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when she came back she told me she could help me!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort Queen Room  from  Resort King Room 

Probably had everything going against me. Flight delayed so we didn’t check in until 9pm. $20 sandwich, was immediately handed it back and he told me they are fully booked with a conference.

We didn’t even get our original king room, two queens. He gave us $50 food and beverage credit to make up for it. Fine by me since he gave the $20 back.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Standard resort room with Pool view  from  The Standard resort room 

I just got back from Vegas.. Me and friends stayed at Bellagio for 4 nights. It was our first time to Vegas so first experience at Bellagio. We had a special celebration that`s why we thought of trying Bellagio thinking the hotel will be a A+ to our trip. But no.. kind of disappointed. It all started at the check-in. It was a Sunday afternoon. We targerted a guy but the an older lady directed us to this line with this lady. To make the story short, we tipped the front desk lady (maybe 25-35 years old, long curly, brown hair) with a bill of 50$ and asked for a bigger room. But they were full booked (that`s what she said.. I cant know for a fact.. anyway).. So I asked for nice view. She took the money and said it gonna be hard be let me try. After 30 seconds, she said she found us a room with a Fountain room or Pool view I don’t remember. I just remember she said she found us something. I was gonna ask her to break my bill of 50$ as I find that 50$ to upgrade to a nice view it`s kinda expensive… But she didn’t seem to ask me if I need to break the bill or anything.. So I was shy to ask. We went to our assigned room. Disappointment 1 – the room was a standard room with the view of a disappointing deserted parking! O_o
So we went downstairs to look for her again to know what`s going on… The lady we got was not there.. So we spoke with the lady that replaced her and explained the situation to her. Lucky that lady was able to find us something (pool view) or else I would have complained to the manager or something as we felt cheated from the first lady. She took our money but didn’t actually upgrade us! Shame on her! Then, the hotel was so big, we got lost to get to our new assigned room. We asked an employee. That person redirected us to a longggg route to get our tower. Anyway. For the money we paid, we find that our room is not worth it. We had other friends that came at the same time for this celebration but stayed at Aria and Caesar… we visited their room and we regretted to pay so much for Bellagio when they paid less and the room was nicer and bigger. Who would know.. The 2 most important persons of this trip stayed supposedly at the most beautiful hotel but got disappointed. We didnt say “Woaw” for Bellagio. We did for Caesar, Venetian, Mandalay Bay etc for different things.
Other than that, we tried the buffet at Ballagio. It was good. We tried the pool. It was nice but the pools at other hotels were as nice or nicer. The best thing maybe about this hotel is the location!
We liked the Casino at Bellagio though.
So to finish this, we love Vegas and will definitively come back BUT, our whole group of 10 people agreed that we will not stay at Bellagio. 🙁

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Resort Tower King  from  Resort Room 

We arrived at the Bellagio at around 10am on a Sunday morning. We did not pick any line just took the next available window. I did the $20 sandwich trick and told her we were back for our 4th stay and we were celebrating our 31st anniversary “would you have any complimentary upgrades?” She told us that AT&T had a convention going on and there would be no fountain view rooms available. She did notice that I had been in contact with their concierge before our arrival (to surprise my wife with spots at Cypress Pool) and she made a few calls to verify it. She then offered an upgrade to the Resort Tower King corner room (she told us a $70/night upgrade) which gave us views of the mountains and the main pool area~ very nice. The best part is that the elevators took us directly down to the pool area…no need to walk through the shop areas. Not a biggie, but was nice. All in all a good score.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  deluxe lakeview room with line passes  from  standard deluxe room 

Walked into hotel about 6 hours before check in, handed the young female clerk the 20 dollar sandwich and asked for a complimentary upgrade. She left the money in plain view the whole time and went immediately onto the computer and searched for what she had. I asked if we could get a fountain view room and we did. She asked if we needed anything else, and I asked for a buffet and cafe line pass (these are very necessary, as the bellagio buffet line is forever long!). She filled one out for us without even flinching and handed it over. We didnt wait in line during our whole visit…which was excellent! Worth the $20 without a doubt!

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Clancy Mclumpkin
Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Lakeview Room  from  Standard Deluxe 

My lover Eric and I planned a trip to Bellagio in January for Valentines Day in Vegas. We figured we’d stay in luxury while we partied over at Krave for Tighty Whitey Tuesdays 😉 We checked in with a young man who looked to be a fellow card carrying member of our orientation and slipped him a $50 under my ID. He said I think I know what you’re looking for and smiled. I gave him a wink and said I’m sure you do Cowboy 😉 Presto! A Lakeview room with a view of the strip. An excellent way to slip a $50 sandwich and gay it up in Vegas!

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Penthouse suite  from  Bellagio suite 

Checked in about 5:30-6:00 on Easter Sunday. I was hoping for a male clerk and as luck would have it that’s what I got. I handed him the sandwich and asked him to check for any complimentary upgrades. He said “of course” and started checking. I originally booked a Bellagio suite so I’d at least be happy with what I had in case he couldn’t upgrade us. I did my homework on the various suites and decided to shoot for the moon and ask for a Grand Lakeview. That was immediately nixed and he offered a Cypress suite, which I declined. I explained that since there were 3 of us I wanted to keep the 3 bathrooms that I had booked, and the Cypress only had 2. I then asked for a 2 bedroom Penthouse suite. He came back with a top floor Penthouse suite. I knew this had 3 bathrooms and about 500 more square feet of space. I accepted this and was so glad I did. This was the least I was going to settle for and it worked out for the best. This goes for about $200 to $300 additional per night and was mine for a 50 spot. Best room we’ve had in Vegas in 5 trips. So happy I found this site. Thank you Front Desk Tip.

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Saved:  $$125 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Premier Fountain View  from  Resort King Room 

We arrived around 4:30 and we weren’t able to “target” a clerk. I actually tipped $25 with the intention of tipping $5 if she st least tried. I asked about an upgrade with a view of the strip/fountain. She immediately got on the phone with her manager to let us know she was able to get us into a higher floor strip view with a “partial” fountain view. Our room in fact, can view the entire fountain/lake, but from an angle. Also, the Paris and Eiffel Tower are directly outside. Still a great room, and well worth the $25.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Resort Tower King  from  Resort King Room 

Almost chickened out, but decided to do the sandwich trick (I used a $50). I was polite and asked about any upgrades. We were given the upgrade to a Resort Tower king, a free buffet and a line pass to get us to the front of the line. Definitely worth it.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Tower Suite with Fountain View  from  Resort Room 

We arrived at the Bellagio around 730pm on a Wednesday night for our 4 night stay. The check-in area was not busy and I selected a younger, gentleman who appeared to be smiling and friendly. I handed him the “sandwich” with a $20 bill and asked him if there were any upgrades available. He immediately said “thank you”, pocketed the money and said “absolutely, let me see what I can do”. He got on the phone and talked with someone about what a nice couple we were and was hoping there was an upgrade available for us. After about 5 minutes, he indicated that there was a fountain view suite available on an all suite and private floor if we wanted that. OF COURSE we wanted that. We thanked him profusely and couldn’t wait to get to our room. It was BEAUTIFUL and we walked in just as the 8pm fountains were going off. It was spectacular and now when we go back to Vegas, we won’t be able to stay in any less of a room. I checked when we got home how much of a $ upgrade it was, and those rooms go for $120/night than the room we booked, so overall an upgrade of $480. I would say I won on my $20 bet in Vegas!!! Thank you very much to this website for giving me the tricks to receive this upgrade!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Bellagio Suite  from  Resort King Room 

1 weekday night in April with no major events/conventions.

Check-in was medium sized busy as we arrived about 5-6pm or so. Ushered to a friendly Eastern European guy who chatted us up nicely. He saw the $20, let it sit in plain view and smiled and said he’ll do what he can.

Went from a run of the house room to a Bellagio Suite (non fountain view…but that was ok by us) on a high floor (20+)!

Well worth it. And we’re going back there again next month!

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