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We arrived at 2 PM & the reservation lines were packed. Didn’t really have a choice as to which clerk we would get.

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Saved:  $154 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  August Tower Luxury  from  Palace Tower Premium Room 

Noon. Random clerk. Booked 2 beds in Palace. Asked if she could find an Augustus upgrade. Only could find King smoking. Then I whipped out the $20 and asked if she could try again. After minutes of furious typing she gave us Augustus Laurel Collection stripview non-smoking 2 beds near tower end on Las Vegas Blvd. NEVER in my life have I tried this for a hotel. Thanks!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  test  from  test 

I booked a Forum Tower room for a 2 night stay with my girl friend. We arrived at the hotel on Monday afternoon around 4pm. This was my first time trying this so I was a bit nervous. It wasn’t particularly busy and there were about six clerks working at the front desk who varied in age and ethnicity. We tried to look for a young, “cool” looking clerk and spotted a young Asian male clerk who looked about in his mid 20\’s. We lined up in front of him and waited. He didn’t seem too happy with the customer in front of us, so we were a little worried that he might be in a bad mood. But just before we walked up, my gf and I cracked a pretty funny joke so we were laughing as we came up to him and he greeted us smiling. As I approached him we said hello and exchanged some casual conversations. He asked for my ID and Credit Card. I handed him a $20 sandwich and asked, “Do you have any complimentary upgrade available?” He answered, “I will look into see what I can do,” as he received my sandwich. He spotted the $20 bill and threw it into a drawer in front of him casually as if he’s done it many times and got to work on his computer. After 1-2 minutes, he said that he is able to upgrade our room to a 30th floor 750 sq ft August Tower room. It was an AMAZING room with a jacuzzi tub and Bellagio fountain view. First time using a $20 sandwich and worked like a charm. We had a great stay at Caesars!

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Saved:  $$2700.00 Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Roman Tower Room 

I didn’t get to pick a particular clerk as it was after 1:30am and there were only 3 clerks and we waited in line almost 2 hours.

The clerk I had at check-in asked how I was and how I was enjoying Vegas so far.
I gave him my credit card, drivers license and $40.00. I told him my trip to Vegas was terrible so far after spending 16 hours in airports and flying. I then said it was up to him to make me want to return to Vegas as so far I was never coming back and I’ve always loved Vegas.

He upgraded us to a Augustus Jacuzzi Suite on the 28th floor at the end of the hall so we’d have a panoramic view of the strip in both directions.

I initially booked a deluxe room for $90.00 a night and this room was a $1,000.00 a night! The room was spectacular and every Caesars employee I dealt with were exceptional while there. We enjoyed our suite.

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Chris Hatter
Saved:  $$600 or more Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Caesars Executives Suites  from  Augustus Tower Deluxe 

I am a vet with Platinum status so we skipped to a lady in her early 40’s in the Platinum line. We arrived at 630pm on a Thursday night. I sandwiched my $40 and she smiled and layed them to the side. The rest is History and the Suite was incredible

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Octavius Tower Deluxe  from  Roman Tower Room 

We arrived after travelling 24hrs to get to Caesar’s. The queue was not long but probably due to irritability it felt like we we waiting for a while, however the guy that served us was lovely.

We handed over passports/cards + the sandwich. He gave us a smile and told us that he would have a look for any upgrades. He upgraded us to the Octavius deluxe suite which was amazing as the beds are much bigger and the bathroom is a sight to behold.

I would definitely recommend giving this a go! Hopefully your clerk is as friendly as ours was!

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Augustus Tower Deluxe  from  Forum Tower Deluxe 

Did not have to say anything. The $40 is self explanatory. Asked if I could get an upgrade for a special occasion. Done

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Saved:  $$120 Tipped:  $30 Upgraded to  Palace Tower Premium Room  from  Forum Tower Deluxe 

There was a long line, so I had no idea which clerk I was going to get. I ended up getting a clerk around 2:45 p.m. He was a nice young man, and I was hopeful this was going to work! After exchanging greetings, I gave him my ID, $30, and my card all sandwiched together in a nice stack. I simply said, “I was wondering if I was eligible for any complimentary upgrades.” I made sure I didn’t say it too loudly, though. He saw the cash and said, “Gotcha. I’ll see what I can do.” After a few moments, he upgraded my room to a nicely renovated Palace Tower room. It really was that easy, and you should definitely try this!

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Saved:  $75 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Augustus Tower Deluxe  from  Octavius Tower Deluxe 

Got into the regular line on a Sunday evening around 6. There wasn’t much line, and the front desk agent said I got in at the right time between convention arrivals. He returned the $20 and said he would accept it after room assignment.
I asked for a julius suite or laurel collection augustus, but he said a suite would only have a king, and I wanted two queens. Was able to get me a south facing augustus room toward the strip, which was a decent upgrade over my original booking at octavius.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

Came for a long conference where they book a block of rooms do I don’t get to select. When I checked in I handed the guy $20 and asked for a more updated tower and asked if any upgrades were available. He pretended to check but quickly said he can only do so much because of the conference. Completely bs bc the person I arrived with got the new tower and upgraded room And didn’t tip. The worst part is the room is crappy like a motel and he kept my money. I’ve always hated this hotel and pray this is the last year for my company. And to top it off the palace tower is under construction. I would have chosen one if the females if I could of as all the men looked angry at the world. Arrived Saturday night 10pm

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  nothing  from  "Deluxe" 

Arrived at 2 PM. Very quiet, only person in line before me. Was directed to an unfriendly Eastern European guy (I think, by his accent) who took my cc and id and immediately put my money back on the counter. I asked if I could get a complimentary upgrade. He told me no.; that the hotel was 96% booked (on a Monday afternoon in the convention-free boiling summer?). When I expressed disappointment, he told me that the “Deluxe” room I would get would have no view (not a bad view, he emphasized, but “no” view), was 250 square feet, hadn’t been remodeled in years and had an old tube tv. BUT that they had every tower, every view available for a premium payment of $40+ per night. Strange with the hotel being “96% booked.” I’ve been comp upgraded to modern rooms with great views at Wynn, Paris, Flamingo, and the Palazzo all during the same week in the summer and all just for asking. Never again to Caesars.

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