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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Pyramid Spa Suite & Deluxe Players Room  from  Deluxe Tower 

Checked in late…around 1:30am. Everything was almost already gone. I slipped the $20 between ID and CC and she knew right away. She typed away and told me she couldn’t do anything for the entire stay since I was staying 3 nights. So she worked it out and had us set up for a Pyramid Spa Suite for the the first night and then back to the original Deluxe Tower for the 2nd and 3rd nights. She said that she would make sure we had a nicer room with a view and everything would be set up the next day for us. Let me tell you…the spa suite was wonderful if you make use of the spa. It was awesome…we definitely made use of it…haha. Well worth the $20 alone if we only had this upgrade for one night. The next day we were supposed to move over to our original room, but when I got there…the room had no view. It was a very nice room…just no view. So i called back down to ask to speak with a supervisor and told her that we already had problems with check-in and was told that we would get a room with a nice view for the remaining nights. She then upgraded us again from the deluxe room to the Deluxe Player’s room with a 42′ plasma TV, Bose surround sound system, a luxurious cal-king bed with luxury bedding and a separate bath and shower AND it had the best view possible of the strip from Luxor (which isn’t great but good enough). VERY well worth the extra $20. At the end of everything, I also got a good deal for the rooms from checking the prices everyday before getting there and found cheaper rates and called to have them re-rate my room prices. I got all this for a thurs, fri, sat night stay for around $500 total. Not to mention, I also got $30 credit towards dining at fusia and $20 for spa services and 2for1 for spa entry and IMAX films from their online deal. Wow…would try this again…but next time I’ll try with a hotel with a better view of the strip.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to    from  Deluxe Room 

What Happenned? Gave her a $50 because I knew it was a busy weekend.I asked for any upgrades and she said its a really busy weekend. She gave us a Tower room on 20th floor with connecting rooms, BUT all she had was smoking rooms (so she said)..she said the suites were sold out. So we took the rooms, but they were so bad from the smoke we had to switch. So I went back down to her and she gave us crappy rooms(not connecting) on the 6th floor in the pyramid.So in the end we actually got downgraded. I think she might have actually been irritated that we tried “bribing” her because I find it hard to believe they were sold out of non smoking rooms at the Luxor.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Pyramid Spa Suite  from  Standard Pyramid Room 

Handed her my license, then handed her my CC with the 20 underneath it. She asked me what it was for and i said that it was for her. then i asked: “are there any complimentary upgrades?” She said she wasn’t sure and went to check. When she came back she offered me the pyramid spa suite or the tower mini suite. I picked the Spa Suite and it was totally worth the 20 bucks.

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Lynne W
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  we had to pay for the upgrade  from  standard 

I had tried the 20 dollar upgrade before, and it worked, so we gave it another go. This time we were there to celebrate my husband’s big 40th birthday. I even had a cake pre-ordered/made by the Luxor caterers, so the ugrade was a big deal. We were shot down even w/ the 20 dollar tip. I ended up paying for the upgrade for 3 nights. We paid 269 1 night, 189 for the next 2 nights for a suite in the pyramid–and it wasn’t even the nicest suite they offer.

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Tower Suite  from  Deluxe Pyramid 

Booked online at Luxor’s site. arrived late around 1:30AM and checked in. This was a complimentary upgrade I didn’t ask for. The CSR simply asked me if I wanted an upgrade for an additonal $50 and I declined. He said, Well you got it anyway. I believe we were upgraded because we arrived so late and I was friendly even though I was tired.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower Suite  from  Deluxe Tower 

I came back from Vegas a few weeks ago and the $20 tip worked like a charm at the Luxor. We booked our deluxe tower room at $79 for two nights. When I handed over my credit card with a $20 tuck underneath, the lady returned it looking a little confused. But when I told her that it was for her, she went to talk to her manager and gave us a tower suite! $89 a night for a tower suite is not bad! Hope you all have the same luck. *<^-^>*

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Spa Suite  from  Deluxe Tower 

I was at Luxor last week. Reserved the basic room and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades. I had a $20 bill with me, but the agent never saw that. She asked me to wait, went inside to check with someone. Came back with an upgrade to spa suite. (It was during the weekdays). Later when I handed my CC, I gave the $20 and she was very appreciative of it.

I guess, I would have got the upgrade without the $20 trick. I was very happy to give the tip for the service I was provided.

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Spa Suite  from  Basic Pyramid 

This was my first time in Vegas and my boyfriend and I decided to stay at the Luxor. I was naive and didn’t know anything about the whole “$20 trick” until after I left. We checked in with a really nice lady (I’m almost positive her name was “Linda”). She looked at us when she looked at what room we had reserved, lowered her voice and said, “I’m not supposed to do this but I’m going to upgrade you guys to a spa suite.” In doing all my research for the trip I thought it was a good upgrade but I wasn’t entirely sure (it seemed too good to be true!). Our suite was BEAUTIFUL, it didn’t have a view (it was of a parking garage) but I had a jacuzzi for free!
Linda definitely helped make that first Vegas trip a reason to keep going back.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  3 Room Tower Suite  from  Pyramid Deluxe Room 

Just checked in at Luxor tonight for a 3 night stay. I had booked a room and kept calling as the luxor website room rates continued falling. I reserved my three nights for the basic pyramid deluxe room. $20 at checkin got me upgraded to a 3 room tower suite (which normally runs $100 more per night than the room I had booked). My wife noted it’s probably the nicest hotel room we’ve ever stayed in… All I did was slip the agent the twenty under my credit card, agent was at first confused and tried to give it back but quickly recovered. Left it sitting in plain sight on the counter and got me the best room they could. My wife was very impressed

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower suite  from  Pyramid 

Worked very well with a gorgeous Hispanic female CSR. She could not have been nicer and appreciated the tip. Took a while with a couple check-ins with managers but she had no problem doing it. December, right after the rodeo left town, so I imagine there’s lots of inventory.

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