades were available for a tower deluxe room (if possible facing the pool). The clerk did her thing and told me none were available, but still managed to get me a room facing the pool (strip) and on the 22nd floor which was nice. So still an upgrade for me and was given my $20 back.

Was this an epic upgrade?
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Same  from  2 queen standard room 

Checked in around 6:30 and handed a perfect sandwich. The clerk was a ~22 year old Megan. She promptly fiddled with my cards and at the end of the transaction looked down, acted surprised, and said thank you. She’s now $20 richer and I’m still in my standard room. I likely won’t try this “trick” again as it didn’t even seem to begin to work and my money was not returned.

Was this an epic upgrade?
Saved:  $over $1000 Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Resort Room 

Booked a standard room at the Mirage as I had 4 nights comped. I had already planned to rip a good tip at the desk so I figured my girlfriend and I would get some kind of upgrade, We went as it was her birthday. My girlfriend cringed at the fact that I was gonna try and hustle an upgrade so she waited on the sidelines as I waited in line LOL. I did not target anyone and just rolled the dice. When I got to the counter the clerk was a 30’s something women, very nice and as they were busy at the checkin I didn’t get much small talk. I simply placed the 50$ in the cards and handed them over. But I made a big mistake. I folded it wrong so you couldnt see the “50” on the bill, she didnt unfold it and put it to the side. I didn’t ask for anything and she just looked up and smiled at me. After some typing she said shes moving us to a nice stay well room as that was all that she currently had. I said awesome and thanked her (I’m Canadian so we’re all pretty thankful when anyone does anything extra or nice for us) My GF asked what happened. I told her we got a room upgrade. Really happy with the room. the stay well rooms are wonderful. However it gets more interesting when we hit up the Mlife counter to redeem some free plays, The clerk said “Oh looks like you have 250$ food and beverage credit on your account… (which I know I did not have prior to arriving and nothing was on my mlife account). Interesting I’m just gonna call and see what this is about for you” she got on the phone and called, then she hung up and said “Yeah so we’re giving you 250$ food and bev credit per day as well as comping the remaining resort fees for your stay” – As my room was already comped I still had the resort fees for 4 nights. which totaled around 200$ with taxes. I just smiled and thanked her with a 5$ tip. I assumed this happened once the front desk clerk saw that it was a 50 that I tipped, I remembered her manager was near by and thats probably why she never looked at the note that I had slipped in. All in all I ended up saving well over $1000 dollars just in comps all from a 50 dollar tip. Tipping them will grant you huge rewards if you take the chance. and tipping bigger will result in saving a ton more. 20$ isnt really anything someone will jump at. Go big and reap the rewards my friends! next time im trying 100$ The mirage was awesome

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