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Saved:  $$15 a night for tower upgrade, $50 for free buffet. Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower Deluxe  from  Pyramid Deluxe 

Um… so the $20 tip trick worked, but then again it didn’t? The reason why i am unsure is because I did the trick but clerk didn’t take it. I placed the $20 in between my id and credit card and handed it over. I asked if there were any upgrades availible, i got an upgrade to double queen bed tower room with soaking tub, (real nice). The clerk also gave me 2 free passes to the buffet for either morning or night, (would have been better if the food was better). But after he returned my ID and credit card, the $20 was still there sandwiched inside. So he didnt take the money but i still got a deal. I wonder if the upgrades would have been given even with out the tip…hmmmm.

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Saved:  $110 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower Deluxe  from  Pyramid Deluxe 

The check in line was busy so there was no particular clerk I could pick, I was just the next in line. Although I did not visit Vegas for the first time, I never used the complementary tactics to get an upgrade. I did set up the passport / $20 / credit card sandwich but when he only asked for my ID the sandwich collapsed and was spread all over the counter. Also the conversation with the clerk went different then I rehearsed before in my head, actually there was not much of a conversation but I guess he understood the meaning. He upgraded us from a Pyramid Queen Room to a Tower Premium Queen Room: Newly remodeled. I know this is a $15 a night upgrade because I got an email a few days earlier if I was interested in these rooms. So for 4 nights that saved me $60. He also added a free buffet for 2 and that saved us another 50.
So even if your a bit clumsy and are not that skilled with smooth talking your way in a good deal, there is a good chance the trick will work 😊

Side not, next to me was a man who also took the upgrade, but payed for it. I spoke to him the other day and he said that these newly remodelled rooms where really good value, as the older pyramid rooms are really worn down (he stayed there last year). So if you visit the Luxor for a few days, at least go for this upgrade to make your stay much more pleasant. And for only $20 more, this upgrade is worth even more then the $110 saved.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower Deluxe  from  Pyramid Deluxe 

we walked in really nervous and my girlfriend was sweaty. we put the $20 bill between the cards as the website said. we prepared it in line and approached the clerk. her name was Bri and we briefly made small talk, handed a sandwiched $20, and ask for any complimentary upgrades. she said she would check her system and found an upgraded room at the west tower with a king bed, from our original Queen bed in the pyramid, which is smaller. the room turned out to have been accidentally booked with another occupant. having had to return to the lobby they rebooked us properly on a higher floor along with complimentary buffet. frontdesktip turns out to be a success!

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Saved:  $20 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower Deluxe  from  Pyramid Deluxe 

Arrived at 11:30pm – fairly late on Monday April 8th. $20 trick did it. The lady knew exactly what I was looking for – she took the bill and said “i’ll See what I can do”. She then gave a complementary upgrade from pyramid to tower deluxe. Can’t say it’s that nice, but still better than Pyramid.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower Deluxe  from  Unsure 

It was about 12 am… we waited in line to check in… my husband put a 20 between our ids and asked what complimentary upgrades were available… we got an upgraded room in the newly renovated tower and then we said we had a car and he gave us free parking …

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Pyramid Deluxe  from  Pyramid Deluxe 

Walked up to the desk with my wife and her Happy Birthday Shirt. Sandwiched my 20.00 with my Id and card. It was early their was not a lot of people we got a younger Asian lady that checked us in first told us there were not any rooms but looked at the room type we booked and she found a room. She took my id and card and put the 20 back on the counter I asked about upgrades and she said not for free and was actually I felt kinda rude because normally when we come to Vegas for a special occasion they normally do something to make us feel special.

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Saved:  $approx. $110 Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Tower Deluxe  from  Pyramid Deluxe 

I had reserved a one night stay in a Pyramid room with two queen beds on the Mlife website for my dad and I, celebrating his birthday. We checked in on Saturday at 11:30 am, having paid extra for an early check in and late check out. I had to take the first clerk available, a shorter woman in her mid 20s. She asked if i was checking out, and I let her know I paid for an early check in. I handed her my ID and CC. Instead of hiding the $50, I placed it on the counter and said “This is for you. I’d really appreciate anything you can do for us.” She thanked me for the tip, and said that she was going to upgrade me to a renovated tower room with two queen beds, and also give us two comped buffets. She was helpful and gave us a map of the property. She put a note guaranteeing our late check out and comped dinner on file and thanked me again for the tip. The Luxor dinner buffet was a little gross, I’m glad that it was comped.

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Saved:  $$90 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower Deluxe  from  Pyramid Deluxe 

We didn’t target anybody because it was very busy, did early check in at 1pm. I put the $20 in between my cc and ID and asked him if there were any complimentary upgrades available. He just said “I’ll see what I can do.” After talking and making small talk he also said he was going to give us a $75 food credit and free parking! I think we did really good!

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Saved:  $$75 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Pyramid Suite  from  Tower Deluxe 

Didn’t target a clerk, as it was Monday at noon, not too busy and it seemed like all would upgrade.

We sandwiches the 20$ between passport and credit card and asked if there was anything she could do for our last night in Vegas. She offered buffet and pyramid suite. I asked if it was possible to have the tower suite instead, she said that none were ready right now to comp. I accepted as buffet plus suite seemed good.

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Saved:  $$200 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Player Deluxe Room  from  Pyramid Deluxe 

I was unsure if it would work….but tried it anyways AND IT WORKED….just folded $20.00 and put it on top of reservation paperwork with id….STRIP VIEW RECOMMENDED ALWAYS

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