Visiting Las Vegas Solo Is More Fun Than You Might Think

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When planning a trip to Las Vegas the first instinct is to gather a group of friends or a significant other. It makes sense that you’d want to share the unique experience of Las Vegas. Visiting with friends or family is the only way to experience Las Vegas – or so I thought.

Travelling solo to Las Vegas can be as fun, or more fun, than visiting with friends. It wasn’t until a friend bailed out on a  trip to Las Vegas in the last minute that I realized Las Vegas could be a blast without other people. Without the restrictions of other people visiting Las Vegas is an entirely different experience. There’s nothing else like it.

There’s so much happening in Las Vegas that an introvert can disappear in the masses or an extrovert can find some friends to hang out with. There really is a way to enjoy Las Vegas no matter what kind of person you might be.

With the focus on the growing convention business, Las Vegas might be more suited for someone visiting by themselves than ever before. Those who visit Las Vegas for a convention aren’t always with a large group of people. The hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos and attractions go a long way to making solo travellers feel comfortable.

Here are some benefits of visiting Las Vegas solo whether you’re visiting Las Vegas alone by choice because a friend bailed or for business.


Dining alone is usually an awkward experience back home but that doesn’t have to be the case in Las Vegas. You’ll almost always see someone dining by themselves in restaurants in Las Vegas. Even when you travel with a group to Las Vegas it’s possible to be left alone when you want to grab a bite to eat. The food court is the easiest place to grab a quick bite to eat when you’re alone but you don’t have to settle for fast food in Las Vegas. Many of the restaurants offer a way to sort of avoid any awkwardness you might feel.

Restaurants in Las Vegas are great for single customers because the staff is used to them. Technology today allows you to sit alone and stay occupied with your mobile phone for entertainment. Many full-service restaurants have a bar or counter that’s perfect for solo diners. If you’re an extrovert and want some human interaction while you’re in Las Vegas alone, one of the best times to grab dinner is during Happy Hour. The prices are lower than normal and there are usually more people sitting around the bar area.


The very best thing about visiting Las Vegas solo is the flexibility. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. There’s no waiting for someone else to finish getting ready in the room or waiting for them to finish an epic blackjack session in the casino. Las Vegas is a town that needs to be explored and no restraints make it easier to enjoy all this city has to offer.

Flexibility isn’t just doing something. It can be doing nothing at all. Not having to shape your visit around the schedule of other people can make the trip much more fun. There’s nothing worse than being on a heater at the craps table when your friends are all giving you a death stare because you might miss a dinner reservation or a show.

Everything Is Quicker

That flexibility of travelling to Las Vegas alone gives you the ability to move quicker. As a New Yorker, I’m always in a rush and I hate getting stuck in traffic. The ability to move through the crowds on in Las Vegas without concern of losing friends or members of a group is fantastic. Another benefit of walking around Las Vegas by yourself is that you won’t be bothered by the annoying timeshare people. The sales people are looking for couples to buy their timeshares and won’t bother you if you’re alone. Getting around Las Vegas quicker means that you get to the fun quicker.

Gambling Is Easier

The games aren’t easier but enjoying the games is easier. When you’re alone you don’t have to worry about finding a table with room for you and other people. Sure it’s fun to gamble with people you know but the games are generally social and as much fun as you want them to be.

An added benefit of gambling alone is that you don’t have to worry about a friend who may hit a cold streak and bust out. Gambling with friends is fun but losing always puts a damper on things for someone. Lastly, you can hang out as long as you want without concern that a friend will be bored or want to do something else.

Be As Social As You Want IRL or Online

Everything about Las Vegas revolves around being social. Even slot machines, which are single player games, can be social. It’s easy to make new friends with other people in the casinos and bars. Likewise, with apps like Twitter, Instagram, Tinder and Facebook it’s easy to meet people. Staying active on these apps comes in handy in Las Vegas when you’re dining alone.

It’s as easy to blend in with everyone as it is to be outgoing and make new friends. If you prefer to be a fly on the wall there’s no better place to observe and people watch than Las Vegas. When you hit the casino you can opt for video poker and slot machines instead of craps and blackjack tables.

Visiting Las Vegas without any friends was an eye opener. There’s nothing wrong by enjoying Las Vegas with other people but you see things without them that you might never have experienced. Don’t be afraid of travelling solo to Las Vegas.