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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  THESuite at THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay  from  standard room Mandalay Bay 

Booked 4 nights standard room at Mandalay Bay. Got to check in about 11:30am Sunday. Little bit of wait, picked out a 25-30ish black male. Handed $20 sandwich, asked for complimentary upgrade. He quickly slid $20 into pocket and “apologized” for our “wait” in line. Proceeded to upgrade us to THESuite at THEHotel, 38th floor, strip view. I also asked for a mini fridge and he said normally they are $30 a night, but I will wave that charge for you! THANKS FOR THE TIPS!!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to    from  Regular suite 

Asked nicely if any upgrades were available with folded $20 in view, and she quickly replied NO and the money wasn’t necessary. With almost in insulted attitude.

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Christina Smith
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  The Suite  from  The Suite 

There’s this Asian girl who just loves her job. I gave her the $20 tip and she smiled, refused and said, I didn’t have to and returned the tip back to me. To be honest, I got embarrassed when the tip was returned back to me. It made me feel cheap rather than superior. Everyone’s in recession but it made me realize that these agents DONT HAVE TO LOSE THEIR JOBS w/ a stupid tip right? I think she had the impression that I was bribing her instead of tipping her. Oh well, KUDOS to the Hotel for hiring such honest person!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Standard suite on highest floor w/view  from  Standard suite 

I was helped by an older looking lady who didn’t look very friendly, but I tried the $20 trick anyways. I made up a story that my girlfriend and I had met in Vegas and that I wanted to make this return trip special. It worked like a charm! She got us a room on a high floor(37th) at the far end of the hallway(I had read that these are bigger) with a beautiful strip view. SCORE!

I had a friend that was staying at the same hotel who did not try the $20 tip and he was given a room on the 9th floor and not at the end of the hall. His room was only slightly smaller, but we had 2 LCD tv’s instead of 1 LCD and 1 regular tv. Also, the view from his room was not even worth opening the curtains while I was watching the Las Vegas strip from my bed every night.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  The Suite with strip view and all the pool passes I wanted  from  The Suite 

Lined up for a male clerk and did the Credit Card Sandwich with a $20. Reed hooked me up with a 31st floor suite with an amazing view, all the pool passes I wanted for my friends who weren’t staying at Mandalay, and told me he could get me and my friends into Mix without a cover or a line. Even gave us a late checkout. I’m trying this everywhere now!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  high-floor, corner suite  from  normal suite 

Booked a single room for 4 people. Had a queen double but also needed a roll-away, and obviously wanted to get a nicer room 🙂
I slipped the $20 in the sandwich and made sure the clerk saw it. He was extremely friendly and I told him the $20 was for him and wondered if he could hook us up with a nice room and also a roll-away. He put us on the 35th floor with a strip view and said the rollaway bed would be there shortly. He asked if I needed anything else like a mini fridge or anything and I said, “sure! that would be great”. Checked in to the room and within 2 minutes there was someone knocking on the door with the roll-away bed and a mini fridge.
Best $20 ever spent. Oh and the strip view was gorgeous.

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Johnny R.
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  regular  from  regular 

Slid the $20 sandwich to the agent when she asked for my ID and credit card. She said there were no complimentary upgrades available. She handed it back to me & asked me if I wanted to PAY for the upgrade instead. My counterpart tried with another agent, and was denied.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Spa Passes (Possible upgrade the next day)  from  Regular Suite 

My brother did it… we didn’t get a room upgrade but got some free spa passes. I think he told me all the rooms were taken and if we wanted an upgrade we can come back the next day and ask if there are any available, but we were too lazy to do that

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  61st floor strip view  from  Cheapest available room (not suite) 

Desk clark looked somewhat straight, so I didn’t fancy my chances, but thought ‘what’s there to lose’ and had a go anyway. Slipped $20 between passport and credit card, and said (with a wink) “Sorry for being a bit cheeky, but I don’t suppose you could sort us out a nice room?” or words to that effect. She originally looked like she was going to say no, then spotted the $20, grinned, and we were in business.

She told us she’d find us something great. Went away and came back a few minutes later and said she had a great room with an amazing strip view on the 61st floor, as long as we didn’t mind having no minibar and didn’t mind the height. Otherwise I think she’d have put us in a suite without the great view, but only being there one night, we went for the room.

Room was great – on the 61st floor with a stunning view out over the strip. Bathroom was very cool with two sinks, and a huge bath with water jets and bubbles, bathroom packed full of Bulgari stuff. Not sure if this is available in rooms normally as it was the first time I’d stayed there (the receptionist implied that it wasn’t) but either way, we were very happy.

In short, the view alone was worth the $20.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  THEsuite  from  THEdeluxe 

FYI… From what I gather THEhotel@MB is mainly a suite hotel. However, they have a small number of basic/regular rooms called THEdeluxe, which are styled similarly to THEsuites. So I took my chances and booked the lower priced THEdeluxe room, hoping the $20 trick would work and get me an upgrade to THEsuite.

So… I arrived in LV in the morning and after picking up the rental car, I drove over to THEhotel@MB just to drop off my bags. Without even stepping inside the hotel, I went to grab some lunch elsewhere and came back to THEhotel around 4pm to check in. I had a $20 bill folded up between my ID & CC and handed it to the front desk person. I asked in a soft voice whether it was possible to get a room upgrade. Since my CC is semi-clear, the front desk guy must have seen the $20 and said, “let me see what I can do” while typing away at his system. He said he could give me a suite, but the room hasn’t been serviced by housekeeping yet and asked if I would mind waiting. I said, “sure, no problem.” He then started typing away again and asked if I could wait a moment while he checked something in the back. So he disappeared for a minute, came back and said he could give me an even larger suite on a high floor that is currently available. SUCCESS!!!

Funny thing though… after he had my info from my driver’s license and credit card, he handed those back to me and left the $20 bill in plain sight right on top of his keyboard (above the numeric keypad). It was sitting there for at least a couple minutes while I signed the guest registration paperwork and it was still there as he handed me the room cards and I turned away towards the elevators. So I never saw if he eventually slipped the $20 into his pocket or did something else with it.

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