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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Jr. Suite, strip view  from  Standard 

We checked in at about 9pm and went to the first available clerk. I did the ol’ sandwich trick and bingo!! The clerk looked at the moola, and quickly upgraded us to a nice room with a strip view….Thank you front desk tip, you made my stay a heck of a lot better!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower 2, widescreen, view  from  Basic Tower 1 

When I checked in I had a 20 between the cc and license and I asked if any complimentary upgrades were available. She said of course and checked us in.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Comtemporary Tower Room Queen  from  Tower Room Queen 

It was approximately 9:30 pm and quite busy as there were a lot of families and people in the check-in line. Quite possibly there was a high school basketball or volleyball tournament in town.

I did’nt target a specific clerk, but was happy to get one that was a little bit away from the supervisors so I could try the sandwich trick. I placed my $20 in-between my ID and CC and asked “Are there any free upgrades available?” She said she would check and actually dropped my $20 on the counter. I didn’t think she heard me too well, but she did recommed an upgrade to a larger room in Tower 2 (the newer refurbished one). I took it and then I asked for an extra roll away bed to add to my 2 queen bed room, since I had a 3rd guy staying with me.

She started on the upgrade and addition and then saw the $20 and asked “Is this for me?” and a slyly gave an affirming nod and she smoothly pocketed the cash. Looking at my bill, I got the upgrade and the roll away bed for free and she did not charge me for an extra person in the room either, so its definitely a win!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower Deluxe  from  Tower 

I gave her 20 USD and asked for complimentary upgrades. She said, she’ll have a look and offered me a room upgrade to a better room in the 21st floor.

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  We will see  from  Contrmporary queen 

I am not an advertiser this is just my first time going to Vegas ever. Excalibur has a pretty great offer on smartervegas if u give them your email. You get extremely low rates, and a complimentary room upgrade as part of the promotion. I booked the contemporary room for very cheap it was only $2 more a night than that ugly basic room! Also i recommend every one to try because it worked for me to call and get your extra person fees dropped. Im a college student and it saved $160 which just means more for drinks and gambling 🙂

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Excalibur Widescreen Room  from  Standard 

My wife and I did not pick our clerk she was open so we went forward, told her the check-in name and handed her the credit card with the $20 folded once between that and the ID, she was searching on the computer for the room, when she separated the cards and saw the $20, then we asked for a complementary room upgrade, she said one second let me look and said we’ve upgraded to a king size Excalibur Widescreen Room, non-smoking, and off to the room we went, decent hotel, get what you pay for, we didn’t spend much time in our room

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Widescreen Room on the 27th Floor  from  Standard 

I checked into the hotel around 6P. I walked up to the next available agent. I had my sandwich ready, and told her my name. As I handed her my sandwich, I asked if there were any complimentary room upgrades available. She took apart my sandwich leaving the $20 on the desk, and said she’d see what was available. There was indeed an upgrade she said she’d upgrade us to. We asked for a roll-a-way bed as well, and she said there was going to be a fee involved, but then waved the daily fee. All the while, I stared at my $20 hoping she’d take it. She handed me back my credit card and ID, and as I thanked her and started to walk away, she was like “Mam, you forgot this” and pointed to the $20. So, all in all, it worked, it was just a bit awkward, but I got the upgrade at no cost!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  widescreen view room  from  stardard room 

On my way down to Vegas I told my girlfriend about the “trick” on getting a room upgrade. So when we arrived around noon on valentines day and was waiting in line to check in she asked me if I was going to attempt it. I told her it wasn’t going to hurt to try and prepared my id and credit card with the $20 folded neatly in between them. While waiting, I scanned over the 4 desk clerks I noticed 2 who I felt would be a good chance, 1 that was a maybe, and one that was a no-chance (she seemed like she was the one having the bad day and grumpy while dealing with the people ahead of me in line.) Of course the luck of the draw I got the one lady I felt I had no chance of getting an upgrade but proceeded with the tip anyways. The clerk, an African American lady around mid to late 30’s asked me if I had a reservation, I told her yes, handed over my info with the $20 sandwiched in between, and asked if there might be any complementary room upgrades. In less than a blink of a eye, the tip was gone and the clerk was typing on her keyboard to see what was available. After a couple of minutes she told me she could upgrade me from my standard room to a widescreen room with a view of the pool. The catch was that the room wasn’t ready yet and I would have to come back in a bit to her and get my key. I asked her how long and she said she would call and put a rush on it. She picked up the phone but no one answered. She then said “well here’s a room with view of the strip that is available now instead.” I thanked her and she told me to have a nice stay and thank you! The girlfriend smiled at me and shook her head… she didn’t think it would work. 🙂

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Tipped:  $0 Upgraded to  Widescreen King Room  from  King Tower Room 

We walked to the line and the first available of two clerks on at 8pm called us over. Had the $20 in my hand! Asked the clerk if there were any complimentary upgrades available. She said let me check and about a minute later I was upgraded to a great widescreen room. Didn’t have to use the $20 but gave it to her anyway!!!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Widescreen  from  Standard 

I checked in around 8 pm on May 25, 2010. I was waiting in line and the female clerk waved at me, so I went to her front desk. I handed her my sandwich and as soon as I did that, I asked “Are there any complimentary upgrades?” She replied with “I will see what I can do.” She then upgraded me to the widescreen room in Tower II on the 14th floor, gave me discounts for shows, waived all my daily resort fees, and put $12 credit back onto my credit card. I stayed there till the 28th, so $20 was very well spent!

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