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Saved:  $over $1000 Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Resort Room 

Booked a standard room at the Mirage as I had 4 nights comped. I had already planned to rip a good tip at the desk so I figured my girlfriend and I would get some kind of upgrade, We went as it was her birthday. My girlfriend cringed at the fact that I was gonna try and hustle an upgrade so she waited on the sidelines as I waited in line LOL. I did not target anyone and just rolled the dice. When I got to the counter the clerk was a 30’s something women, very nice and as they were busy at the checkin I didn’t get much small talk. I simply placed the 50$ in the cards and handed them over. But I made a big mistake. I folded it wrong so you couldnt see the “50” on the bill, she didnt unfold it and put it to the side. I didn’t ask for anything and she just looked up and smiled at me. After some typing she said shes moving us to a nice stay well room as that was all that she currently had. I said awesome and thanked her (I’m Canadian so we’re all pretty thankful when anyone does anything extra or nice for us) My GF asked what happened. I told her we got a room upgrade. Really happy with the room. the stay well rooms are wonderful. However it gets more interesting when we hit up the Mlife counter to redeem some free plays, The clerk said “Oh looks like you have 250$ food and beverage credit on your account… (which I know I did not have prior to arriving and nothing was on my mlife account). Interesting I’m just gonna call and see what this is about for you” she got on the phone and called, then she hung up and said “Yeah so we’re giving you 250$ food and bev credit per day as well as comping the remaining resort fees for your stay” – As my room was already comped I still had the resort fees for 4 nights. which totaled around 200$ with taxes. I just smiled and thanked her with a 5$ tip. I assumed this happened once the front desk clerk saw that it was a 50 that I tipped, I remembered her manager was near by and thats probably why she never looked at the note that I had slipped in. All in all I ended up saving well over $1000 dollars just in comps all from a 50 dollar tip. Tipping them will grant you huge rewards if you take the chance. and tipping bigger will result in saving a ton more. 20$ isnt really anything someone will jump at. Go big and reap the rewards my friends! next time im trying 100$ The mirage was awesome

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Strip View Room  from  Resort Room 

Did not target any clerk. My clerk was a friendly woman in her 30s who complimented my Mardi Gras tie. Had a nice chat and handed her my documents with a $20 in the passport. She immediately placed the $20 on the front of the counter and upgraded me to a strip view. I thanked her, asked if it would be possible to waive the resort fee which was the main reason I tried the $20 tip trick. She said unfortunately not unless there was an issue with the room. Thanked her and left the $20 on the counter where she had put it. I hope she was able to collect it after I left.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Strip View Room  from  Resort Room 

When I arrived the line was short so didn’t target the clerk, however was lucky to get called to the line of the friendly one (other two looked more official, possibly managers or supervisors?) Originally had a $50 sandwich but chickened out at the last minute, and slid over my ID and credit card, with the money in my hand (not sure if he saw it or not) mentioned it was my first time in Vegas and asked if he could do anything special and he said he’d have a look. Originally offered me a Stay Well spa room but I guess I looked unimpressed as he pretended to make a phone call and told me there was a King Room on the 24th floor with the private elevator available. Amazing! Put the $50 back in my pocket and gave him a $20 instead

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort Room  from  Resort Room 

Directed to the first available agent. Went during the slowest week of the year to visit Vegas (week before Christmas 2019), and tried the tip trick. She immediately handed it back and said “were not currently giving free upgrades, sorry.”
The room was too basic and very dated. Won’t be staying here again, next time I’m going to Aria or Cosmo.

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Saved:  $2-3 hundred Canadian Tipped:  $30 Upgraded to  Resort Tower  from  Resort Room 

Waited until about 4 pm to check in just to make sure most people had checked out of the rooms and to hopefully aid my chances in getting a better one. We checked in on a Wednesday for 4 nights leaving Sunday, we got the first desk clerk available very friendly middle aged Latino lady. I forgot her name sorry. We chatted with her for a moment and mentioned we were there celebrating my wife’s first time in Vegas and slipped her our id’s, credit cards and $30 sandwiched in between which she immediately placed aside as I passed her the sandwich I asked her if she had any complimentary room upgrades available. She said why yes I believe we have you checked into the resort tower king on the 24th floor with the private elevator to the 24th and 25th floors only. The larger dual sink bathroom with glass shower and soaking tub. It also has the strip & volcano room view which when we booked was a $35 /night extra so $110 saved after my $30 tip. I will also note that I tried this at the car rental agency “ nu rentals” we had booked a basic Kia Forte for $19 /night for one day as we had a lot of shopping to do in one day it was very busy and took a while to get to the desk but after being friendly with the lady at the desk, which most of the previous people before me were not . We talked and I slipped her a $20 and asked if she had any complimentary upgrades available and she said she would be right back and walked to a box of keys and came back and showed me the keys and said I have you booked for a 2019 charger. Which I said great it’s bigger it more comfortable great thankyou. … I walk outside and the guys brings the car up and this girl hooked me up with the 2019 charger r/t 370 HP. Not just your basic charger for $19 a night… I changed the rental to keep it for the 5 days =)

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Resort Room  from  Resort Room 

Very busy, got first person we saw. Told young man that it was our 20th Anniversary and asked if there were any possible upgrades for us. Didn’t slip the $20. All he gave us was the option to upgrade to a better room, but having to pay the extra $$$ for it. Sadly, they didn’t even have the original room we booked and offered us a handicap room. Got into room and everything is lowered and not as nice as a normal room. Had to call and get moved to a 2 queen room instead of King room.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort Tower  from  Resort Room 

We booked a resort King through Mlife at a reduced rate for 2 nights and a comped third night for Labor Day 2019. We checked in on Saturday at 11:30 am because that’s when we got into town. I used the priority check in line because I have the Mlife credit card and the line was much shorter than the regular line. Handed over my $20 between my license and credit card along with my Mlife rewards card and just asked if any complimentary upgrades were available.

The young lady replied “of course” and asked if we had stayed with them before. I told her we had and we’ve only stayed at the Mirage when we’ve visited Las Vegas.

She put us on the 24th floor with a view of the strip and the volcano, a soaking tub, and more square footage than the rooms we normally get on the lower floors. Not a huge upgrade and worth the $20.

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Joshua Palmer
Saved:  $$100+ Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Strip View Room  from  Resort Room 

I have done the $20 trick 5 times in vegas, this was a good upgrade.
Stayed at the Mirage in August 2019 and checked in on a Thursday at 5:00. Not super busy at check in but was 3rd in line so i got the first available clerk. Had the $20 between ID and CC and as soon as the young female clerk saw it she new the game. I had booked just a regular resort king room. The cheapest i could find. I asked if a tower king was available and it was not as they were all booked. She apologized and asked me to wait a few minutes so she could try a few other things. She came back and said that she can get me on a high level floor (we were on 16) with a strip/volcano view and she waved all the resort fees without me asking. The Strip view is an upgrade on the hotel site which i am indifferent on. I wanted Tower Rooms for the private elevator and up graded amenities. However, I was very happy with the waiving of the resort fees which are $40 a night. For 3 nights I saved $120 for the $20 tip. That is $100 cash win right from the start and then what ever they value the Strip View at which is no big deal to me. Very Happy with the deal.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Strip View Room 

Went to the Mirage over Spring Break -First week in April 2019. Female clerk helped us. Slipped a $20.00 – asked for a complimentary room upgrade . Said none were available. Instead she gave us a noisy room- no strip view near the elevator. Was so noisy from the machine on the elevators, had to move to another room. Given another lousy room with view of the mountains. No strip view. Highly disappointed.

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Saved:  $110 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

Didnt target any clerk in particular since you were just directed to whoever was available it was really busy since it was on memorial day weekend got there on Friday around 430 I had reserved at resort king room and I was upgraded to a resort tower king which was cool I was on the 24th floor also the clerk waived the parking which would have been 30 dollars for 2 days so that was cool! In total saved around 110 dollars 🤗🤗

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