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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  North Tower, Extra rooms keys & Roll-away bed  from  South Tower 

I did not expect to get upgraded to a suite since I’ve never stayed there and it was the beginning of March Madness. The front desk clerk was able to put us in the North Tower with extra room keys and a roll away bed at no charge. I wasn’t expecting anything since they were almost at capacity, but it turned into a nice stay there.

Bonus: we got all the drink tickets we wanted at the sports book without having to barter or do anything other than simply ask for them. Typically its one ticket for every $100 bet.

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Tipped:  $30 Upgraded to  Parlor Suite - North Tower  from  Standard Room - South Tower 

Husband checked us in around 8pm and asked for the complimentary upgrade. The kid quickly pocketed the 30 dollars, didn’t say anything and just gave him the keys. When we got up to the room, we could see it had 2 separate doors and said “suite” on the outside – we were psyched to see two rooms, two baths, Bose stereos, bar and comfy upgraded down bedding, feather bed on a king mattress, chocolates and the whole nine yards. Since my company paid for the room itself, the upgrade was a screaming deal! Awesome! Nice hotel and friendly staff.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  South Tower Suite on 15th floor  from  North Tower through Travel Worm 

Put the twenty with CC and DL. Asked if any upgrades where available. She said “No, we are packed”. I left the $20 lay on the counter. She typed and typed and got our key ready. I picked up the twenty as I reached for our key. She said, “Sir, I was able to get you an upgrade”. I thanked her, gave her the $20. My wife didn’t believe it until we opened our room door. What a trip and what a hotel.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Standard South Tower  from  Standard South Tower 

Made the $20 sandwich, displayed it discretely, and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. She replied she could upgrade us to the North Tower for $50 per night. I politely declined and check-in proceeded nicely. Suspect it was due to crown for NFR.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Basic suite  from  Basic 

Checked in late (10PM), totally worked. Highly recommend this place, all around. So much cheaper than the strip, and very nice.

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Adjoining rooms - free cots - free bar fridge  from  Two rooms 

We were a group of six with reservations for two rooms. I put two 20$ bills (1 for each room) on the counter and asked for a complimentary upgrade to suites – knowing we wouldn’t get it for a four-day stay over the weekend, but we’d be able to get something more reasonable out of it.
We got adjoining rooms with free cots and a free bar fridge. We got six room keys without having to pay the extra 20$ per person per night surcharge for having more than 2 people to a room.
The 40$ tip saved us some serious money!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to    from  standard 

Clerk was very friendly and did not seem surpised or angry. She spent several minutes looking for an upgrade, finally asked if I was willing to wait two hours for a room to get ready. I replied no. Tne bill had been sitting on the counter and I took it back. She was still very friendly and I ended up tipping her $10 for her efforts. I’ll try again, and again.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Spa Suite  from  Hotwire standard room 

I followed the routine and put the $20 between my credit card and driver’s license. Chatted up the very nice clerk, telling her that we were celebrating our wedding anniversary. It is in September, just not that particular day. I told her I knew it was difficult since we were only staying one night. She paused, and then said, you are going to love this. We were given a Spa Suite, 1500 square feet, upstairs and downstairs, so incredible I can’t believe it. These are saved for high rollers and this particular suite was Steve Wynn’s personal suite when he owned the hotel. Absolutely FABULOUS!!! My husband’s only comment, “Are you sure you only gave her $20?”

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Corner Room in newer Tower  from  Standard 

Asked for any complimentary Upgrades and got a corner room in the newer tower with plenty of space.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  standard  from  standard 

We showed up around 10pm on a Monday. I didn’t show the $20 right away cause my wife was scared we might get in trouble. So after the female Latina clerk looked for a room, she asked if we didn’t mind a smoking room. I said no, we need a non-smoking room. So that’s when I flashed the $20 and asked if there might be any complimentary upgrades. She checked, found a suite for only the first night out of three. I asked, no upgrades for all three nights? She said, “No, we don’t give upgrades for that many nights.” So I put the $20 back in my wallet. She asked if we could wait an hour while they fix up the room. We said yes, but it took friggin 2 hours before we finally got the suite. I can sorta understand, we did check in extremely late and they actually did turn away customers without a reservation. Gorgeous suite by the way, at least for one night. Definitely worth trying the $20 trick. Plasma tv, feather pillows, model home style design, a tv built into the bathroom mirror, and a real nice showerhead built in the ceiling of the shower. Checked into a standard room for the other two nights, and was given a room of the pool when we asked. $57/night 4-star from H**wire

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