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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to    from   

Hi, I am trying to sign up to your information but the message back is database is not active?

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  North Tower Deluxe Room with a strip view  from  South Tower Classic Room 

My husband and I and our two sons and daughter were scheduled to be in Vegas for a week utilizing our time stare, so we only needed to find a room for the first night. I was prepared to utilize the sandwich tip to see what would happen. My husband dropped my daughter and me off at the lobby while he went to park the car. She and I got in the registration line, which was kind of long, but it moved quickly. I scoped out the clerks, and saw that they all were pretty young except for one middle-aged lady, so I really hoped I wouldn’t get her. When I got closer I started guessing who would finish up first, and she looked like she was finishing up right when there was one person directly in front of me, so I was excited, but wouldn’t you know it, the lady in front of me walked to the wrong person, and I got waved over to the older lady. So, when I got over to her station, she asked if I was checking in, and I said, “yes” and she said, “drivers license and credit card, please,” so I handed her the sandwich. While doing so, I asked her if there were any complimentary upgrades available, and she immediately pocketed the $20 and said, “Of course. Let me see what I can do for you.” She started typing away and told me she was upgrading us to a deluxe tower room. I then asked her if it had a view, so she started typing again, and then told me she changed it to a room with a strip view. We then chatted about her recommendation for shows (she said Phantom and Jersey Boys were her favorites…) and then she handed us the keys. It was painless, worked like a charm, and she was very friendly and helpful. The room was in the North Tower, was renovated and had a great view of the strip — Awesome. Good Job! I will definitely do it again!!!

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Tipped:  $100 Upgraded to  Junior Corner Suite  from  Deluxe Fountain View 

I got in line and did not target the clerk. When I got to the counter, the clerk was leaving and another was starting. It was 4:30 pm on Saturday. I asked if there were any suites with fountain view as I handed the clerk the sandwich. I tipped $100 because it was Bellagio. The clerk called her supervisor and got clearance for the suite. She also threw in a front of the line card for two of the restaurants. The room had two windows plus one in the bathroom. Quite a beautiful room with a breathtaking view of the fountains and much of the strip both ways. I was already saving a bunch with my initial booking. It was only $33.33 a night extra for a whole lot more. and well worth it. The clerk was very surprised and thanked me. I made her day and she made mine!

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Tipped:  $50 Upgraded to    from  King Tower Waterfront Deluxe 

Arrived at the Bellagio for check in around 2:30 p.m. The front desk was not busy, so I kept trying to size out different employees. However, there was an employee who was directing guests to the open reservation clerks. I refused going to a couple of them, but it became difficult to do this because I kept on getting ushered somewhere. I wound up with a male that I didn’t get a good vibe from immediately. I used a $50 sandwich, because I was attempting to get upgraded to a lakefront suite. An upgrade from what I booked would have been the Salone Suite. The guy took the sandwich very professionally and told me he would look to see what was available. I specifically mentioned I was interested in a Salone Suite – maybe this was the problem? Click, click, click and finally he told me that there wasn’t a suite available for the full 5 days I was there. Huh? Then he offered me an upgrade to a Bellagio Suite (bigger than the Salone Suite) for $100 extra a night. I passed. He then mentioned that the room I had was an end room, with more windows, and a bathrub partially overlooking the Strip (the other view was that of a parking lot). My room was very nice though, and I would not hesitate to book the same room again.

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Tipped:  $30 Upgraded to  Larger Deluxe room w jacuzzi style tub on corner  from  Cheapest Regular Room 

Checked in Saturday due to Superbowl and UFC weekend, not really expected much luck with my sandwhich due to how crowded I knew the Bellagio would be.

However, our front desk rep was quick to say that he would “see what he could do”, and as opposed to the standard no view cheapo room I booked, he explained he would put us in a room in the new Spa tower that had more square footage (since it was on the end of a hall, as well as an upgraded bathroom with jacuzzi tub. The room was probably about standard but the bathroom was absoutely massive, as nice as a suites would have been I imagine. There was not a great view however, if there would have been it would have been a very sweet hookup given the weekend. However, I appreciated the effort and will say the entire stay was a great experiance (would vote to stay at Bellagio again over Wynn due to customer service levels)

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  upgraded north tower  from  old south tower 

got to the front desk at noon a new clerc was in training ask for a free room upgrade. manager said there were no upgrades. i was taping my visa card on the counter the manager looked down saw the 20.00 and said no problem i think we can do something for you. upgraded the room and gave us a special discount book that had some great things in it including 2 free tickets for the paris eiffle tower and two free tickets to the car museum. thanks for the great tip!!

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Tipped:  $20 Upgraded to  spa suite 29th floor overlooking strip  from  monaco suite 

paid for $89.00 a night room.Upgraded to a $300.00 (aprox) a night room.Great Hotel.

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