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Saved:  $Unsure Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Jubilee Room Strip View  from  Jubilee Room 

Got in early around 10:30 a.m. Standing in the check-in line with my sandwich out and ready (left a tiny bit of green sticking out). A female employee was going down the line trying to help people. She asked the guy in front of me if he was checking in, he said yes, she said he’ll have to pay a $25 early check in fee. Asked me next, flashing the sandwich a little, I said “yes, or at least drop our bags off and come back later.” She saw the sandwhich and straightaway replied “let me see if we have any upgrades available” and then unhooked the velvet rope and led me up to an empty kiosk where she then took the sandwich, left the $20 under my card sitting on the counter, starts punching in stuff on the computer, and asked me “do you want a better room, or a better view?” I responded with “whatever you think I’ll enjoy more.” She then put us in the Strip view tower, top floor, closest room to the strip. We can see everything. So weird, but it was like a totally understood secret handshake, she knew the drill. In fact, it almost seemed like she was skimming the line just looking for sandwiches. Oh, and on top of that, she waived my early check in fee, and didnt make me put a deposit down or anything for incidentals. Just charged my debit card for the exact amount and that was it.

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Saved:  $Unsure Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Grand Suite  from  Unsure 

So I had an offer for two free nights in the new tower. “Resort room” was the type when I made my reservation. 2 queen beds NS in the description. Got there around 3:30 on Sunday 5/13/18 and waited in line. The woman who helped me had just started her shift I think I was her 3rd customer. Was super nice to her right away asked how her day was going etc. She asked for my card and ID. Gave her the sandwich. She set the $20 and my credit card down and scanned my ID. Said “so I’ve got you in the resort tower with two queen beds, yes?” And I said “yes, but do you have any complimentary room upgrades?” Her “hang on…you don’t need the two queen beds?” Me “no that was the only option it gave me” her “okay….” she clicked away for a minute and then “I have a grand quite room with a jacuzzi and king bed is that ok?” Yes ma’am thank you!! She couldn’t have been more nice. Room is great!! King bed huge flat screen, at least 55-60”, jacuzzi, huge walk in shower with two doors. This works!!

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Julia m
Saved:  $I don’t know but a kit Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Indigo Deluxe Room  from  Indigo Room 

Arrived at 7pm no one in the line – three clerks available – chose the younger female clerk as she was smiling. Placed my pre prepared $20 sandwich on desk saying that I wanted to enquirer about comp upgrade as I wanted a spa to make my husbands birthday weekend a bit special (it was his birthday). The clerk took the sand which without batting an eye Lid, saying she would be happy to see what she could do – she clicked a few keys on her keyboard and said things were tight because if the remodeling – she said she didn’t have a spa but did have a delux room with a whirlpool bath. I said thank you so much and she handed me my key cards and my credit and ID cards back. We had room in same tower but it was huge with separate show / his and hers bass bs and the whitmrl pool bath. Huge sliding window (unfortunately screwed shut and crap view out back of mostly parking garage) BUT definitely a better room than booked and so worth the $20 extra.
A MUST do trick at Bally’s and absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about!

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Saved:  $about 200 hundred a night Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Unsure 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We read this thread and in anticipation of our trip to Vegas in February I stoked myself up to try the 20 dollar sandwich. Firstly, we arrived at 11:00 on Sunday morning and the woman informed me check in didn’t start till 2:00 pm and it was a 26.00 fee to check in early. I handed her the sandwich and asked if there were any complimentary upgrades. We were paying 36.00 for 2 nights (pre-resort fee) and 41.00 the other 2 nights.
She happily upgraded us to a corner suite that was about 650 square feet. We also didn’t have to pay the 26.00 early check in fee. The room had a washroom, a room with just a bidet, 2 walk in closets, a huge living room area, a big sunken jacuzzi tub. 2 make up counters.
We also decided to stay an extra night and for a 10 dollar sandwich got the room for 36.00 for the Thursday night from a different counter person.
We learned the room was 240.00 per night for the Thursday night and they gave it to us for 36.00.
One of the best parts was walking down past the check in counter at about 2:30 the day we arrived. The line up was about 40 people long. Had we not got the upgrade we would have been in that line as I wouldn’t have paid 26.00 to check in early. That alone was worth the sandwich, never mind the fabulous room.
Again, thank you for this amazing tip.

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Saved:  $400 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Unsure  from  Jubilee Room Strip View 

I got upgraded to Jubilee executive suite!

We arrived at Bally’s around midnight. There were only 2 clerks there. One seemed like he was having a good day, and the other one… she was arguing with the customer about something and the manager was right next to her. So I started praying. “Please let me go to that guy. please…” but of course, when it’s my turn, the customer that was yelling walks off. I went up to her as her manager went back to his room, I said “hello” and gave her my sandwich. When she got my sandwich, she kind of dropped the 20 dollar bill on the desk and was checking my ID and stuff. I said: “I was wondering if there is any complimentary upgrades.” With a smile in her face, she said “Let me take a look at it…” then boom, I got my upgrade!

I went on Tuesday right before Thanksgiving (11/20/18) and If you book it early enough, you don’t need to pay for the original room that I was supposed to stay in. So my quick 2 days trip hotel was free! (excluding 20 dollar bill, and 2 nights resort fee which is 39.68 dollars per night)

So I recommend going that week! You can’t go wrong with a free room at Vegas with a huge hot tub and an amazing view.

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Saved:  $240 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Jubilee Room Strip View  from  Jubilee Room 

Worked, went from the room she booked to the room she wanted. Got an amazing strip view with a king bed instead of the queen without a view. Saving us 80 bucks a night.

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Saved:  $235 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Indigo Junior Suite  from  Unsure 

We arrived the Monday before Thanksgiving around 1:30. We weren’t able to target a clerk but we’re able to get an upgrade from a Resort Room to a Resort Room Suite. She waived the $34 early check-in fee but we did have to wait a little for our room to be ready (she called us when we it was ready). She also gave us some extra coupons and water.

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Saved:  $200+ Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Indigo Junior Suite  from  Indigo Room 

Didn’t target any specific clerk, but got the one I wanted. Younger woman. Mid twenties. Checking in a little early.

Had my 20 sandwiched but it was sticking out a little on the side. Didn’t have to ask for an upgrade. The great clerk got searching immediately. Offered junior suite or jacuzzi suite. Took the junior since it had a strip view on a higher floor.

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Danny Lee
Saved:  $200 ish Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Jubilee Grand Suite  from  Indigo Room 

3 pm last friday, 9/3, I approached the diamond check in, (i’m Diamond) and had the $20 in very obvious plain view sticking out of my chest pocket. “Hello, do you have any complimentary upgrades?”… And there we have it, jubilee grand suite. Nice!

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Saved:  $200 Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  Jubilee Room Strip View  from  Jubilee Room 

So definitely went into this with the mindset “Whoever checks me in is getting this $20 sandwich” it definitely paid off. The clerk took my ID and credit card as soon as she felt the 20 she immediately put the $20 back in my hand and said “Let me see what I can find available.” She checked and suites were not available but she typed away and found at least something.

Boom! Went from having a normal low floor room with no view, to a high floor jubilee room with a strip view of the Bellagio fountain. Honestly didn’t have to say much. I made small talk. I feel if you actually conversate and not sit there waiting for an upgrade like its a bonus trigger on a slot machine, things go smoother than normal. At the end I put the $20 back on the counter and she asked “Is this for me?” I said yes and thanked her and went on my way. Worth it.

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