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Mrs. Estevane
Saved:  $$820 Tipped:  $40 Upgraded to  Jubilee Grand Suite  from  Jubilee Room 

We didn’t target any clerk, and we also went in the mindset that this may not work.

We checked in around 3pm on a Wednesday and the line wasn’t long at all. I handed him the sandwich and the guy squeals “oooooh what do we have here?”. I was upfront with him and told him that I “had goodies for him” and he said “hold up” and walked into a room. He came back and apologized for being gone so long. He started typing furiously and said he had an Executive Suite available for us at no extra charge. He was so polite and funny, making small talk. We slipped him an additional $20 after the transaction was complete because he was such a great guy and so grateful for the tip.

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Jubilee king  from  Indigo king 

Forgot the name of the young girl, but I arrived
late on Friday, around 1030pm. I didn\\\’t know if anything would even be left. But I handed her the tip sandwich ($20), and asked about upgrades. I was upgraded to Jubilee towers at no additional charge. I booked indigo towers for $75 a night (early reservation), so getting a room that usually runs closer to $150 per night on weekends was substantial enough for me. Jubilee towers are the newly renovated rooms of Bally\\\’s. Highly recommend, and will definitely do this again!

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  Executive Suite  from  Classic South Tower 

We arrived at the hotel at 4pm on Thursday. I book 4 nights in the Classic South Tower room. All 4 nights were comped. I used the Platinum Players line, Since I am one and the regular check in line was really long. Also the clerk was a young female in her 20’s.

There was 1 person in front before my turn. I was talking to my cousin and asked her if I should do it or tell her I tip well then tip after we get a good room. So we decided to do the sandwich.

When I got up to the desk I was soo nervous. I handed over my CC $50 and ID. I stuttered “Are there any available complimentary upgrades?” She said “what??” I was so nervous! I said it again and she said “yes we do!” I went on and said “the biggest room you have, I want something very nice.” She says” the presidential room?? I would love to put you in there but they are blocked off this weekend!” But they were having a huge convention this weekend. I couldn’t believe that I almost got that room. So she is checking around and found a room in the North Tower that had a Sunken in bedroom, with a jaccuzi. I really did not want this roon cause of the size, but it was better than a south tower room. She then says “it only has a king bed it tho, but I can get you rollway.” I asked if it would be free. Then she says “hold on I’ll be right back.” She runs off to her manager and comes back 5 mins later. She says” I can put you in our 1,200 sq ft. executive suite but its in the south tower.” This was the room I wanted!! She says let me get you a good view. After that she said that if we needed anything , she was there all weekend.

We get to our room and it was huge! It had 2 bathrooms, big wet bar with fridge and 6 bar stools, a living room, family room, dining table, 3 tvs, a huge separate sunken in bedroom with a king bed. In there was 2 closets and his and her sink. And we had a beautiful view of the eiffel tower and cosmo, and a partial view of the Belligo fountains. This was worth $50! Comes out to $10/day for long weekend since it was a comped room.

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Saved:  $$100 per night we were staying from online prices Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Jubilee Room 

We arrived at noon on a Monday, they had ppl pushing us towards their kiosks. We have been reading about the sandwich and we’re going to try so we went around the corner and found the early check in line. Folded up my 20 and handed it to our clerk( middle age woman) she took it, recognized it and immediately began typing away. They were doing some kind of construction right on the front desk so talking involved yelling. She asked if we didn’t want the two queen bedroom that we booked and we said no and we were wondering if their were any comp upgrades. She kept typing and when she handed me back my cards she said I put you into the executive suite.

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Saved:  $$0 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Indigo Room  from  Indigo Room 

Had no target as the hotel was understaffed. Put a $20 discreetly between my ID and credit card. The clerk immediately pushed it back to me and told me they aren’t doing upgrades (this is a weekday..) I asked if she had anything better available and she offered me a $600/night suite…like seriously?

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Saved:  $$100/night Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Indigo Junior Suite  from  Indigo Room 

There was no line at check-in but there were only a couple people working.
I approached the guy who happened to be wearing a Broncos Jersey. It was 8:30pm Sunday check-in, I already had an offer for 3 complimentary nights and a friend who was staying at hotel who arrived earlier. The desk clerk told me there was no fridge in room so all I asked for was a room with a fridge. He ended up putting us in a Jacuzzi suite and said he would have a fridge sent up to the room. Within 5 minutes a gentleman rolled a cart with a fridge on it into the room. I tipped him as well and left $5/day for housekeeping. I believe in good Karma. It definitely made our stay one of the best.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  South Tower Grand Suite  from  South Tower Classic 

Got in late to Vegas due to flight delays and arrived at Ballys around 11pm. Only a few people in line with 2 clerks working. Was planning on doing the $20 trick, but gave my last 20 to the cab driver, so only had $50\’s…so after her doing her thing, I passed over the $50 (didn\’t sandwich it, just discreetly with her seeing passed it over) and she said, \”Yes, I think I can help you…would you like a strip view?\” I said yes, and she said…I can give you a Suite in the south tower, high up with a great view, or a suite in the north tower…newer, but not a great view. I chose the south tower with the view. So I got the South Tower Grande Suite for 4 days for $50. Room was great…HUGE…sunken jaccuzi, great view.

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to  north tower mini suite  from  south tower classic 

Stayed at Bally’s for our honeymoon. My wife was nervous about me trying, but I felt confident that $50 would get us something. We checked in at 3 pm on a sunday afternoon. It was pretty busy so we didnt have a choice of clerk. The clerk was a young woman. We told her we had a reservation. I had a $50 sandwich already made up. I asked “Do you have any complimentary upgrades available” she said of “course!” She then set my money aside and typed some into her computer. we made friendly small talk and she said “I could really use this 50 bucks!” Upgraded from a South tower classic to a North Tower Mini suite with a fridge and wetbar. I was really happy just to get an upgrade, but would recommend you ask for something specific if you know whats available..a room with a jacuzzi for example. I would definately try this again!

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Saved:  $200 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Jubilee Room Strip View  from  Jubilee Room 

So definitely went into this with the mindset “Whoever checks me in is getting this $20 sandwich” it definitely paid off. The clerk took my ID and credit card as soon as she felt the 20 she immediately put the $20 back in my hand and said “Let me see what I can find available.” She checked and suites were not available but she typed away and found at least something.

Boom! Went from having a normal low floor room with no view, to a high floor jubilee room with a strip view of the Bellagio fountain. Honestly didn’t have to say much. I made small talk. I feel if you actually conversate and not sit there waiting for an upgrade like its a bonus trigger on a slot machine, things go smoother than normal. At the end I put the $20 back on the counter and she asked “Is this for me?” I said yes and thanked her and went on my way. Worth it.

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Julia m
Saved:  $I don’t know but a kit Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Indigo Deluxe Room  from  Indigo Room 

Arrived at 7pm no one in the line – three clerks available – chose the younger female clerk as she was smiling. Placed my pre prepared $20 sandwich on desk saying that I wanted to enquirer about comp upgrade as I wanted a spa to make my husbands birthday weekend a bit special (it was his birthday). The clerk took the sand which without batting an eye Lid, saying she would be happy to see what she could do – she clicked a few keys on her keyboard and said things were tight because if the remodeling – she said she didn’t have a spa but did have a delux room with a whirlpool bath. I said thank you so much and she handed me my key cards and my credit and ID cards back. We had room in same tower but it was huge with separate show / his and hers bass bs and the whitmrl pool bath. Huge sliding window (unfortunately screwed shut and crap view out back of mostly parking garage) BUT definitely a better room than booked and so worth the $20 extra.
A MUST do trick at Bally’s and absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about!

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