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Saved:  $unknown Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

We tried the $20 tip on a Friday to Monday trip in February 2019. Checked in around 3:00 pm and the line was short to check in. The desk agent took the sandwich and set the $20 aside. She looked around in the computer and came back with two options for the booked Go Room | 2 Queens | High Roller view. Option 1 was a one bedroom something (maybe a suite) on a higher floor with view of the High Roller or Option 2 a larger Go Room on the top floor with a Bellagio fountain view. We took the Option 2 that turned out to be a room on the side facing The Cromwell Hotel and the Drai’s Nighclub on top of the Cromwell. The room was nice and larger with an extended pop out area near the window. BUT come 10:30 pm the Drai’s Nighclub opened up and could hear the music and DJ on the microphone until 4:00 am at closing time. Could feel the beat of the music and hear clearly what was being played.
The next day we went to inquire about changing rooms and the desk agent said that there is noise from all the sides facing toward the strip with another nightclub across the strip and the LINQ promenade. Ended up switching to a High Roller Go room and learned a lesson. Should have taken the other option the first desk agent offered.

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Saved:  $Saved 118.00 or so Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

We arrived at the Flamingo on Eed. June 17th, staying for 6 nights.
We had booked the regular fab double queen room. I got an email earlier in the week offering a basic upgrade for 23.00 a night. We went to check in, and I did the sandwich trick.
The gal helping us was probably in her 60s, and very nice. She thanked me for the tip. I never asked for anything, and after printing our keys, she informed me that we were booked in a double Queen GO room. Yay! It worked!

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Saved:  $a lot Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

Our reservation was for a Fab King room. We presented $20 bill in our stack of platinum TR cards and CC and IDs at checkin and asked the clerk “would you happen to have a complimentary upgrade available to a Go Room with a fridge?” She slid the 20 aside and said she would check in a bit. She tapped around confirming our reservation details and then said she did not have a Go upgrade available but would be able to give us an Executive King with fridge and coffee maker. This was on the 27th floor and was a bit larger than our reserved room. I responded that would be great! She then proceeded to tap around stating she could probably find one with a decent view too…yep decent view of strip. I thanked her and said how much that we appreciated that. She handed us keycards and waters! As we thanked her again and turned to walk away, she picked up the $20 and thanked us:) We got up to our room to find a full-on center strip view on the 27th floor!!!!!! Very decent and comfortable room with coffee provided daily – this alone saved us more than the tip to upgrade!

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Saved:  $150 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

My wife and I stayed for three nigths in early October, 2018. We waited in a pretty formidable line and avoided using the kiosks as I was hoping for an upgrade. The draw was a 30-something gal who smiled and welcomed us. I delivered the sandwich and the greeting. She pecked and looked and we ended up with an upgrade from a bottom-of-the-line room to a newly-remodeled one. The view was poor, proximity to the lifts was poor, and all around the hotel itself was a bit underwhelming, but the room itself was quite nice and clean and, in fact, newly remodeled.
The young lady clarified at the end that the tip was solely for her excellent service and had nothing to do with the upgrade, which I wholly reaffirmed to her.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

We walked in to the flamingo hotel to checking in and looked at the front desk help and chose a young lady in her 30s with short dark hair who was very nice. we had got our room on Hotel Tonight for $45 and assumed it was a GO room only to find out it was a standard King. We had heard some horror stories about the standard rooms at this hotel so I decided to try the $20 sandwich and it was not successful. She said very politely I can keep the tip but I still have to charge you for the upgrade there are no free upgrades today. I politely took the money back and paid the $30 for the upgrade for the GO room. Oh well you win some you lose some.

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Saved:  $$500 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

Our clerk seemed grumpy but we thought what the hell. We slid her the $20 and asked the magic question. She went in the back and came out and said yes no problem. We were shocked we didnt expect it. We had booked the cheapest room possible and she upgrade us to the brand new (at the time) flamingo go king rooms with a strip view. This was a 10night reservation as well. My mam who was checking in right next to us was denied and offered the upgrade for $50 per night!

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Bee Cos
Saved:  $$0 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

No specific clerk targeted as there was a line. Got a younger female staff member and checked in roughly at 11:30pm on a Wednesday night. I asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available when I handed her the sandwich. She immediately returned the bill, said nothing complimentary, but a paid upgrade was available. I did not see a supervisor anywhere nearby, so I don’t think management was the issue. We declined to pay for an upgrade, did not receive anything complimentary, and that was that. She was a polite staff member however.

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Amy S
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

We tried the $20 trick and it failed miserably. I think we just got the most incompetent front desk girl ever. We asked for any complimentary room upgrades when we slipped her a credit card driver’s license with a $20 between it, she did however hand us back the 20 and said she would give us any upgrades if they’re available. She was probably in her mid-50s and we checked in around 1:00pm, and it took us over 45 minutes to check in after getting to a person and after having to get a supervisor involved, etc. This was also for “comped” rooms, still had to pay the resort fees. I think we just really got a bad front desk employee and at least we got the $20 back.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

We didn’t target a clerk we just went ahead and went with whoever called us first, she was a female around her 30’s. We gave her $40 since it was two rooms we booked, slid in between my id and card. Right away we let her know if there was any comp room upgrades possible connected room or right next to each other. She started typing right away. We originally booked go rooms but she ended up switching us to the new remodeled rooms, high roller view and on the 28th top floor! it was beautiful definitely recommend giving this a try.

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Luiz N
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

I didn’t have the chance to pick the clerk because of the big single line. I think I was lucky because everyone recommends to pick a young clerk and when my turn came a young lady called for the next one. She was very discrete trying to get a better room, not desperately stroking the keyboard like some reviews. Booked a Go room with high roller view and she gave me a bigger room at the top floor with strip view. It worked like a charm!

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