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Saved:  $Unsure Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Grand Suite  from  Unsure 

So I had an offer for two free nights in the new tower. “Resort room” was the type when I made my reservation. 2 queen beds NS in the description. Got there around 3:30 on Sunday 5/13/18 and waited in line. The woman who helped me had just started her shift I think I was her 3rd customer. Was super nice to her right away asked how her day was going etc. She asked for my card and ID. Gave her the sandwich. She set the $20 and my credit card down and scanned my ID. Said “so I’ve got you in the resort tower with two queen beds, yes?” And I said “yes, but do you have any complimentary room upgrades?” Her “hang on…you don’t need the two queen beds?” Me “no that was the only option it gave me” her “okay….” she clicked away for a minute and then “I have a grand quite room with a jacuzzi and king bed is that ok?” Yes ma’am thank you!! She couldn’t have been more nice. Room is great!! King bed huge flat screen, at least 55-60”, jacuzzi, huge walk in shower with two doors. This works!!

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Saved:  $$90 on our night Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Jubilee Room Strip View 

My girl and I booked a standard king strip view room and were upgraded to the Executive King Suite!!(Room 7312) The room had a nice view and a jacuzzi! Much more spacious than the room we originally booked. When the front desk clerk asked for my ID and Credit Card, I handed her the sandwich as my girl friend politely asked “By any chance is there any complimentary upgrades available.” She received the sandwich and separated the 20. She said “let me check”. She typed away as we made small talk. We told her we were in vegas for my bday (which we were) and it was my first time staying on the strip (which it was). She than said “since you’re staying for your birthday we will upgrade your room to a suite with a jacuzzi”. We responded “wow thank you!” I know she upgraded us cause we tipped not really cause it was my bday (but i’m sure it helped) haha. But she was kind and we really appreciated the upgrade. As we walked to the elevator we noticed our room was on the 73rd floor (the highest floor). We were really pleased with the room and took advantage of a nice room, his/hers sinks, small vanity, jacuzzi and a nice shower. These rooms were renovated! We stayed for one night. Glad we tried the trick!

Oh and I made a youtube video reviewing the room and explaining the trick! Please check it out! Just copy and paste the link! 🙂

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Julia m
Saved:  $I don’t know but a kit Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Indigo Deluxe Room  from  Indigo Room 

Arrived at 7pm no one in the line – three clerks available – chose the younger female clerk as she was smiling. Placed my pre prepared $20 sandwich on desk saying that I wanted to enquirer about comp upgrade as I wanted a spa to make my husbands birthday weekend a bit special (it was his birthday). The clerk took the sand which without batting an eye Lid, saying she would be happy to see what she could do – she clicked a few keys on her keyboard and said things were tight because if the remodeling – she said she didn’t have a spa but did have a delux room with a whirlpool bath. I said thank you so much and she handed me my key cards and my credit and ID cards back. We had room in same tower but it was huge with separate show / his and hers bass bs and the whitmrl pool bath. Huge sliding window (unfortunately screwed shut and crap view out back of mostly parking garage) BUT definitely a better room than booked and so worth the $20 extra.
A MUST do trick at Bally’s and absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about!

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Saved:  $200 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Jubilee Grand Suite  from  Indigo Room 

Checked in on 12/18. staying for 4 nights total. got the room on a 3rd party site for about 26 a night. Arrived at about 2PM. they were really pushing the “early check-in kiosk” however the line was not too long and was looking to get this upgrade. i let a couples behind me go as i wanted to get the more happy clerk to better my odds. i then get called out of line by a staff member from the diamond /vip room and was told i could check-in there. walked up to the clerk and told her if there was any comp upgrades available. she took my cards and layed them on the counter with splitting the cards and moving the bill off to the side. she quickly got to work, typing away. i was originally was booked for the old tower and was told there was a room available in the newer tower with a Jacuzzi if id like to take it.

overall great experience for the first time trying it out.

will be doing this moving forward whenever i book.

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Jay E
Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Indigo Deluxe Room  from  Jubilee Room 

Was looking for a clerk who is smiling and somewhat enthusiastic. Ended up with the not so enthusiastic one. But after the $20 sandwich the mood changed instantly. She kept the $20 in open view on her desk, most of the other clerks who passed by did see the bill, so I’m not sure it’s reallt a discrete thing anymore at the Bally’s. Anyways, asked if there were complimentary upgrades, she said unfortunately we are all full (meaning she wasn’t able to put us in one of the suites). She then said she’ll have a look at what she can do, she went inside and 2 mins later upgraded us to the new tower in a deluxe room! Was a lot nicer room than the indigo ones we previously stayed in.

Definitely recommend this trick in Bally’s.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Jubilee Celebrity Suite  from  Indigo Room 

I arrived about 1:30am after my flight was 2.5 hours late in departing on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Coming from EST, my clock was nearing 5 am.

There were only two clerks working and I managed to get the one who I felt was most likely to be agreeable.

I was hoping for a Jubilee King suite, the Celebrity suite was a pleasant surprise. I ended up paying the resort fee, but I was getting a saving over $300 per night, it didn’t matter to me.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Indigo Tower Suite  from  Indigo Deluxe Room 

We checked in about 1130 pm. My husband went to the first available clerk. We were there on a dart tournament, so we were in the cheapest room on an already discounted rate with no resort fee. My husband placed a 20 between his ID and credit card and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades available. He went away for a bit and when he came back we were upgraded to a tower suite with a Jacuzzi and same rate with no resort fee. It really made the trip!!!

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Saved:  $$0 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Indigo Room  from  Indigo Room 

Had no target as the hotel was understaffed. Put a $20 discreetly between my ID and credit card. The clerk immediately pushed it back to me and told me they aren’t doing upgrades (this is a weekday..) I asked if she had anything better available and she offered me a $600/night suite…like seriously?

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Jubilee Room Strip View 

Checked in late on the Sunday night. Did not have a chance to select a specific clerk as there was only one working at the time.

We booked to Strip view rooms in the Jubilee Tower. We hoped at minimum to get rooms at the top of the hotel facing south to see the fountains.

We ended up on the fourth-lowest floor with one room facing north and one room facing south. We were not offered the chance to get the $20 back.

No go for us this time.

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Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Indigo Celebrity Suite  from  Indigo Room 

No specific clerk targeted, as they were busy on a Friday night/day morning. It was after midnight. Sandwiches 40 since we were staying for 4 nights. Asked if there were any upgrades available then made small talk about being had a for the first time and the fact that Monday was my birthday. The lady at the desk said she hoped we liked our room. Got a nice surprise when we got to it. We had been upgrad3d to a Celebrity suite with a strip view!

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